Goddess & Mother


This transmission is for the collective feminine, individual as well as collective feminine on the planet. There is something that must be revealed here. Follow your story. It is the story of your life girl, woman, mother, wife. And whatever comes up for you, visions, memories, remembrances, energies is coming up to be claimed by you fully and be merged, healed so you go from this place a new powerful, complete feminine.

As a child you had surging feminine energy in you. The one wanting to go play outside, enjoying your own beauty full of you, and you did not need anyone or anything else outside of you, to endorse who you were, for you have the creative force inside you, you always had. You felt centered and powerful and you did not know why! Here is why. That is the goddess in you, that is an essence of the one who enjoys creation, who creates as well. And since you are a part of creation you created you, decorating yourself, colorful frocks, jewelry, hair, you felt you, exuding with joy and creativity, knowing no boundaries of joy and becoming. It is all an endless play that I, as a creator, create. The world is my playground and I am the player as well. Oh how beautiful was it, do you remember dear?!!

Then came puberty and you had womanhood and wanton desire surging in your blood. You wanted that boy, that man and have him take you, make love to you, so you could feel the pull and push of the one that is always static, unmoving. You could never quite understand why those males around you were so blind to your love, could not see what you desired and how much, and you called them stupid and dumb males. And you knew they were that. Dense and unregulated static. Oh because you only wanted to play and dance with them now, unlike earlier you wanted to dance all by yourself. Now, you felt the need for a companion, a partner, a mate, a friend. This started another surge through you, a quest, the journey has not morphed into another one; maybe you spent a lot of time in confusion participating in a little darkness for a while, feelings of jealousy, anger, hate, comparison and on and on, but something in you all along knew it was a play, just a temporary one, which you would get out of anyway, for there was nothing real in those feelings; but there was something very real about the cry of your vagina, about the wanton lust and sexual urges within that soared above all the human drama and the surface males that you encountered, didn’t you dear?

And then came motherhood. You found a mate, got married, and had your first child. Everything changed again did it not. Seeing that precious one, looking into its eyes, and feeling that connection beyond all names and labels? All definitions gone. Only a different kind of love remained. Mother’s love. You became from a goddess into a mother, just in that second of seeing your newborn for the first time. And yet you felt goddess too. And this is where all your confusion started. Am I a goddess or am I a mother? What should I be and to whom and when and why and the endless confusion of the energies of goddess and the energies of the mother.

Why don’t you put all that to rest here tonight? Both are you. Both are magnificent and appropriate and you can choose to be any, at anytime, with whoever you want to. It IS your creation after all. Everything comes from the void of your womb, does it not? Why not embrace your completeness and power fully today? You can be a mother with your man and at the same time you can teach sexuality to your son kindly, so the male that goes out from your womb into the world is more balanced and becomes a good balanced father to yet another child. You could be that lighthouse for the future generations of males that come forth from the wombs of your other sisters around the planet. Do you see how you feed yourself, nurture the civilization in a larger way? At the same time, you can enjoy your man sexually, be a powerful goddess, bring new joyful, clear and crystalline energies of sexuality to bear upon your male, who is hungry for you, for your affection as a goddess, and you feel free to shower it all upon him, make him your very own with your stamp of divine goddess upon him. Isn’t that a lovely way to make love to him, every moment of every day? Affection through touch, through words, through kindness and yet absorbing him in your creative energies all through every interaction with every male, everywhere? Could this be possible? Can a woman be a goddess and a mother dynamically in every situation? Even as you question this, you KNOW this to be true and correct. So go claim your own magnificence and beauty, O Goddess, O Mother, and spread your light each and every divine way possible, wherever you are, however you are and claim yourself as both, never again to be put down for anything or anyone, for you are the creator and the play within the creation too. So go forth, and within, and just, play!


Paradigms of shifting consciousness


And the times that we currently live in are a pure characteristic of a shifting consciousness. Of one and therefore of many. Of many yet again reflecting back to the one. Each is dealing with the shifting energies of the planet and you, in a unique way. New downloads, new realities to step into external and internal. And so what characterizes these shifting consciousnesses? Here I offer some. Again by no means are they replete with everything or remotely even complete. Just a few observations when we speak of “the shift” and what it entails:

  1. No two days or even hours are the same. And we humans hold on to things, humans that we are. The past, the future and even the moment now. It has to be a certain way, a certain protocol and certain feelings or thoughts. It is a good trait, for it helps us in holding our balance and not fall off the edge of the earth, or what it typically seems like many times isnt it? Moving energies characterize our current moment to moment reality. Or even realities. For as we shift and change, so do we affect the rest of the dirt of the earth, our families, friends, the strangers we pass by. Each is affecting the other. Reflection and refraction all taking place all at once. This puzzle is beautiful. Like peeling an onion of ever evolving consciousness flower. And so get used to being on an endless roller coaster. Don’t fear it. Be excited by it. Crave it. Move with it. And don’t ever ever define it.
  2. High and low is just duality. Everything you have ever been as a human and even were in past lives, if you believe in such a thing, is just duality. Within this dualism, there is love, hate, laughter, tears and just about all the gamut of humanism. You have indeed come to grasp of this acutely. With intent to understand your own humanism. What pushes and pulls you within this world of physicality, and yet within the abstraction of the mind and heart. The pendulum of these moving winds pushes the envelope of the moving energies itself. Duality pushes humans to ever be exploratory, ever moving forward, sometimes without even blinking or looking back even or even looking down on how high you might have reached or how many summits you might have already scaled that look like ants to you now. Accept the beauty of duality, as that ever moving pulsation of inwards to outwards, female to male, adult to child all happening as you, with you, within you and without you, all at once, at the same time never happening but just an observation of all.
  3. Pausing helps. If you are moving on a conveyer belt of realistic moving energies, where is the stability that I need? you might ask. Well, it is within the pause that you exert. You can pause as you wish. Go as you wish. It is all within your personal grasp. And the keyword there is personal. There is nothing universal about the shift. It is a very personal trip. Choose your own speed, create your own internal timer to access, push, receive and merge with the new energies. For every quantum energy available is cumulative, that is to say, it is always there. Always available. Not just now or the next few years or even the next 1000 generations. It is always available. There is no rush. None. The only rush you feel, is the ever open, delicious invitation to making love with all that is, with yourself. And so this pull of love, pushes you to explore. But take breaks. Pause. It helps immensely. For it creates a space of breath. Time to watch your breathing. Time to blink between stares.
  4. All definitions are redundant. Every term, new age or otherwise, is redundant now. Meaningless. A mere verbiage for the human to feel comfortable, that they are not going insane somehow. This is just being human. Understandable. But really, is there even any need for developing a whole new agey vocabulary full of myriads of angels, spaceships, terms and definitions, creating more duality sometimes of some dark and some light etc? Instead, why don’t you enjoy whatever you’re enjoying and let everything else be, let everyone do what they are, but no definitions from your side. Be a nothing in a sea of nothingness, working with nothingness, but only your own presence. The one who breathes and eats, has sex, has gone through the whole play of life so far and is reading this. Just a simpleness of being. This would help avoid all the confusion of thinking who’s right, who’s not, whats really happening and whats not and so on.
  5. Creating as we go alone. This has been somewhat covered above, but it is important to know. We individually are creating every step. There are no more prophecies or predictions anyone can give. Of mass consciousness or you individually. Every step is being treated by your own choices, intents and action, big or small but its you. Only thing is, the YOU definition that YOU have is changing with YOU and BY YOU. When that is happening, what you’re sure of now, will not be 5 minutes after you finish this reading would it? And so let go and let even this whole article be redundant. Just create. Be propelled by your own essence. Not copy anyone or anything. Uniquely you. Are you ready to be that outrageous?

