Goddess & Mother


This transmission is for the collective feminine, individual as well as collective feminine on the planet. There is something that must be revealed here. Follow your story. It is the story of your life girl, woman, mother, wife. And whatever comes up for you, visions, memories, remembrances, energies is coming up to be claimed by you fully and be merged, healed so you go from this place a new powerful, complete feminine.

As a child you had surging feminine energy in you. The one wanting to go play outside, enjoying your own beauty full of you, and you did not need anyone or anything else outside of you, to endorse who you were, for you have the creative force inside you, you always had. You felt centered and powerful and you did not know why! Here is why. That is the goddess in you, that is an essence of the one who enjoys creation, who creates as well. And since you are a part of creation you created you, decorating yourself, colorful frocks, jewelry, hair, you felt you, exuding with joy and creativity, knowing no boundaries of joy and becoming. It is all an endless play that I, as a creator, create. The world is my playground and I am the player as well. Oh how beautiful was it, do you remember dear?!!

Then came puberty and you had womanhood and wanton desire surging in your blood. You wanted that boy, that man and have him take you, make love to you, so you could feel the pull and push of the one that is always static, unmoving. You could never quite understand why those males around you were so blind to your love, could not see what you desired and how much, and you called them stupid and dumb males. And you knew they were that. Dense and unregulated static. Oh because you only wanted to play and dance with them now, unlike earlier you wanted to dance all by yourself. Now, you felt the need for a companion, a partner, a mate, a friend. This started another surge through you, a quest, the journey has not morphed into another one; maybe you spent a lot of time in confusion participating in a little darkness for a while, feelings of jealousy, anger, hate, comparison and on and on, but something in you all along knew it was a play, just a temporary one, which you would get out of anyway, for there was nothing real in those feelings; but there was something very real about the cry of your vagina, about the wanton lust and sexual urges within that soared above all the human drama and the surface males that you encountered, didn’t you dear?

And then came motherhood. You found a mate, got married, and had your first child. Everything changed again did it not. Seeing that precious one, looking into its eyes, and feeling that connection beyond all names and labels? All definitions gone. Only a different kind of love remained. Mother’s love. You became from a goddess into a mother, just in that second of seeing your newborn for the first time. And yet you felt goddess too. And this is where all your confusion started. Am I a goddess or am I a mother? What should I be and to whom and when and why and the endless confusion of the energies of goddess and the energies of the mother.

Why don’t you put all that to rest here tonight? Both are you. Both are magnificent and appropriate and you can choose to be any, at anytime, with whoever you want to. It IS your creation after all. Everything comes from the void of your womb, does it not? Why not embrace your completeness and power fully today? You can be a mother with your man and at the same time you can teach sexuality to your son kindly, so the male that goes out from your womb into the world is more balanced and becomes a good balanced father to yet another child. You could be that lighthouse for the future generations of males that come forth from the wombs of your other sisters around the planet. Do you see how you feed yourself, nurture the civilization in a larger way? At the same time, you can enjoy your man sexually, be a powerful goddess, bring new joyful, clear and crystalline energies of sexuality to bear upon your male, who is hungry for you, for your affection as a goddess, and you feel free to shower it all upon him, make him your very own with your stamp of divine goddess upon him. Isn’t that a lovely way to make love to him, every moment of every day? Affection through touch, through words, through kindness and yet absorbing him in your creative energies all through every interaction with every male, everywhere? Could this be possible? Can a woman be a goddess and a mother dynamically in every situation? Even as you question this, you KNOW this to be true and correct. So go claim your own magnificence and beauty, O Goddess, O Mother, and spread your light each and every divine way possible, wherever you are, however you are and claim yourself as both, never again to be put down for anything or anyone, for you are the creator and the play within the creation too. So go forth, and within, and just, play!


All Light and No Love?


Once again, so many light workers out there, trying to spread “light” without any “love” in it? How are you doing so far, lightworker ? Without any of that sparkle of love, that you were born with? One that got crushed and trampled all over; or so you think? How does it feel to have your light shine over and over, and yet in your most private moments, you feel incomplete? Unloved? Uncared for? And what is the point of all that light work, when you cannot even shine a flicker of a candle of light, for yourself? For you own life ? For that very heart that beats within you, unconditionally, all your life? What use is all of that lightwork?

