Decloaking the dark masculine


Oh how many lives have you spent dear masculine, in cloak and daggers?! How many lives have you taken, seemingly in utter darkness, fighting ghosts and demons, that were never yours to begin with? Aren’t you tired of taking on the burdens of other’s darkness as your own, trying to transmute that, which was never yours to begin with? How many lives have you spent, trying to simply love and give with an open heart, only to be manipulated by your children, by the dark feminine that you called, your love of your life? Spending your days in the sun, yet seemingly within the darkness overshadowed by the dark feminine, creating wars and disease on this planet. Wearing your armor and dagger upon you, as if that was your nature, only to please the dark feminine, only to live and die on an earth, which awaited you to drop all weaponry, to claim yourself, truly as you are?! How many times have you destroyed all that you built, cities upon civilizations, and killed the very same children, that the dark feminine birthed, not realizing the ignorance of it all! Did you really think, bravery was needed in any way at all? Or was it just a mask put upon you, by others who claimed to love you, cherish you, the mothers, the daughters, the lovers, the mistresses and wives you had? Did you claim cloudy qualities that were imposed onto you, that had never to do with your truth, only to be puzzled over and over again by conflict, strife, kingdoms of separation, wars over earth, battles over empty superiority happen to you, with you, with your other brothers around you, over and over again? So blinded were you by imposed qualities of others upon you, that you did not even see the brothers you killed standing there on the battle field, ones you claimed to protect, killing the very same children borne by the very dark queens you loved and cherished, who sent you to battle, for her wishes? And here you sit in this day and age, still quarreling over with bosses, financial institutions, governments, having militaries and weaponry all over again; once again for wishes of dark feminine, claiming fake love, adoration, manliness, courage all over again?! Have you not learnt anything at all?! Playing the same scenarios over again, where are you? Where is that real you?

Time to drop that armor of warrior, for it is time to stop being in war with your self. Time to abandon bravery and courage, for why are all that needed when there is no adversary left on the field? Time to bury all hatchets forever, for you do not have to fight the battles of your dark feminine, for the earth is waking all the feminine up from their slumber now. It is time to unburden yourself from all conflicts and realize they were never yours to begin with! Time to sit in your cocoon of silent consciousness that is your being. It is time to let the awakening feminine do her job of clearing up all the mess left behind and you can now relax and breathe in your pure consciousness. The earth is blessing you and holding your hand and caressing your feet under you. The earth knows what has happened through eons, though you may have forgotten it all. Time to build what you always knew was possible. Time to embrace your own true divine masculine identity and consciousness that you are and have always been. Radiate your light and your inner stability, as the feminine goes about rebuilding the earth around you. It is time you smiled and really looked around and see things for what they are without fear, without courage, without anger or shame, for none of those are required from now on. Discard all ideas, concepts, laws and rules of eons, that you built around control and manipulation, for the earth no longer supports that which is out of integrity: the truest one, the one that is divine masculine in you.

That divine masculine in you, needs freedom. It is begging to break out of the armor and weaponry that you have carried for so long. Only then can you breathe purely. Only then you will begin to have an opening in you, a window that opens out into the wide field, where you see only play; where you can create out of benevolence for yourself now, without any agendas for anyone. The earth requires you to create and build with your own consciousness now: the one that was always there, but this time; unencumbered by burdens and demands of others around you, whoever they maybe or whatever claims they may make of you. You are free finally! The earth has freed you by waking up the feminine herself. It is time you shined the light of pure consciousness, of holding balance everywhere, learning to hold hands with your brothers who are in all lands everywhere, who are around you in your workplace, with the lightness of touch that only you can carry. As pure consciousness, others around you will change. You can begin to see that each day, in new ways. You don’t really have to do anything. Just shed the old skins you have been layering upon yourself all along.

That, in itself is a tall order, for the layers go deep. Can you live without courage? Do you have to have an adversary again for you to feel good about yourself? Could there be a beautiful you that is always speaking to you from the depths of your heart, free of any ideas and shackles that had been imposed upon you? Do you hear it ? Does it sound light as a feather to you? If you feel like flying away with it, and let it take you anywhere it wants to go with the new winds of change, will you allow it to now? New creations are standing at your doorstep, energetically, for you to step out and claim them as yours. For you are the builders, the conceptual poets and singers that will chorus the new earth with your own unencumbered, unchained consciousness. You will become the bastion of light for all the awakening feminine who needs it to rebuild a new earth. Be obsessed about finding your own consciousness and let that light guide you out of this maze, called the new realities. There is no one to battle anymore. There are no need of weapons and daggers. There is no need of courage or bravery. There are no old ideas, rehashed and sold as new advertisements, movies or songs or concepts anymore. There is only you and what only you can bring. And something that you have always known, minus your family, friends, wives or lovers. Just you. And that is waiting to be claimed and birthed by you. Something only you, dear divine masculine, are capable of doing. Walk this path, and flowers will blossom where you walk, wind will have your back, and the earth will sing her song for you, through her birds and the winds. You will know it beyond any doubt. And that is when the journey of magic begins for you.