Develop and destroy as you go along this roller coaster. Don’t be shy. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be stuck in anything or anyone. There are no rules to this other than the ones you create. You don’t have a fixed future. You have a dynamic now. Right now and every other nows that come along. Participate in them like you would in the most erotic sexual fantasy you can live through, fully, with your entire being, not just physical. That is the way to navigate this. Without confusion or hesitation. With you that started reading this in one hand, to the you that is nodding at the end of this on the other hand. Take all your yous with you. For it is all YOU.

The Energy of Karma

It could be labelled as probably one of the hardest things for a human being to face up to. It could be even more difficult to deal with for a spiritual person or a lightworker, much more than those not interested in anything to do with spirituality or the so called new age movement afoot. Karma. It has been known as an energy, in some of the oldest cultures on the planet too. And what is the energy behind that? Let us examine that for a moment here.

Karma is a push pull energy, that you bring in with you, when you are born. It is a collective energy of all your past lives, which you are living, right now and it is a self propelling energy of resolution. Resolution of what you might ask? The resolution of all energies that you lived so far, which remained unresolved by you. You, in the esoteric circle, know, that any energy that human generates needs to be resolved. Joy needs reciprocation with joy. Pain needs reciprocation with healing. Hate needs to be resolved with love. Division needs to be resolved with unity. In other words, each human comes to this planet and creates or builds an energy pattern on the crystalline grid, which stays here, permanently imprinted and waits, till the same soul returns in another lifetime. Now the signature is unique to that person as Gaia remembers as well as one which is in your Akash, and so as you come back into the crystalline, as a new fresh infant, you pick up all the energy pattern that you left last time around and use that as the starting point for this lifetime. So all your resultant Akashic Energies are with you, now, here in this lifetime. This is why the term past life is redundant. For if you are really living all the energies of all the past lives, here and now, it is not really past now is it, for you are still living it here and now. So Karma is that energy, which pushes and pulls you into situations, people, families, issues with health, prosperity etc which build around you, with you as the central player in it. How will you react to that person who pushes your buttons? How will you react to the issues you face?

And so karma becomes profound in itself, does it not, for it begins to be a definition of what many humans would give about why they have become the way they have become in their lives. Most, in fact would say, ” I am this way, for my life has shown me, put me in situations, with people I have known or meet”. In other words, they are saying, that they were dodged and chased by Karma around. And its true. They were. Maybe you were. Maybe you are now too. Many are happy and content in this prison too, for it is all they have known through all their past lives anyway. It is an old system and has existed on the planet for millenia. So you might say, the energy of Karmic purpose itself has a residue on this planet, energetically, which all souls are used to, and just seem to move with it, without even questioning it or giving it a second look, assuming things like “this is how life is supposed to be” or things like “that’s the way it is”. Haven’t you wondered, how some humans, maybe your friends or family, continue to be mired in their dramas, have same issues with a number of people seemingly unrelated, never seem to get a handle on things around them or stick to the same attitudes all their lives and consider their lives to be completely static and unmovable? Now you understand where that whole thing comes from. It goes very deep, does it not? So, you can say and see around you, that most of humanity itself, carries around their lives, day to day, living and working the Karmic Energy itself, which pushes and pulls them in all manner of directions. Karma does not ask you before delivering does it? It simply puts things in front of you, for you to deal with. How many of you have started out to get something done in your everyday, and something totally different happened or some person across the store counter with a bad mood that day or a bad attitude, completely spoilt your day, that day? Karma is like that. It does not care about your feeling or your goals or you in general. It is an energy resolution mechanism, built in, to resolve itself, one way or another, at one time or another, in one life or another. So, it remains and surfaces in your life, in the form of a human or a situation to deal with, to get a resolution of some residual energy that still needs resolution.

A karmic energy, once resolved, does not pop up again. Not in that attribute at least. That is one of the good news. Most of the times however, we are still so embedded in the karmic energy residual of the whole humanity itself, that it is quite task to be aware of it all the time, let alone acknowledge it as such and work with it. But there is some more good news here and that is that in these new energies, you have the ability to drop all karmic energy that is chasing you around. For, the new energies are of mastery, and victimhood cannot stand up in the energies of mastery for they contradict one another. What I mean here is, as we saw before, karmic purpose has an energy of victimhood written all over it. It is not an empowering situation when one is just pushed and pulled by energies that they cannot even comprehend when and where it is going to arise and what is really need to be done to resolve them, if at all, that day, that moment, they have the balance to even look at it that way! Do you see how it is a very impossible situation to live your everyday life this way?!