Begin today. Begin here and now. There is no tomorrow or yesterday, so you claim with a tallness of your light, so why not embrace it fully yourself? Why not have the love that you have, through the vehicle of which you did shine your light in the first place? What is with you shutting down your own beautiful heart? Where did you lose sight of your own love? Yes, that one, that shines inside your heart? What about shining that for YOU, and just out of pure joy, just for you? Not for someone else. For YOU for a change? Why don’t you have poetries that are waiting to burst out of you, in a million words, flow; once again. Why don’t you have the love pour out through your body, that you so conveniently have labelled lust and tried to “move on” shutting out your own becoming; one that you came to experience on this planet in the first place! Why don’t you own your heart, rather than scattering your being all over the place, and let love surge in your veins and blood and bones, once gain. And this time; don’t let it go; rather let it flow in you, through you, outside of you, inside of you; without any judgement or your great preconceived notions and verbiage of what that love should look like or feel like? Are you truly ready for such an adventure of a lifetime? If you say you are, let us give this intent now and see if it gives you the goosebumps, shall we?


and so embrace that love. And know that love is the cocoon, the egg, from within your heart from where your true self emerges. One that will truly bring a wholeness of light with love, to all that you know. But as always, it has to begin with self. You. Yes, YOU! Open that lotus within your heart, which shines like a million moons, through the grace and brilliance of your soul, which knows only love. The dream of the heart. Yours. Call it. Embrace it. With all of you. Become it. And it will change forever what you know as light work. It will bring grace and beauty, love and compassion, to all that you are doing as a form of light work, healing, restoration, working with humanity in any way at all. This is a clarion call to all hearts that are ready to be opened. For we are all one.

The Darkness of Lightworkers


Its everywhere isn’t it ?! What is it that troubles you lightworker ? Low self worth? Are you seeking light, to run from your own low self image? What do you see in the mirror? An aging body? Do you see those wrinkles? So you see that sagging body giving a host of problems? Did you seek spirituality as a means of discovering all those real life solutions to real life problems calling them 3D and Karma? And now a little crack in that window has been opened and you are going around like a wild monkey, preaching and teaching others haan? Peeping into other side can be like that…. maybe its the excitement of possibilities of who you are is exciting you? And at the same time, the darkness of all that is your physical reality is chasing you around like a hunted blind animal at night?! Are you still busy putting down others around you? your spouse, kids, boss, family, relatives? Are you able to be compassionate to them in one second and be an angry vicious lion in the next and not able to comprehend what the hell is going on? Am I a lightworker or a freakin darkworker? Or are both the same good old me?

Duality is chasing all light workers and dark workers alike. Doesn’t even matter now if you think the latter term is derogatory or not. In fact it doesn’t even matter whatever term you use or don’t use…multidimensional, unidimensional, parallel lives, planes of existence, parallel realities and all these terms you tout so much never even understanding that wrinkles on the face or the tired look you face each time you avoid looking in the mirror do you? Duality my dear. Is it getting to you, like rest everyone around? The higher you rise in vibration, the lower you seem to fall in an endless pit of low self worth and feeling like a piece of shit, are you? The tides of vibrations are shifting under your very feet lightworker….oh spiritual glorious being of god… you are being loved every moment…are you hearing the voice inside you yet… or is it tossing you about like a leaf in the wind? Can you accept your low self worth? can you even acknowledge that your own propensity of putting your own brothers and sisters down just so you can call yourself a higher vibrational being. Is “higher vibration” and “lower vibration” still your mantra? And so you use that as a weapon to judge and separate yourself even more from those around you, and yes …again there is the mirror mirror on the wall isn’t there? Bad financial problems? and preaching Law of Attraction to the entire world are you, charging them for teaching, what does not show up in your own bank account are you? Who are you fooling? Aren’t you stuck in the same reality as the lower vibrational being that you so conveniently avoid at all costs ? Where is your true beacon of light oh dear lightworker? All your sensitivity to lower vibration is of no use unless you can stand in your own worth, without putting down anyone around you, is there? you know this very well deep down don’t you, even if you conceal it in the house of your crystals, and all the healing you propose to do on others, being of deep wounds from past lives yourself ? Yes, ,I am addressing your very darkness right now aren’t I? How does it feel to be the lowliest of creatures, preaching to the choir here about things you really don’t believe or even have perception of, just a brief glimpses of things here and there, and yet you are afraid to be vulnerable aren’t you with that taxi driver or the very students you preach to or feel higher than ?

