Ten Notes For The Millenials


The younger generation, the ones who we now term as “The Millennials”…. Those between mid 30s ¬†and early 40s, and even those slightly younger than them, are always my favorite. Couple of reasons among which the primary one being, they are always the hope for the future of our human family. But more than that, for the purposes of this writing, I would like to share some of my notes, for the millennials.

Take it for what its worth, for you, the Millennials, and the younger generations to come, and use it; see what it does for you:

The role model you admire, is the one quality you know is somewhere within yourself seeking to come forth and shine.
It is true. what you admire is what is already within you, awaiting your eager permission to come forward. So only one question remains: when are you going to decide to let that happen for you? If all the Facebook forwards and famous quotes are bothersome and just being recycled more than they’re worth, look away. You did not come here to live a role model. You came to create one. Get on with it.

Everyone you know, including your own parents, are only as wide or as limited as their beliefs. That this is right and that is wrong, is already worn out on you isn’t it? You are born with more built-in smarts than all of those. But remember that. Any belief is just limiting. For it draws boundaries of your own thinking. It is like making a fence in your mind, yourself, which you then declare to yourself, “I won’t cross that fence, ever!”. Yes, it is that stupid!

Question everything and everyone! No one, and I mean NO ONE has the last word. Not even the greatest master, the greatest scientist or really anyone. Doesn’t matter who you are charmed by, or taken with, or call your guru, no one has the last word. And that’s where you come in. Create your own cliches. Your theories. Sing your own song. And then, question that, yet again. You have only come here for a continuous growth and excitement. Calling anything final is just egotistical and nothing more. But you already knew that didn’t you?

Use social networking for showing who you are. Not for feeling inferior by comparing yourself to others. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Blogs, Instagram etc etc are all there for you as tools; to showcase your uniqueness. Not for becoming a copycat for the culture of your neighborhood or town or city or even country or culture. Have friends globally. But do not be defined by them. Find your soul tribe on the net. But do not make that your fence. Make it instead your signature which you like to put out there. Not take in what others put, as a reference mark for you to measure up to.

Your rage and restlessness, isn’t the result of you not know what you want from life; on the contrary it is from you not being silent enough on the inside, to let your inner wisdom guide you forth. In your inner silence, you make your path into your uniqueness, available to you. It is vast. It is silent. And you will find yourself there, everytime you go there. It is your inner sanctuary. It is always there. And always available to you. But in your silence, you welcome it. Take time to be silent. Disengage from the noise of the needs and wants of society from you. You need you first. Remember that. All else will follow.

5 bounces off things you are repeatedly trying to accomplish but never do and always backfires, is a sure sign, for you to try something else. Do not waste any more time on it. Move on. Doesn’t matter who calls you this or that. It isn’t your parents or your siblings or your friends that count. It is still your own unique life. You are free to leave things, free to embrace things and ideas you choose at any point to call your own. Let no one, ever be a signpost for you to steer into some other direction. You be a conscious decider of that. Every time.

When you look at, or imagine or think of the opposite sex, try to imagine them as your gender, only with genitals of the opposite sex. You’ll see much more clearer and without any bias at all, since you know you’re gender very well. Really, that is all there is. Do not make your opposite sex relationships into anything more than it really is. Yes, Romance, candle light dinner, all are fine and enjoy them, but once you see your opposite sex, as just another body but with opposite genitals and opposite gender type personality traits, you will always remember this day when you read this, and know, what the real aspects that matter to you in a relationship really are. So be romantic with life. All life is a romance. Not just a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Make love with life itself. And you can do that more freely, if you expand that little horizon of yours, starting today.

Knowledge for your generation lost its value only because you were able to google everything, and there is no strife to get it. Move on from there; expand the knowledge that’s already there, be it in any field, and drive it further. Remember, you are your own ancestors, who have come to relive that knowledge and take it farther and better. It is what you came for. Yes you can find the meaning of any word in an instant. You can do courses online. You can learn endlessly from Wikipedia. But how much have you done that, really? Just because its available, does not mean you know it. The internet is not fed into your head. You just know its there, but you don’t even know what is there, really! Find out. Take any knowledge in any field, which fires you up, and take it farther.Expand it. Redefine it. Perhaps take it in a whole new direction or completely reinvent it. Otherwise, there will be no new knowledge for your kids and grandkids. And they will look upon you and call you stupid. Isn’t it?

Unify. Do not separate. Your generation has the unique and priceless ability to communicate with men and women,just like you, on the other side of all borders, created by your fathers and forefathers. Something that no other generation, had, ever before. Use it to do what other generations could never dreams of. Unification. Integration. A Billion heads are better than a Million. You already do not buy into mainstream media. You even shutoff from much of the garbage on twitter or social media. You have a discernment inside you which is priceless. You know what is nonsense and what the good things in life are. Bring that innate knowledge to unify. A kind of unity, which through a medium like social media, has the ability to redefine what humanity can do and accomplish. One which can erase permanently, the assumption, that humans are always the same and will never change. Your generation has a chance to rewrite future, and erase the wounds of history, once and for all time. Your life would truly be worth lived if that is accomplished is it not?

Any and all limitation you think are in your personal life, is only an idea in your head. Nothing more. Stop giving it the life it does not deserve.You are the one giving life to the ideas in your head. And then you call it your heart. And emotions. and Feelings. And all kinds of words and more words and novels and so on, go on to describe in greater and greater detail and confusion, of what it all really means. But it is just an idea. Or someone else’s idea. Or an idea of an idea itself. But in the end, it is just that. The idea is not you. You are the one giving it life. Otherwise it has none. Think of all the ideas that you still do not know exist! All of those ideas that you know nothing about, are all dead to you right now is it not? Why? simply because you haven’t given it a meaning and a life yet. Create your own ideas, but ones that come from within your soul, your own inner knowing.


My hope is that these notes will awaken something deep within you. I cannot name it, for you will give it a name, a meaning and your own unique brand if you wish. My hope is that you see, you reflected from within you to the world outside you. My wish is that you dance with yourself inside and outside. And let the world then sing you song, and the glorious you that everyone is waiting for on abated breath. Why is it you think, others watch you as you walk or sit in a park or walk by people? They are waiting for you, to do something, to become something. Something that is uniquely you. They are holding their breath, for you!