Now we are within a profound shift in planetary energies, which is empowering to the human and not to karmic energies. So, you have, within this energy of mastery, the ability to drop all karmic energy that circles you and move forward. And within the context of all presented above, just feel what this could really mean in your life, everyday! There is no more push and pull, no more buttons getting pressed! Situations still arise in your life, in the people around you etc, but you do not feel the tug of reactionary impulse in you any more. What happens around you, may not be necessarily be happening in you. See that energy? Isn’t that more empowering to the human being? Most of all, what could it mean to you in your life? It is not that life around changed, it is not that situations, or people or your even your family changed, it is just that you stopped being pushed and pulled around within, inside of you, by their own karmic purpose. So, you can say, even dropping of Karma is an individual imprint. It is not a collective exercise at all. For, you will observe, that even as you drop all karma, there will still be karma, chasing those people around you, no matter what you say to them, advise them or support them like. Dropping Karma, sets you free. Not necessarily those around you. And it is a permanent attribute, for once the energy is dropped, there is no need for that karmic energy or attribute to surface again, ever. And have you noticed, that even in esoteric spiritual circles, many who have indeed dropped it, have more value, for they know the profundity of it, and they avoid creating new ones?

How do we do this? Again, it has to be a multidimensional exercise which will seem inordinately simple in 3D, but it works and it works very profoundly. Give it a shot. Remember we talked of human consciousness intent? That is the key. Sit with yourself. Silent. And give intent to drop all karma that you came in with. Whatever it is that you do, to get into that calm, serene space of you, you with you alone, meditation perhaps, Tai Chi perhaps, anything at all, that you collect your energies back, center yourself and just be. In this space of your sacredness, just give intent, not to anyone or anything as such. Just a simple intent of declaration of you dropping all karma. The more profoundly passionate and emotional this intent becomes, the more you will find the release of karma, showing itself to you in your daily life. Energies of Mastery are here already. This shift is already here, already happening. Not some day in the future. Now. Here. Break free from Karmic energies and run your life, the way you always dreamed of. Unencumbered. Free. Joyful

The Akashic Inheritance

Have you ever observed, in your lineage, you, versus your immediate parents, that you may have really nothing or extremely few things in common with them, other than the genetic factors, hair color, eye color, height, weight maybe and just about any physical features, food tastes perhaps etc. Most of these are in the physical realm of inheritance and are very well explained even by modern medicine and genetics of today. The parental or the lineage inheritance. Sometimes it is even your grandparents to you and you may have more in common with them than your immediate parents themselves. And that is also well known and well explained. This is the inheritance factor in 3D, in direct lineage of physical. Here we are going to add a layer to that, something which you have observed, but it has not been quite explainable, and because it is in a multidimensional mode, you have to get out of 3D for a bit and “step out there” so to speak.

There is something called your Akashic inheritance. We have spoken a bit about your Akash, in other messages and here we shall go into more depth of how it affects you and moves you, internally, towards a particular propensity or actions. This has to do with, what in linear terms, you would call your past lives. Lives lived in the linear past, by the clock. So you lived a number of lives before and that energy, is imprinted in you. You brought that with you this lifetime. Now, it really does not become a past life, if you are carrying it all the time, even in this lifetime, is it not? And if you are carrying it right now, how is it then being displayed or how do you indeed recognize it? It is those few or more things, in you, within your personality, that you know does not even belong to your immediate family or even your lineage perhaps. Things you like. Places you like. Maybe even food, clothing, culture and people? Have you ever been drawn to places and people you are not culturally connected to? Have you gone to other countries and felt deep connection? Or even looked at the photos of other places and it seems familiar to you and it feels like you have been there before? How many times have you had this?! These are the very energies of past lives, that are alive and kicking within you as you come across them? In the new energies on the planet, these are waking up, more each day now, and surfacing into your conscious memory, dreams and thoughts, so watch for these energies. Do not be startled or alarmed unnecessarily by them, for when your Akash begins to open up, the connections and disconnections to past, present start melding in ways, that can seem very crazy to you. And each of you is individual. You have no idea of how many past lives you have really do you? This isn’t something you can consciously remember, for it is all buried within your very cellular structure. And yet, you seem to feel familiar with people of other races, cultures, places, even connections with total strangers, people you may meet and become friends or mates on the internet, soul mates, twin souls or whatever you may wish to call them, all part of the Akash opening up to reveal the energies buried in there to be exposed to your conscious self this lifetime, the one with your face on it right now. Has it ever even happened, that you look in the mirror, and don’t quite see the person who used to be there? What do you feel is happening in your mirror each day, other than those grey streaks of hair you observe and think you are aging? Akashic inheritance goes far more deeper than living in the comfort of your current 3D life, residing in the comfort zone of your current home, family, parentage, knowing you are like your mom or dad, things of your race, culture, choices in food and drink. They may be around you. The people perhaps who you know, who, one fine day, being meat eaters all their lives, have stopped eating meat completely, for they suddenly could not handle any of it and started causing them stomach upsets. It maybe your friend who is going through this. Or just the opposite. There maybe a vegan who suddenly starts gorging on meat of all sorts wondering if they are suddenly disembarking from spirituality itself! Or there might be an inner prompting for you to visit certain places on earth, perhaps where you have never ever been, perhaps countries that don’t even speak your language and you just feel like going there, maybe visit. Maybe certain types of music of your choice you suddenly feel cut off from and new music enters your life. Maybe you were listening to metal all your life and suddenly like tibetian singing bowls! It is more common in the energies of today than ever before, and so if you are the one reading this, and such strange phenomena has not started happening with you yet, do not be alarmed if it starts off all of a sudden.

So what does it do? The Akashic Inheritance? It is the energy from the experience of your past lives, which is appearing, releasing into current one for many reasons, in case you are wondering about the purpose of it all. Firstly, it is to connect with a broader aspects of you. It is not just the you, you know as the face in the mirror or your current life associations. So for those of you, who never believed in past lives, this is your first introduction sign that you had one! It is your wake up call. It is to introduce you to your own energies, lives you have lived, people you have lived and loved with before, who may now be in different bodies, different places, different events altogether. The connection of you to the older you, is happening now, here, so that you develop a more deeper sense of who you really are, a multidimensional being, capable of sensing, feeling and living those very lives, right now, here, in 3D, even though none of that lineage is applicable to you in any manner at all. You do not possess any physical characteristic or features that they do, their culture is very different to what you know, maybe never even speak their language, although you might be finding that many in fact suddenly get urges to learn foreign languages too. The scope and possibilities of what you may or may not connect to is so vast and so deep, as you might be feeling here already, that we cannot even begin to give any credibility to what you might be experiencing this very moment with your Akashic inheritance opening up to you. It is individual. This is important to remember, for you have no idea about you, let alone those around you, their mysterious pasts and this is another reason why it is brought forward. That, even knowing a bit about Akashic Inheritance is not enough, you must respect each path, for some might be feeling nothing at all too, and that too is perfectly ok. Second reason why Akash is opening up to those of you, to whom it is, is for the purpose of examination and reflection. Observe what you are feeling, thinking, dreams and so on. Do not be in a rush to judge yourself or others who speak to you about this, for it is not brought forward for the sake of your earthly judgements and proud proclamations at all. Instead, it is for you to be with those energies, in your own quiet sacred space, observe them, learn from them, for those very energies that surface are you, aspects of you, just showing themselves to you. Many times, it will be helpful, if you have the attitude of a movie goer. Just have that attitude as if you are in a movie, watching it unfold. For it is your energy. Something which you have created. Technically and in linear clock, you have lived that in the past, but yet, it is here, with you, now, energetically and has started tapping into your physical realms, your tastes, clothing, etc. This in itself, can be a challenge for many of you out there, since the events and energies that surface can be very poignant, sometimes in the form of the worst recurring nightmares or outlandish dreams, places or people you have never met appearing or connection to total strangers on the streets as their eyes meet yours and all these are very personal and you cannot even seem to put these in words, even to your close friends or family members. This is the zone in which you might feel very lonely in this journey indeed, for not all seem to be feeling or sensing what you do. Take heart. There are many out there like you, and yet they may never be in your physical proximity to where you are.