There are all of you running around feeling like mini gods and goddesses and claiming this and that, and yet simple duality of everyday, the great equalizer of life, death, bad complexion, aging, health, is getting to you isn’t it? what do you do with that duality? You tried to stamp it, trample over it, rub it, erase it, dissolve it, move past it and all ways you could, didn’t you? Why can’t you just start by being normal for a change again? Is that too small for you now? Are your feet too big a size, now, that you won’t fit with the rest of the humanity, hiding in closet of your darkness, while rest of humanity bathes you, clothes you, feeds you, provides you electricity, and you claim all of these people to be low vibrational, ignorant beings? How is that high handedness working out for the abundance you teach? Or the NLP or coaching you profess to have? Duality still chasing you around more than you can handle with all your far out vibrations, the bookish knowledge and techniques to con people of their money, all the while….looking in that mirror on the wall of your own bathroom…and what do you see yet again?? An aging body, and a worthless self, taking revenge on all those who made you feel small when you were a kid, are you? ┬áHave you yet made peace with your parents, relatives, brothers and sisters, spouse, kids, boss? Truly. Have you? Or are you learning about love and forgiveness, giving intents which have no heart value in them…just a mouthpiece of fancy words and quoting catch phrases from all outdated philosophers and masters of the old? What is your own? have you dared to bring yourself out naked and play with everyone? Or are you still too small to take the assistance of someone smarter than you, even be it lightworker or master or prophet? Don’t you yet have words of your own wisdom or are you busy touting around old words in a new phrase, like dressing up an old lady in new clothes? Where are you in all of this dear lightworker? Duality still chasing you is it?

Is compassion still a problem for you? Are you able to provide from your gut and heart, true compassion to every person that passes you by? Are you able to lay your hand on your brother, doesn’t matter what they look like , and be loving beyond all your fancy definitions? Is something still holding you back even at such a basic level? After crossing so many barriers of your old self, isn’t such a basic thing a given? What stops you from taking that brave step forward, saying who you are, why you are, and give full expression to all those around you? Are you still hiding from everyone? You’ve been killed in the past for showing enlightenment and now you’re still hiding lightworker aren’t you? Why? Afraid of getting burnt at stake yet again? Or shot by a squad? Afraid of death still ? Duality of death still getting to you, in spite of all the multidimensionality you claim, oh wise one? Afraid of ridicule and insults are you still? Oh hiding lightworker, come out and play…for if you truly have light inside you, shouldn’t you be clearing out darkness even as you walk on the dirt of the earth? What is keeping you from expression? Full on expression of all that you are.

What do I do with this duality? You ask. Let it be where it is. Let the aging body while you look at yourself in the bathroom, be what it is. Does everything need to fit in your world to everything else? Are you that obsessive compulsive of solving or making everything fit into everything else, while the rest of the world is chugging along on its own merry wheels? Stop trying to fit into everything or running away from others. Stop being so selective of low or high vibrations. Just mingle. Lose yourself in the world. If you have the light and you’re really a lightworker, it should not bother you, for the love of god is right there with you under your feet isn’t it? or is god still hanging around somewhere above clouds and you’re a worthless piece of shit on earth? Where is your god light worker? Is it inside? Then why the low self worth problems ? Why are you not able to laugh from your gut at everything, freely mingle and associate with the world, smile and be truly joyful and free? Time to see things for what they are, and accept grandness of who you are, without barriers or trying to solve your own duality. Let everything be. And you be you, with everything you’ve got going on. Come out and play!

The Cauldron Of Humanity

Have you ever really looked at the multitudes of colors, cultures, religion of humanity that exists upon the planet and wondered what indeed, is it really all worth for and more so, where is it truly headed for? The human is the same. Same biology, chemistry, bones and blood inside. The variations only come in physical appearances like height, structure of facial bones, hair, color of eyes, blood types and other types of attributes, but the type of human is the same all over the planet. And so we have one type of human, 7 billion odd of them, living in varied looks and physical places all over the planet! And perhaps the human is the only mammal on the planet, who has this ability to live and adjust to just about any climatic condition that exists on the planet to, right from the cold of siberia to the heat of the sahara and they have lived through generations in such conditions of extremity too. And so the richness and variety that humanity has today, in this, what we call humanity is enormous, just in terms of experience of physical living, let alone all the other aspects. So let us pause for these moments and have a look at where humanity is headed, as a whole, as a collective, in respect to the new energies that are here and is moulding the very structure and blood of humanity and how it affects everything within out outlook, feelings, and even our future generations.

