The Vast Now


635946939424314525-218159995_Start-Living-In-The-Nowthe other day i got a glimpse of this. probably nothing more than an idea or a concept. or probably a lot more. i shall leave that for you to decide anyway.

there is always the talk of the NOW in spirituality. i used to wonder a lot about that. and then i gave up. since all of that would be, once again, intellectual gibberish of words and nothing more, i did not bother myself with unnecessary mindstuff. but then again, these things have a way of visiting you, when you least expect it. many of you know that i mean there. so did the now. and here is what i found.

the now is very vast. it is void. void of time, void of any concept at all. it does not contain anything. and yet, because of that very nature, it has everything, inside and outside of time and space, since it is beyond both. there is a vastness of all ideas, all possibilities and all existences that may be there, even as possibilities, as well as realities. because of its nature, it is not definable in words, but rather felt as an experience of itself. and since i am the one experiencing it now, i am in the now and i am the now. and that can be a terribly expansive, scary feeling, if you want to call it that. i suddenly found myself in a vastness i could not get boundaries of, and yet there was a presence that was simple enough just to be here and of course, now. how can extreme simplicity and complexity be resident in the same breath or space?! well it was, and that is what now felt like.

there was all of me, all that wasn’t me, all that was my past, my present and all future possibilities were all there, and yet the birds were chirping, the beautiful fragrance of fresh morning air was there, gentle swaying of breeze, people moving about doing things, all were there. just another normal day. and yet, within this normal morning, was an extraordinary dimension of existence, of the now. it had all of me, so completely, that it dared me to completely accept me just as i was, in the now. everything. nothing excluded, since the now did not seem like it excluded anything or anyone, so why me? it also requested me to include all that was me in reflection of all the people i had ever known and met as me, since; again it was all inclusive. and so why the fear i wondered? perhaps it is in the vastness of it, as an experience and not a concept. it was not an airy fairy nebulous concept anymore. it was here. and i was experiencing it. without knowing what its size is, i knew it was vast. and because i was experiencing it, i was vast. and suddenly becoming vast, encompassing all of just you, as you, and knowing it all as beautiful and whole and complete, in one cold second? yes, the now can be scary. but this time around i enjoyed it. being lost in it without any requirement. without any need for running back into the security of what i had known.

can you accept all of you as you? it does exist you know. and you are it. without any modification or addition or subtractions or any this or that. you are that. for you always exist in the now. and that now is always available, here and now.