The buildup of Akashic openings get more profound and yet more simpler and easier to accept as the energies accelerate, so take heart in this. Know that Gaia knows this and is responding to your awakening within and is cooperating with all of it, each single moment. The most difficult thing, in such moments is to avoid talking to those around you, who have no clue about what you are going through, and hence this message is directly to you, if you are one of those right now. Do not be in fear. It is your Akash. It is your own energies we are talking of here. It is your own life that you have lived, experienced. What can be fearful about that? Follow your intuition, what you feel like doing, where you feel like going? Follow your innate, what you feel like wearing, when you feel like sleeping, what you feel like eating and so on. These two should make the journey very smooth sailing in themselves. For all those old souls, who have been on a spiritual path for long and are now having their Akash opened up to them, it might feel like all those meditations, headings etc no longer seem to be working for you. And this is ok too, for the process of awakening is not a linear one, that is there is no real sequence to what should happen, doesn’t matter who or which website tells you whatever. Only those aspects of you wake up, which need to be woken up and when your own multidimensional self is in charge of the process, all you become is a player in the matter and you are not in charge of it anymore. Rest in being out of control and do not be consumed by trying to control it, else you would be messing up your biology, sleep patterns, digestion patterns which might affect your work, play etc. Go by your own inner promptings to all extents possible. For it is you coming to your own surface, so there is no second who knows better, but the multidimensional aspect of you.

The New Paradigm of Responsibility

It was drilled into you since you were a child. Be responsible. Doing it this way is responsible thing to do, that way is irresponsible. Now all of that is just a 3D way of your elders to get you to do, what they wanted you to accomplish. Nothing wrong with that picture, since you cared less about even the word responsibility itself, let alone do what they told you to do. Now, fast forward the time to when you were a young adult and this word became somewhat more of an irritant to you and brought out the rebel inside of you pouring out. Ask any parent of a teenager and they will have their stories to tell. Or even any teenager for that matter. So what made that come about you ask? Well, now you had two attributes clashing within you, the one inside that was waking up, questioning everything around, right from your parents, society, lineage, religion, science you name it; and the other the dichotomy of what was being asked of you to take responsibility for, in other words, control you from the external not to do those very things you were being asked to do, in the name of responsibility itself. So it was control versus being out of control. And you all have been there, haven’t you. If you are parents you see that even this day, don’t you. Let us go even more fast forward here, and now you are an adult, educated well perhaps, working your way through, what you call your career, business, or whatever you have set for yourself as a goal, with a partner perhaps, a mate or married perhaps, having kids perhaps, and now the word responsibility has other meanings for you. At best, it is just that you would still like to run amuck and do all those things you did as a child or a teenager, but you pull yourself back, for you feel you have many things to lose if you did, for it won’t be accepted at all by those around you to be doing or behaving like a child or a teenager. Something about your age factor, is not accepted by the society. There is that invisible, adult stamp on you that says, this is not acceptable and there is a punishment or a payoff for that kind of thing. This being the case, is it any wonder to you, that most adults, spend inordinate amounts of time, living in their “beautiful childhood or teens”, or those times when you were free and joyful. In short, adults, as they grow older and older, begin to live more and more in the realm of memory, until you are really old, retired perhaps, and all you do is live only within the memory of life, rather than of the moment. All in the name of being responsible? Cant be! This is making human life too trite I hear you say! No it is not. Just examine the energies of how your life got you where you are and how you spend extraordinary amount of time, living in memory, rather than present, and you will see the energy of what I just said.

So what is the real responsibility of a human, if at all there is something like that? Get out of 3D for a moment and step into your multidimensional self that is always there with you. For 3D concepts of responsibility is something that just humans are constantly evolving too and changing their sense of responsibility from age to age itself. For example, there was a time, when burning witches at stake in front of a whole group of people for them to watch was the responsible thing to do, burning a widow in front of a whole village in india was the most responsible thing to do and was very accepted too, in fact applauded too. Now it is a barbaric thing to do in the current times. This kind of responsibility is just something that humans will, as a collective living together, either make it acceptable or not, depending on the context and culture it is presented. And even within the same culture and context, it changes with time itself. Public displays of clothing, love and affection between mates, children, buildings of worship, communication, all of it, is that silent prison that much of humanity lives in, in various cultures around the planet. And it evolves too. There is nothing constant about this. This sense of responsibility is always changing and humans, everywhere are themselves changing this continuously. That is not the kind of responsibility we are talking of here at all.

The new paradigm of responsibility shall be understood in a much larger arena, yet in a much more absolute sense. One that time has no hold over. It is timeless and it is absolute. It is one that can be claimed from rooftops by each human on the planet. It has no boundaries, no limitations and is not dependent on culture, race or any belief systems, but it is what every human is born into and can claim it all the time. It cannot be dependent on your social standing, financial status or the way you dress, what you believe to be truth or lies or good or evil. It cannot ride upon any concept that any mind, no matter how perceptual or linear, should ever override. For that, would be the real definition of absolute truths is it not? What good is the use of a truth, that someone can come along later and prove it to be a lie in the first place?! That would be something that shifts with time again, and hence is no longer absolute. That is the kind of responsibility that we speak of here. Absolute. Beautiful. True. No human can deny it. Ever.