Humanity, for long, has lived under cocoons of tribes and pockets of civilizations that existed in various parts of the world, up until the recently when they started traveling a lot around the world, sailing in ships and then eventually the jets. What is happening to humans in various cultures as a result of this expose that they were not the only ones, let alone looking different and very different cultures, staring into one another’s eyes? First came fear and apprehension, for each ones eyes, looked deep and equally firmly rooted within the grasp of their identity, their associations with what they would call good and bad and the rest of it. So the duality came first. Survival instincts. And so of course, began the conquering, armies, battle, bloodshed and this attitude of survival was planting seeds of hatred, differences, domination, insecurity and separatism all around, in every race and all the multitudes of variety of humans, who looked into the eyes of the other, since those first days. So we see how humanity has all along been projecting this sense of insecurity and survival instinct all along, because of this. Every country and culture develops one set of eyes and looks at another country and labels, judges, casts opinions, has even talk shows these days on TV and media, all of this, just a projection of perceptions, of the set of humans in that country, as a collective making survival choices. What is it that truly threatens each of them? That they would be wiped out of the planet? You can see many leaders of countries use this very premise- If we do not eliminate them, eventually there will be no more left of our type?! There it is for you to look at, how survival instinct is buried in all the political leader talk too. And it even goes to all other educational and religious doctrine. For the power structures within a group of humans within a country must pervade all their texts, belief systems, governance ways and laws, social sciences etc to match this new threat of survival that they feel. It is a very real feeling of duality, this survival consciousness. They are not imagining anything here for a moment, so please do not disregard or judge any of the humans, may be in your country’s history, who have this monstrous attitude, looking from your perception. And so all along, the focus was on survival and which promoted all the differences and separatism that you see in the world today. Humans have never really accepted the existence of the different physical characteristics of humans that live here, on planet earth. We seem to have a difficult time with that, and if you are one that is constantly programmed by media like TV, even this very message might seem suspicious to you! And so the initial feelings of survival and the resulting wars, conquering and bloodshed, morphed later into more sophisticated form of domination and control, in the form of monetary battles. These took on the form of corporations, trading and banking that you see around today. The nature and rules of the battle remaining the same, the form has altered. And so the essence here is the same, if you are following the energy right there. Is it any wonder to you, that the darkness of living under survival mode has not really transited into the light of living as a divine human at all. For there would be simply no place to put divinity of the human in a circle of division and duality now is there?! Many humans all around the globe have seen this divinity inherent in human, seen this survival struggle that humanity seems to be locked in, given profound truths, written books about it, you can find it and read it too, if your association with your culture is strong. Yet these were far and few between, even though they played their part too. All this was up until now.

Then the shift is upon us, and has been for quite a while, and is accelerating at a daily rate now. These energies are one of human enablement as a divine being of true free choice and mastery. And since mastery has no room for survival instincts in there, the new energies have started to crumble every known structure around, starting from governments to banking institutions. You can see it all around you in the middle east now. Earlier it started with the soviet union. And there will be many more to follow. For each culture, each country now, within its own boundaries, with its own people is creating this mastery and understanding of their own humanity, rather than playing the blame game, politics and wars with others around them. Why would this surprise you, since mastery itself, is all about oneself and not the other person. And so humanity also acts in much the same way collectively, as you do individually, if you noticed! Humans everywhere, within their own borders are looking within themselves, what they truly want, beyond survival, moving into divinity in the form of free thought, true freedom from all old structures of dominant governance and leaderships. And so the breakdown phase is in full swing now and will continue to be, everywhere, for quite a while, till humans begin, in every country, within their own borders, begin to evolve into a practical comfort zone of living their everyday life, without fear of survival or a rat race that generations of them have lived like. This is known and is not new. Only now, the energies of the very ground they stand on is promoting it all about. So neither do you as an individual need any more drama in your life and so as a collective of your called your fellow countrymen need it any longer at the same time! And so each of you, goes out to the street, marches, claims back the mastery that was there all along, this time to move beyond anything that any human ever thought possible. Why? For you are creating it all as you go. That is what masters do is it not? And so if you imagine 7 billion odd masters dwelling upon the beautiful garden called earth as a potential future where the earth is headed, the scenario around you today, the 7 O Clock news isn’t doing much to promote that view does it?! So these were the collective energies, human with humans, from their own Akash, within their own borders, children from their own loins, bringing about the change in the very salt of the earth, that was theirs, as their own Akashic inheritance, claiming it once again, that is happening all around, esoterically speaking. But we were speaking all along about esoterics, or were we?!

