Paradigms of shifting consciousness


And the times that we currently live in are a pure characteristic of a shifting consciousness. Of one and therefore of many. Of many yet again reflecting back to the one. Each is dealing with the shifting energies of the planet and you, in a unique way. New downloads, new realities to step into external and internal. And so what characterizes these shifting consciousnesses? Here I offer some. Again by no means are they replete with everything or remotely even complete. Just a few observations when we speak of “the shift” and what it entails:

  1. No two days or even hours are the same. And we humans hold on to things, humans that we are. The past, the future and even the moment now. It has to be a certain way, a certain protocol and certain feelings or thoughts. It is a good trait, for it helps us in holding our balance and not fall off the edge of the earth, or what it typically seems like many times isnt it? Moving energies characterize our current moment to moment reality. Or even realities. For as we shift and change, so do we affect the rest of the dirt of the earth, our families, friends, the strangers we pass by. Each is affecting the other. Reflection and refraction all taking place all at once. This puzzle is beautiful. Like peeling an onion of ever evolving consciousness flower. And so get used to being on an endless roller coaster. Don’t fear it. Be excited by it. Crave it. Move with it. And don’t ever ever define it.
  2. High and low is just duality. Everything you have ever been as a human and even were in past lives, if you believe in such a thing, is just duality. Within this dualism, there is love, hate, laughter, tears and just about all the gamut of humanism. You have indeed come to grasp of this acutely. With intent to understand your own humanism. What pushes and pulls you within this world of physicality, and yet within the abstraction of the mind and heart. The pendulum of these moving winds pushes the envelope of the moving energies itself. Duality pushes humans to ever be exploratory, ever moving forward, sometimes without even blinking or looking back even or even looking down on how high you might have reached or how many summits you might have already scaled that look like ants to you now. Accept the beauty of duality, as that ever moving pulsation of inwards to outwards, female to male, adult to child all happening as you, with you, within you and without you, all at once, at the same time never happening but just an observation of all.
  3. Pausing helps. If you are moving on a conveyer belt of realistic moving energies, where is the stability that I need? you might ask. Well, it is within the pause that you exert. You can pause as you wish. Go as you wish. It is all within your personal grasp. And the keyword there is personal. There is nothing universal about the shift. It is a very personal trip. Choose your own speed, create your own internal timer to access, push, receive and merge with the new energies. For every quantum energy available is cumulative, that is to say, it is always there. Always available. Not just now or the next few years or even the next 1000 generations. It is always available. There is no rush. None. The only rush you feel, is the ever open, delicious invitation to making love with all that is, with yourself. And so this pull of love, pushes you to explore. But take breaks. Pause. It helps immensely. For it creates a space of breath. Time to watch your breathing. Time to blink between stares.
  4. All definitions are redundant. Every term, new age or otherwise, is redundant now. Meaningless. A mere verbiage for the human to feel comfortable, that they are not going insane somehow. This is just being human. Understandable. But really, is there even any need for developing a whole new agey vocabulary full of myriads of angels, spaceships, terms and definitions, creating more duality sometimes of some dark and some light etc? Instead, why don’t you enjoy whatever you’re enjoying and let everything else be, let everyone do what they are, but no definitions from your side. Be a nothing in a sea of nothingness, working with nothingness, but only your own presence. The one who breathes and eats, has sex, has gone through the whole play of life so far and is reading this. Just a simpleness of being. This would help avoid all the confusion of thinking who’s right, who’s not, whats really happening and whats not and so on.
  5. Creating as we go alone. This has been somewhat covered above, but it is important to know. We individually are creating every step. There are no more prophecies or predictions anyone can give. Of mass consciousness or you individually. Every step is being treated by your own choices, intents and action, big or small but its you. Only thing is, the YOU definition that YOU have is changing with YOU and BY YOU. When that is happening, what you’re sure of now, will not be 5 minutes after you finish this reading would it? And so let go and let even this whole article be redundant. Just create. Be propelled by your own essence. Not copy anyone or anything. Uniquely you. Are you ready to be that outrageous?

Develop and destroy as you go along this roller coaster. Don’t be shy. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be stuck in anything or anyone. There are no rules to this other than the ones you create. You don’t have a fixed future. You have a dynamic now. Right now and every other nows that come along. Participate in them like you would in the most erotic sexual fantasy you can live through, fully, with your entire being, not just physical. That is the way to navigate this. Without confusion or hesitation. With you that started reading this in one hand, to the you that is nodding at the end of this on the other hand. Take all your yous with you. For it is all YOU.


New Paradigm of Abundance

You would have to leave all your learnt old ideas of how to become rich, how to be abundant, how to receive, law of attraction etc etc for this to make any sense to you at all. For the energies on this planet are shifting sands very fast and so you need to know, understand and absorb all these new concepts at a very rapid pace, for you to be living a joyful life.