The new paradigm of responsibility would stem from the realization of the simple fact that each of us here, on this planet are here for a little while, between birth and death and beyond death and before life, we are eternal beings. We are really non-physical beings. And this very thing becomes difficult to accept for most humans, if they are stuck in their dogmas, scriptures etc. But for those who have just peeked into that other side, that place where we come from and where we go to, from this temporary journey, it also follows, that you keep doing this over and over again. Coming into physical life, taking birth, going through all that you do, pass over and do this yet again, one more time and on and on it goes. And so we come to the new paradigm from that place of non-physical. If you are non-physical and come here into physical at all, it is obvious that you came from a dimension where pain, suffering, lack, failure and none of those things even existed, for you are simply not physical there so where is the question of any lack, for you do not need anything, where is the question of pain, for you do not have a body, where is the question of success, when there is nothing to achieve?! And yet you come here, to be with your family called humanity. That is the new paradigm of responsibility. At that moment, when you decided, to come here, to this earth plane, to be born to your parents, with your siblings and your relatives, friends, society that you live in, to love them, create something better here, than was before you came, bring in your unique energy signature, that no one else could, but you, now that is what we would call your true responsibility. You were being responsible. You were truly being courageous, for from the multidimensional aspect of you, you could see all the potentials, all the miseries, disease, family drama, hate, suffering, confusion, even to the point of reading this message itself, you knew all the potential that would unfold and it did. And it did! And knowing all of this, in a quantum state, you still opted for coming here, going through all of that and becoming who you are, and yet to create so much more. That is being really responsible, for you have always the free choice then in that multidimensional state too, of not coming here at all. Just as even now, you have the free choice of calling all this cock and bull story and just walking out of here. It is the same free will choice of you then as well as now, here. But I am telling you, this is what you are truly responsible for. For coming here. For being born. Thats it. Whatever happens after that is a bonus. Whatever it is that you do next, only adds on to whatever is, to you, to the collective of humanity itself.

Can you walk out of here, knowing that you have already fulfilled your responsibility perfectly? For if you are reading this, you have! For you are born and here reading this. It is a question of acceptance of this message itself, and I understand the difficulties in accepting a profoundly simple message. For a human would typically think, no it can’t be that easy. For your programming has all told you, that responsibility is always something hard, something painful. And so far, whatever we have talked of, coming from non physical to physical is the most painful of them all is it not? Far more than not buying that new car you want so badly? And so what would happen if you did accept this message in its totality, simple as it is, you might ask, then what?? What if all my responsibility is already fulfilled? What is it that I am supposed to do next? There is no next here, do you see? If you accepted your responsibility of coming here to earth, as you in your body, you have already accomplished everything that needs to be. Your very presence here is doing just that. There is no next to be accomplished, in the manner of an earthly responsibility that was dictated to you by your parents, siblings, schools, universities etc at all, now is there?! And so you might say, your absolute responsibility is done, since you arrived and now whatever you wish to do is truly, your addition to this planet. This should give you total and unconditional freedom to move and accomplish any and everything that you can. You are suddenly the creator of everything around you, no longer responsible for anything else that you were previously told. Do you feel that energy??!! Feel what that kind of energy release is all about. Could it be really this simple? This is a great power. Ironical as it may sound, knowing this true responsibility for a human, is most humbling experience, for then you are truly unencumbered by any and all programming and you truly see your beauty within. This then, becomes your staff, your magic wand, your mantle that you move around humanity, with a far greater inner sense of responsibility than most humans with programming will ever be able to see or accomplish. For you see them as your family. Each and all of humanity then, has fulfilled their responsibility already, and now all there is to do, is love one another more, care for each other, and create a true civilization of beauty, honesty and compassion for one another.

The new paradigm of responsibility, thus becomes an honoring of each human then, does it not? Once you see your child, your mate, your boss, your priest, your terrorist, your friend, your colleague, all as ones, who have totally fulfilled their responsibility already, what next is truly there? If you truly see what the energy of this new paradigm is, you would never abuse it ever. There would be no need for anyone external of you to even tell you what to do, for you would do it automatically would you not? For you are a powerful creator, and have been all your life, have you not? And even in all the people around you, suddenly, each of you become completely equally responsible too, do you not? Whether it is the CEO of a company or the secretary or some daily wages staff that works there, they all suddenly become one and the same. There is an equality there, even of responsibility that is absolute, is it not? Can time change that, ever? If whoever is being born, has already fulfilled their responsibility, how can you stem a culture, a civilization of hate, violence and battle upon that premise? And you say, of course that is simply impossible, for now, the child respect an adult as much as the adult respects the child, not for the age in maturity or brain development, but knowing and acknowledging their power as a soul, even maybe as something we cannot see with physical eyes at all, but yet as our truth, each human and helping one human at a time, one day at a time, wherever we are, is it not? At once, you reading this, and I writing this, both are equally responsible for everything, are we not? So can we now, as we leave this space, take that gauntlet of responsibility, and our power and know that everything is already fulfilled perfectly and divinely?

More importantly, can we now create a true civilization based on true mutual respect, rather than appearances and conditional programming? Most importantly, can you even accept this much power and presence in you, now, as you go about your life?

Living in Inquiry

All of you reading, have been asking questions, even since you ever started talking. In fact even before that as an infant, your eyes, even though they did not understand language is full of questions. Have you observed this aspects in a child’s eyes? It is full of inquiry. Curious about who you are, observing silently, without a language! And so you started your journey, even in those very beginning moments in inquiry did you not? Questioning, inquiry, is one of the hallmarks of being human. Curiosity, is inherent in all living beings. Even animals are curious, if you noticed. For those who have a pet dog in their homes, know of this. Put something new in front of the dog, it might tickle its curiosity, it explores it with paws, maybe bites into it, looks around it, kicks it and tries all the “dog things” with it! I am not speaking here, of such a curiosity aspect. I am speaking of an inquiry aspect, which is unique only to humans. Now how is curiosity any different from inquiry process you might ask? There is a small difference and yet it is all the difference which differentiates humans from just about every other species on this planet. Curiosity is always idle. It is temporary. Fleeting. You might just look at something, examine it for a while, move on. This even your pet dog does. Inquiry on the other hand, is a process, of questions followed by more questions. This only a human can do. And so even as a child, you were this curious one, always questioning things around, questions followed by more questions, doesn’t matter what answers were given, there were always more and more questions to be asked and you did ask them, did you not? And so what is the energy behind this human inquiry and let us watch those energies here together for a bit.