Let us now examine some more interesting aspects of the cultural bridges, humanity merging into one another across boundaries, that is already unfolding, but will continue to accelerate and go places, once again, that you might not have considered even remotely possible! And let us bring esoteric aspects to this too, just to make it slightly more complex, for we love complex things, as humans do we not?! For now, the rubber meets the road as you might put it! What happens as humans, ordinary humans, with their own desires, and choices, move to various parts of the world, cultures to explore, taste and experience, breaking out of all their cultural trappings and being adventurous, so to speak? What happens when two humans, with their own depths of Akashic inheritance even of those very cultures, who have now been in other races, in their lifetimes earlier, desire to stay in other countries, simply because their Akash is waking up and they feel more connected to, more comfortable somehow in those other countries, although their current skin, body and inheritance genealogy is quite different or radically different from the other country? Even there, just consider what vibrations they would bring, from their own personal Akash, to the crystalline grid of that place that they now walk on?! So we have an Akashic blending going on, within the crystalline grid, as humans of various countries, jet around to different countries, have their own deja vu about “being there sometime, being familiar” with lands that their own ancestors have never been too, but feeling a strange connection there, powerful enough to visit a number of times, maybe even stay there, make a living there, anchoring the ancestry from their lands, into the crystalline grid of the new country that they now choose to reside in! Let us extend this even a bit further. What happens, when two humans, of two different cultures, especially the ones that have been let us take extremes, for they are more profound here, like arab and a jew for example, who have been warring and killing one another for generations, move to a country like america or india for example and meet there, fall in love and get married and mate?! Out come a few kids who now have what?! They have the combined Akashic Lineage of two rich cultures, with huge depth, knowledge and wisdom of both combined! Even if you consider genetics as a science, which currently does not recognize anything like an Akash, will tell you, that crossbreeding, inter-racial breeding creates a far better chance of having an offspring with better intelligence, qualities of both the races than breeding within the race itself. So the Akashic heritage of those children are now more deeper, more rich and vast than the two parents who individually came from different places, just fell in love and decided to get married and have a life! This is happening more common than you think as you read this even now. Go to any international airport, and see the multitudes of cultures of humans present there and you can have a beginning of the possibilities of this. The countries that promote democracy and individual rights for sometime now, have become the actual breeding ground for such depths to emerge within the Akash itself. If we stretch this concept to the collective Akash of humanity itself, we cannot even begin to imagine the complexity that such scenarios which are now evolving, will bring about, does it not?! You can say, it is the interbreeding of the Akash itself! All just born of simple, everyday humans, living their lives, paying their bills, going to work, building their families as they go, now with a different “flavoring” to the whole dish of humanity itself! And so, the new energies are also bringing about a richer, more vast, more complex human akashic inheritance itself. And they produce children of new consciousness and enablement that you and I probably only dreamed of!

Getting back to the practical aspect, and even leaving the Akashic esoterics behind for a second, what do you feel would the planet look like, when everyone is staying at all kinds of countries? What is the scenario of human from each country, staying wherever they like, build families with the significant other from any other, and to zoom out and look at the picture from afar, you have a completely mixed humanity now?! So you have all races, colors, heights, type of cultures, all over the planet? There would be then no differences to fight over now, would their be? What kind of differences would there be, for example, when simple humans everywhere, are talking to everyone and are finding out, that each one is identical to them, doesn’t matter how they look like, or what they believe in? Dream? Fantasy? you might say. But if you need a reality check, just go to your nearest international airport and watch. And this is done easier, faster, by countries, that are breaking the walls of their own creation right now, and moving into individual freedoms, all on their own. It will catch up with the rest in no time. For the energies are accelerating in a geometric progression. So walk away from this message knowing that things which cannot even be counted or explained are about to transpire and yet you even know this in your gut right now, that this is where it is all headed, is it not?