All this time, you have read many books on how to get rich, or how to have a good career, how to be successful, how to win in all situations. Hundreds of books published. Self help authors/teachers abound around you. Each one you have been through perhaps, browsed the internet, searched and searched. And what are you searching for? The missing piece. That missing piece that says… how can these people talk like that, I tried and I did not get anything out of this at all? Are they just new age frauds? Was it even real or just giving false hopes? Even if it was false, then how is it, that it sold millions of copies of that book? Were those people all craving just a pat on the back and a good word for their low self image? You might ask so many along those lines. So many! And many of you reading this DID! wondered i mean. Wondered a lot! Isn’t it about time you had a handle on this and moved in joy…. waking up each morning in joy and peace? If you so desire, you can go through the rest of this message and maybe, something in it will ring truth to you. I hope it does.

You have been taught, right from childhood, about competition. Race for grades in school. Be the best, they say. Compete, they say. Strive to be better, they say. And that time, you have wondered, even as a little child that you were, “why is it that they are asking me to be and do all of this? for what purposes?? this does not make me happy!”and yet you continued and continued, for you to be acceptable to people around you, you had to move with the tides. And you did and you did and you did it again and over again! And it was appropriate.

When you came to that age of awareness, when you started asking yourself questions like “Who am I? What am I here for? ” and everything along those lines, then came the next wave. You have to be like this one, have that role model, this personality or that one, this profession or that business etc etc. And you might have found yourself in that time, asking questions to yourself such as ” why is it that I should be this or that when all I want to know is who I am…. not be someone or something else? That doesn’t make sense at all” and yet you continued and continued, for you to be acceptable to people around you, you had to move with the tides. And you did and you did and you did it again and over again! And it was appropriate.

Then you came to work or your business or your profession in whatever way that gets you money to buy food, shelter and all the physical things that you need. Survival mode, as many would like to call it. And you worked, each day of your life, to push yourself just a little bit more, to get just that extra money, maybe for your material dreams, for your family to stay together, for your near and dear ones to smile, be healthy and happy with the things they needed and yet all along, you asked that question in your mind, in your quietest moments alone “Why am I doing all this?? Why can’t it be easier? What is it I am really looking forward to do here?? Why don’t I wake up happy each day in the morning, looking forward to that day unfold with joy in my heart?? ”¬†and yet you continued and continued, for you to be acceptable to people around you, you had to move with the tides. And you did and you did and you did it again and over again! And it was appropriate.

Now I ask you to step back from all of this. Now is the time you release all of that accumulated questions the answers to which you did not find in any of those self help books, all those seminars you attended, all those spirituality groups you tried to get through just to find some answers. Answers that would ring true. True just for you. Customized and designed, just for you. So that it would all make sense at last. Step back. Drop everything.

Abundance is not in the future. It is not tomorrow. It is today. It is here with you, now. Are you having enough to eat today? Do you have a place to stay? Indeed, if you are reading this, you have more than that. You even have free time, some money in your pocket, and perhaps some bank balance and even the free time to read this, is it not? Well you are abundant then. From this day onwards, learn to accept each day, as the most abundant day of your life. Just for that day. Not tomorrow, not next month, not next year. Stop living in future moments. Live your life now. Be here. Now. This is your moment! Could it be this simple?! really?!! I hear you! And yes. It is. It is all there is. There need not be volumes of pages written for this. You have all the talent you need, all the strength you need and wisdom you will ever need. For today, for now, here, as you read this, you have everything you will ever need. For Today. And that is the kind of abundance you should start getting used to living in. Being in the now. Living for Today. Thats it. Let tomorrow come as it surely will, and tackle tomorrow with the wisdom that tomorrow will bring you. Too difficult I hear you say? And what brings in this difficulty? Trust. That is the crust of the problem. Trust. Trust, that if the universe has brought you here, to this moment, to read this, just for you, it is meant for you. Your time was appropriate. It is good. And its just for you. There is no need for any evangelism or making any big deal out of all this. This is just for you.

Go from this place. Changed. Radiate the love that has shined today upon you. Blessed in the knowing that you finally have arrived. At your own place of true power. The power to control your today. Trusting that everything that is needed for the abundance of tomorrow, will come tomorrow. Be joyous in this. Celebrate. In whatever way you choose to. Let love of the creator be surging through your body and create miracles in your life. For today. Just for today. Not tomorrow. Just today. Make it your own little truth. Amazingly you will find, that the more you do this, you could not even possibly spend even all that wealth you have right now, in a single day. Because, in the end, it is not your bank balance, your status, your dress or that next car that you are looking for. It is the joy of not knowing where you are going, what you are about to do, and yet in gratitude, that you have all you need, to be happy, loving, content and happy, just for today.