The attribute of inquiry, has some very profound energies about itself. First off, it assumes that you do not inherently know about what it is you are inquiring about. The very fact that you are asking the question, even you assume, that you do not know something fully about that yet. And so it becomes a time dependent quotient of learning does it not? In the sense, that some of the questions you asked as a child, you still do, yet your understanding about those very questions, are different now, as you read this. Maybe, if you come back to this reading a few days, months or years later, there will be that incremental change in your perception yet again, and even this message will not quite make the same sense to you, is it not? That is the way so many things in my life has worked, I hear you say. Yes of course. So one of the things that inquiry itself assumes is ignorance. The one inquiring, assumes, that he or she does not quite fully understand it yet. This one aspect alone, makes the very act of inquiry a circular reference of questioning, does it not? In the sense, one can infinitely ask questions and more questions about just a singular thing, and nothing else at all, and still there would be more infinite questions about that very same thing. Does not matter how many answers there are to whatever it is you are questioning, there are always more and more questions possible, is it not? It is one reason, how so many of us out there, can just spend our entire lives, just chasing one thing, or doing one hobby or profession and still have endless questions or things to do, even when we are old and toothless, is it not? which brings us to a very interesting conundrum, which I leave you to ponder. Is it, that there are more questions than there are answers, or is it those answers that are drawing me towards those questions? I am not trying to make a chicken and egg situation here, but merely taking you around one of the energies of inquiry itself. Now have we so far, not asked so many questions about inquiry itself here, including this one??! And so it does not really matter how many depths or levels of inquiry are there really; but looking at the energy of inquiry itself, knowing that it is very profound in just this one aspect. One of the most profound things that we humans create on this planet, in terms of the energy that builds upon the crystalline, is inquiry. That energy itself propels all movement, scientific inventions, discoveries, defines all progress, all newer forms of living, sociology, culture etc that have come and gone on the planet, and will continue to do so. If you want to know the practicalness of the crystalline grid we have spoken of earlier, this is one singular aspect of human, that should yell out to you, that humans are constantly interacting, absorbing and moving through the crystalline, to the next question, and the next question. Answers are something that just happen along the way you know! Human only lives for questions. What is the next joy then? What do I do next? How can I do this better? And, as we just saw, it can be as simple and at the same time as profound, as just inquiry about one single thing for this lifetime itself and nothing else too. So you have an entire set of humans just doing that: focussing on one single thing and making it their own and doing that one thing all their lives, spending all resources, time, money, blood sweat and tears toiling away in this circle of endless inquiry and opening doors to more answers and more questions yet again. And then there are others, who are questioning just about everything all the time. These are not as much focussed on any one particular thing, but they have inquiry about everything and anything and as usual, endless questions about everything. And right there we have that classic model of jack-of-all and master-of-one scenarios playing out, but now we see, that it all is but a difference in the mode of inquiry and nothing else. But let us see how that has been and will continue to help the planet the way it is. This is esoteric, so become quantum for just a second then you can get back to 3 dimensional reasoning. Now, let us take all those that are spending their lives, doing the single thing questioning, the master-of-one type of people. Their line of inquiry, sets up answers and more questions, and profound understandings of the one thing they are pouring their consciousness into! And this makes room for more knowledge in humanity to be known and disseminated. Now that goes upon the crystalline and hence, collectively, in the humanity’s Akash, it is available for all souls to absorb, grow and learn more from the experience of all those souls who spend time mastering one singular aspect. Now let us take the jack-of-all people. These ones are inquiring more each hour, about every conceivable topic, every subject there is. And so these souls are creating a lateral spread of inquiry energy, that is to say, they are asking questions in all directions, and do they tie in, seemingly unrelated topics, subjects, into a common thread of an answer for example you might find such people, in everyday life, talking at a restaurant feverishly excited about some connection they made between that painting they did and the same aspect of that at work or something they read in a magazine advertisement. Seemingly unrelated aspects they seem to connect like dots within their consciousness, because they are not singular but lateral in their movement of inquiry. In simple terms, they are questioning in all directions. They are not looking for related aspects only, very unlike the inquiry of a master-of-one type. These types create new subjects of inquiry in humanity, they can create new concepts, new subjects, create unconventional thought and wisdom, for they integrate a lot of seemingly unrelated subjects and intertwine them into a greater understanding, which, by the way, once again goes into the crystalline and stays there for rest to know and learn from. Now, what does the jack-of-all and the master-of-one teach each other then, in this system, you might ask? Profound. One teaches other in ways that help each other. The master-of-one gives jack-of-all the power of focussed inquiry, to maintain a line of questioning for a period of time, so that some useful answers are obtained and the jack-of-all gives the master-of-one the power of lateral thought, thinking in unconventional ways, to break them out of a trap and make breakthroughs in whatever they are pursuing by putting thoughts in their head, perhaps they never thought of, perhaps even in their dreams. Now do you see, how one helps many and many help one? Could this be a possible explanation of how humanity progresses in leaps and bounds rather than a linear progression? And so this one aspect of inquiry, has the energy of self propagation which is the action energy, you might say, the very act of inquiry, leads to more inquiry.