Knowledge, Wisdom and Love

Knowledge is in the purview of your mind, reasoning and logic. All that humans have ever created on this planet, in the way of sciences, be they human sciences, understanding the physical reality in terms of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy etc are all born out of this ability of human being to translate their consciousness into a string of words, language and linear explanation, which then becomes knowledge. Haven’t you noticed how much acceleration even this learning curve, so to speak, has shot up, since the discovery of the atom, which is so new, just from the beginning of 1900s perhaps, which is just about a 100 years? In the scheme of a larger time frame of thousands or millions of years, this time frame itself is insignificant? Be that as it may, let us then talk of knowledge itself, for it lends to us, the tools of not only becoming more comfortable and in control of our surroundings, but also the transfer and promoting all the learnt knowledge itself, by means of language, as information to the next generation of humans, who then use this gift, to create a newer and more well understood sciences, more knowledge and a better understanding than the generations before. And so knowledge has its own place within the context of humanity, while in a linear way. And then is it any surprise to you, that humans have praised knowledge itself, they laude the souls who graduate from universities, who work in the field of knowledge enhancement, like scientists, doctors, engineers and so on. The honoring of souls, with an honoring of knowledge itself, who pursue fields in educating themselves and pursuing knowledge of any kind, is part and parcel of humanity, and has always been that way, has it not? And this is beautiful. Honouring of that which is helping each and every human being on the planet, for their next generations to come, solving the puzzles of physical knowledge of things around us, that surge human enablement, to an ever increasing potential of new discoveries, all the time. The human that worked through late hours, creating the first light bulb, through trials, physical challenges and the rest of it, and finally creating that, which helped to illuminate some poor farmer’s house in a remote village in India or Africa for example. Do you see, just for this moment, as you read this, that what you create, as a human fired and inspired by field of any science or knowledge that you are, that what you create, you have very little idea with now, of just where or how far it reaches in its potential, do you? And so the honoring of this aspect of humanity itself is appropriate is it not? And isn’t it ironical, that all souls with this gauntlet of knowledge often find themselves asking the question, what is it I can do better about this? What part of this puzzle am I not seeing clearer? And they work on it, in appropriate ways to their lives. Asking questions about that, which no one before them would ask, daring to cross mental boundaries of their knowledge forefathers, who left them with their life’s work, for they did as much as they could, leaving them an inheritance to carry the torch of knowledge further from where they left off? And it is beautiful.