The second energy of an inquiry is creation. To create something out of thin air, seemingly. Again, if you look around you, even where you sit, just look at each object around you, it is the result of the inquiry of some human, somewhere, somehow and what you see is only a result of that inquiry. All creativity itself is centered around the energy of inquiry is it not? So you might just sit there, look around you right now, and just wonder maybe, what it is that prompted that human there, when he or she conceived of it for the very first time! So many of you have even thought of that very last sentence so many times. Right from a simple pen, to the leaning tower of pisa for example, you might have wondered, how did a person conceive of this?!! You could say, it stems from that act of inquiry itself, but again, the question then becomes a more profound one here: Who is doing the answering?? If all humans are doing is inquiring, where are the answers coming from? That is the creativity part of the human, that is being tapped into. The source, as each of you knows is intuitive, it is within each of you, is there all the time to be tapped. It isn’t physical at all, for if it was, there would be nothing left to create from a finite set of things is it not. Then we are talking about a static universe where nothing new happens, ever. And since this is not the evidence around you, you might safely postulate, that everything has to come from an infinite creative well within the human itself. Not naming or getting caught up with terminologies here, even that is so beautiful, just knowing, that there is the possibility, always the possibility of new, more, better, fresh. A fresh idea, a new thought, a new way of being all if you want to put it, is all there collectively as a soup of potentials in you, each of you waiting, ready to be tapped into, explored, become. What is it that I can do then, to tap this? Well, infinite as it is, this creative energy becomes an active component of your living, only in the energy of inquiry, for as we just discussed, the energy of inquiry is one that would wake up the sleeping potential within you at all times. And because we are singular in our approach, we select only one thing we want to do, and move with that. Even that is ok, for even in that one thing, there are again infinite inquiries you could do, as we just saw. So your potential even in the one thing you might choose to do is really, infinite. And so you pick a point, make a selection from this menu of you, and start the inquiry process. What is it you wish to do? Where is it you wish to go? What is it you wish to accomplish? And so on. What that sets up is you, going inside you, and wake up the sleeping set of potentials and make them active. What is the process that happens when you do that, you ask? Well, your intent of inquiry about whatever you wish to move into, sets up your creativity aspects to go out and pick things that you need, people that you need to meet, places you need to go to for your infinite databank of creativity, knows, the answers you need, which best suit you, your personality, your powers, your best happiness potentials too, even for that moment. So it is, you could say, self intelligent and conscious in itself, and knows what to do and where to go, what to select. What do you have to do? Set up the inquiry and follow your instincts. Could it be this simple? In its essence? Yes. But all depends upon how much energy you put in it, to activate it. The energy of your inquiry itself. So what are the questions you still have not asked? What could be, indeed the next question itself? Isn’t that in itself too a question? Have you questioned about this too? After all, you can even inquire about what you have not inquired about yet!

The third energy of an inquiry is joy. You might inquire about anything, create anything at all, but to what end, what is the real energy that moves both those very aspects, you might ask? It is the seeking of joy. Humans do anything at all, only to seek joy. This is the only catalyst that moves any potential to any reality, really speaking. There simply is nothing else. If, as we have talked before of potentials, there are infinite set of potentials that you can move to, discover or become, what is that attractor, that drives this in the first place? It is joy. Too simple? Yes. And that is why it hides in plain sight. You have heard all this from the masters, prophets to the CEOs of corporations, institutions, they all really “get” only one thing from whatever they do, or move towards it. The experience of joy. It can even be the joy of asking questions itself and nothing more too. Nothing wrong with that aspect too. Joy is a state of being, not of doing. It is a potential and a reality at the same time, so it is, once again a circular, infinite concept in itself. That is to say, joy does not require any conditions, or actualities to happen, before one can be joyful. You could be joyful just sitting reading this, or me as I type this. Or you could go out and do any number of things, accomplish life goals, make your own setups and targets yourself to feel joy at some future date or feel joy while you are on the way too. It is all really always there and can yet be a potential in the future too. In that sense, joy is all along the way and in destination too. And so joy really becomes the infinite present moment of now does it not. It becomes an experience and not an inquiry. Haven’t you noticed yourself and all humans you know, never question anything when they are in joy. Pure joy. No one does. No one, for example pauses to ask, why is it that I am joyful?! Others may ask that of them, but the one in joy has no questions. You could say in that reasoning, that joy is infact the end to all questions. Joy, you could say, is the only logical answer too. For it is here, now, in the present moment, as well as in the next moment that has not happened yet. But in the very next moment that will happen too, since joy is there, what is it that I must do, to activate it, and make it mine, you ask? Well as long as you are asking, the universe has to answer you. The system is that way, always has been. And so living this thing we call life, in corporeal form, in the everyday things we do, we now see a circular system of each one of us, activating, moving and becoming ourselves, redefining ourselves, all of which starts and is pushed forward with the energy of inquiry. Without that energy pushing and pulling upon you, it is all really static, and for lack of better words “boring” for the human being. Next time you find another human saying ” I am bored”, you know they are not asking the next question, and so you could ask them a simple one, like “what is it you are not asking yet?” for that very question sets up their questioning engine and they move. You cannot really move anyone. They have to do it all by themselves. For they have the complete system with them, carry them wherever they go, all the time. The system is one which activates itself. And it starts by inquiry.

Once again, what are you then, not asking this moment? Or what will you ask, once you leave? What was this message really all about? Is it about you? Is it about how you were created? Is it about love? Is it about creativity? Or is it just about inquiry? Most of all, what is the question, even this complete message has still not asked?

The Mirror Of Forgiveness

Become one with me yet again, for these few moments, for I cannot get you to understand anything intellectually here, but I promise, if you walk with me in steps and follow me here, with these words and if you allow it, everything will make sense to you and you can then walk out of this message, more empowered, stronger and more loved than ever before.

What does it mean to forgive another? There are so many texts, even every religion, every faith on the planet asks humans to learn to forgive. There are those, that even visit their houses of worship, just for that very energy of forgiveness to wash upon them even if just for those moments, become a bit lighter, a bit more light, more love shine into their hearts and their lives. Even the most hardened criminals or dictators the earth has seen, have come down to their knees at some poignant points in their lives, to beg, growel or ask for forgiveness or repentance of what they have done. So let us get behind the energy of forgiveness itself for a moment and see what it is. Indeed, what is one asking really, when one is asking for forgiveness? Is it to a who? Is it indeed even to another human or a set of humans that one asks of forgiveness? Or is it god or creator, in whatever name and form each wishes to, that one is asking for forgiveness? Whether it is god or creator or a human, the energy of forgiveness that pours out of the human heart is just the same here, do you feel that? Now be with that energy of forgiveness, here for a moment. Hold that energy, for it will become clearer, as we move along. Now, some have even called this energy as asking for grace, mercy, salvation, redemption and so many other words and yet you can feel, right now, that this energy you are holding, one of forgiveness is quite the same as all of those words, is it not? So you might wonder, why is it that the human is asking another (god or human or anything at all) for this energy? Is it, that the human himself or herself does not have it in them to move past, forgive and become lighter in the heart? Or is it that they are so encumbered and trapped in a circular logic, reasoning, the cause-and-effect, tit-for-tat, a-shot-arrow-never-comes-back type of vicious circles, that they feel helpless to get out of this perpetual cycles that seem to haunt them, sometimes for years and decades?! What if it is none of those things, and it is far more simpler and easy to just forgive anyone, as it is, to breathe air? Could it be this simple? What if you could become so powerful, that once you have this in your hands and heart, you can dish out forgiveness to any and all you know, in your own personal lives and not only that, but in each and everyone you would come across after reading this message, right down to the leaders of your state, the terrorist, or your noisy neighbor? And what if you could use this energy every day, to forgive everyday, all around you, just because it is pure, loving and above all, it leaves you content, light, free and unencumbered of any heaviness within you, so you sleep like a baby at night, with a divine smile of contentment and peace that surpasses any understanding? And what if this energy of forgiveness, just does not last for a day or an hour, but becomes permanently a part of you, so it is always available to you, all the time leaving you forever burden free inside? Would that be worth something to you?? Perhaps it is that energy that each and every human is really asking for, when they ask for forgiveness, is it not?

So how do we do this, you ask? First of all some basics. You cannot forgive with words. It simply cannot be done and you have to get out of this mode of using words for forgiveness. There is so much said everywhere about using this word or a set of words or endlessly praising god or any such thing and it is simply not the truth. For words are linear and forgiveness is not. They simply are of different energies and never match up. Havent you noticed, that when you say words to another human, asking for forgiveness, most times the other person does not feel anything at all? Worse, many times they are irritated or get angry by your very act of asking for forgiveness?? What does that yell to you? Stop doing that. For that is not possible. Next, forgiveness is not done, by asking another entity or god or creator or anything outside of you to do it. It never is, and never will be. For forgiveness is what you are engaged in, not anyone outside of you. Asking any external agency or force outside of your own essence for help in forgiving is as lame as asking someone else to chew, eat and swallow your food for you. If you have been doing that, stop that right away, for that, once again, as you very well know, has not worked for you now, has it?! Both of these being said, we have now arrived at a point, where words are unnecessary and others, not even what you would call god, can help you forgive. Well, then only one person remains here. You. Only you can forgive and not without words. Does that tell you something else? Yes, forgiveness is done energetically. As you held the energy of forgiveness in the first part of this message, where was this energy? It was within you. You felt the power of forgiveness. You felt the energy of the human asking for forgiveness, even the most hardened criminal, did you not? Forgiveness is done energetically. And since it is a part of you, your being, you can always use it, all the time, anywhere and there is no dependence on anything or anyone externally, really here, is it?

For this next part, you have to become even more quantum, so it might be an exercise for some of you and for many others, this would come naturally. There is no judgement in this, just a relative level of vibration that you carry, that is all. Forgiveness cannot be done singularly. You cannot stand in isolation, consider that person or human or a set of humans separate from you or different from you and stand at the same time in the energy of forgiveness. It simply is not possible that way, for forgiveness is quantum and it is not located in one place or with one human. It can never be. It pervades everywhere, in much the same way, love does. And it is a natural state of your being and therefore, always available for you to stay within. The energy of forgiveness comes embedded within the energy of unity and oneness. What this means in simple terms, is that you have to get yourself, energetically, internally, within your heart, to a state, where you feel one with the other person’s heart, who you ask forgiveness for. How do I do this? For one, you have to know, and you do actually, that all hearts are really one and there is no real separation between your heart and that of the other person who you ask for forgiveness or who you want to forgive. You know this. Each of you do. No matter how heartless or cruel or inconsiderate or rude or imbecile or evil you think that other person is, deep inside, even as you read this, you know so well, that even that person is just another heart, which feels, desires and moves himself or herself in the direction of their own joy. Anyone seeking joy, must have a heart, is it not? Does it really have to be any more complicated than such a simple litmus test here? Or do you really need volumes of text or any guru or spirituality to tell who is heartless and who is not and spend endless hours in verbal linearity or ramblings of the mind to figure this out? So you all you need to do is, two hearts, just hearts, you and the other person, become as one. You can do this anyway you choose, but I shall present a little exercise here, very hesitatingly, for humans tend to make a doctrine out of everything and this is not what is meant here. And yet, what tops the list, is to be make you permanently enabled with the energy of forgiveness, so you never feel burdened or heavy ever again in your entire life, so I shall give it here. Again, you can try whatever works best for you, for you are unique and special in your approach, but the seed is the same. As long as you are in unity with the other person, this is easy to achieve.

Find a quiet place. Close your eyes. Imagine for a moment, your heart and the other person’s heart standing facing one another. Not as physical, but as two balls of light, just for the sake of removing any physicality, for imagining the other person’s face or physicality maybe powerfully distracting in the beginning, but you can do it with their face too, as you get good at this. And now, to bring in the energy of forgiveness, unity is essential. And so forgiveness is both ways, always. If you are asking for forgiveness, ask the other heart, to forgive you, in the same energy as it would ask you for forgiveness. This is easy for anyone to do, for it is like asking the other person to taste the same food you are tasting. All you have to do is make the offering of your plate, and the other will get the same taste you do in your mouth. So when asking for forgiveness, ask to be forgiven, in the same way, that they would ask for forgiveness to you or anyone else in their lives. What does not matter is, who is it they would be asking their forgiveness for. What does matter is that energy of their heart, which asks for forgiveness to whoever they wish to ask at any time past, present or future, to come into this space of the two of your hearts, here and now. And the other heart knows this energy so well, for it knows what is it to ask for forgiveness. And so, in that very act of you, asking the other heart, to forgive you, in the exact same way, as they would ask another of forgiveness, you have invoked the energy of forgiveness between you both and have become one energy. There is unity here. Suddenly, the separation of the two is gone and all the veil of heaviness of duality, ego, the hurt and pain, the anger, the jealousy, the temper and all that burden just dissolves before you two hearts, and all that remains is love and compassion. And so suddenly, do you not see and feel here, that it does not matter whether you are the one asking for forgiveness or one who is seeking to forgive, for the energy of forgiveness is the same between two hearts. The same heart that asks for forgiveness to another can ask in the same feeling and energy as the one that asks to forgive. For each heart is the same. And that is your permanent victory over all your challenges to forgive. Now, if you are really getting this energy, can you now forgive even groups of hearts, for one, or two or many, all human hearts are the same are they not? All of them seek joy do they not? Can you take this away with you permanently and live within this energy, make it your own, most importantly, just use it each and every day with all you know and wish to either forgive or be forgiven from and never have to go to bed each day, with any heaviness or pain or guilt or shame ever. Ever. Take back your glory and purity of just being the loving, compassionate you, once again. Do not be surprised, once you start using this, if you have miraculous physical healing too, for what is your emotional healing, could well be translating itself in physical, for we are all multidimensional beings in the end, are we not?