Wisdom has a more human aspect to it and not necessarily does it study the physical aspects of world around, like Knowledge would. All that humans call wise can be translated to mean, more responsible, is it not? Although it is not the kind of responsibility that is preached or can be taught by means of a language at all, is it not? And you see this, constantly between any older and younger generation, even within a family for example. You can see the older generation trying their best to pass on the wisdom that is theirs, through their own lives, to their child and even though the linearity of the language is there, even though the knowledge is there, somehow, the wisdom never gets passed on, does it? This is a woe of so many parents, who read this, for they would love to see the children, somehow, take on all the wisdom of theirs and implant it onto their children, so they do not spend their lives and precious moments therein, to relearn all that they did, by the way of their own wisdom. So that they maybe more happy, by skipping those steps that lead them to acquire that wisdom. But since wisdom goes beyond knowledge itself, into the human realms, is it any surprise to you, that all wisdom, comes from experience and not from linear language, which would give knowledge, but never the wisdom which goes beyond knowledge? In some ways then, you could say, that from the realms of knowledge, of learning, of using the mind in its faculties we are now moving onto an area where, even moments, where that knowledge was acquired by the human, now constitutes wisdom. It is not just about the knowledge that the human is acquiring, but the human himself or herself who is doing the acquiring of it, in each of those moments, that would come within the fold of that person’s wisdom, does it not? So wisdom is happening all of the time with each human being on this planet. Age becomes irrelevant then, in this scope, since wisdom does not need knowledge, but experience itself. Wisdom only builds upon experience. So even the infant who just burnt his little fingers, touching hot food, has acquired some wisdom about that fact, with, further on, without any language or teaching, he will not do the next time. So one aspect of wisdom is experiential. Wisdom is also learnt, but only by experience. And since knowledge itself becomes an integral part of learning exercise, wisdom wraps around that too, but it is larger in context of humans themselves. And it is individual. Each and every one has to grow into wisdom of their own, for it is only gained from their experience and not from any teaching or language itself. Is it any surprise to you then, that all the wisdom of the ages is there, written for each and every human who can read, in each culture and race, for their next generation to read, in the form of scriptures, texts, philosophies etc and yet, the next generation of humanity relearns it all from scratch, probably puts their proverbial fingers into the fire, yet again, to learn the shoulds and the should nots of it all?! And so you might read all the books out there, all the wisdom from authors, spiritual people and the rest of them, and yet go out, and have an argument with someone in moments after you have read it, do you not? For reading about wisdom and even knowing at some level, that those words are very wise, does not make you somehow acquire them and make them permanently your own for you to use it, in practical, everyday life way, does it? And so this makes wisdom a thing that most humans really do not like, for they want to have shortcuts to everything! Each of you, would like the wisdom of the ages, right now, if you had to wave a magic wand, do you not?! So the very thought of having to go through the grind of life, so to speak, to acquire this invisible, elusive thing called wisdom, seems to be a puzzle to so many! Why do I have to make so many mistakes over and over again to really get it, so many ask?! Or why did I not learn it the first time itself, one asks after making the same mistake for the 100th time, but this time, learning it and getting out of it completely? If you can learn it from the 99th time of repeating that mistake, you could have very well learnt it the first time too, is it not? And this brings about an interesting aspect here, is that many humans you might have noticed, make mistake only once and move on. They never seem to hang on to things. Are they wiser now? Or are they childish to just run away from things? Only the individual knows, isnt it? There is no real rule by the book here, for wisdom is unique to the individual and can never be really linearised to a book. Is it any wonder to you then, that no matter how many volumes about god or spirituality you write or talk about, that no one really would become any wiser because of it, but it has to touch them, from their own depths? Although there is one aspect of wisdom that is transferable too! Not by books, not by preaching on the podium, but in a different way altogether, and which is not in 3D. Have you even sat beside a true master, a spiritual master or a true yogi and just enjoyed the experience of being next to them? Just sitting in silence next to them and nothing else? What if you were to sit beside your prophet or your master right now, what would it feel like to you? You feel their wisdom, do you not? Even without them uttering a word you would. You can say, you feel their wisdom. You can see it in many strangers eyes as you walk by in your streets too. You can look into their eyes, or walk by them and you can feel their peace and serenity that comes out of their wisdom, do you not? This is not linear at all is it? Some of them might even speak very simple sentences to your seemingly complex problems of life, and yet you feel the profundity in their words, do you not? And so the depth is not in the words, but it is something that vibrates your very cells, with a remembrance of what you truly desire in your heart, is it not? So we move from knowledge, which is linear, to wisdom which then, becomes a non linear method of transmission itself, isn’t it?

Love is. Love is the is-ness of everything that knowledge and wisdom have within them and goes beyond even them, does it not? Do humans who focus on knowledge have love? Oh yes, they do! They love what they are doing, as they are doing it. Do wise people have love? Oh yes they do! They too are loving every experience that comes their way, and they feel more loved, every step of the way, as more and more is revealed to them, each waking moment that they walk. So you might way, love is the cauldron in which all this stew is being cooked, is it not? It is the very vessel of all human experience and purpose then, is it not? You can focus and compartmentalize love, if you wish to, and say I only love this or I only love that and that is ok and appropriate for you. You can unfocus love and say I love all that comes my way, if you wish to, and that too, is as appropriate for you as the next person is it not? So love then, just becomes, what is, for it is physical at the same time non physical. It is quantum, at the same time it is limited, depending upon how you choose to perceive or receive it, does it not? Is it any surprise to you then, that some people around you, seem to be basking in love most of the time, in their life, and yet others do not? Is it their perception that is limiting their ability to receive love? Many times so, as you might have noticed, for they seem to be the kind of ones who would compartmentalize love itself, saying this is love and that is not love. Such an attitude of separation, is the very thing that would keep them from the very love they desire, as you might have noticed many times. Many times, you can see your best friend and what they would love too, and yet that very friend seems to be resisting that love. So they are keeping that love from themselves are they not? This is one of the things about love that troubles so many. They try to compartmentalize love, put it in boxes and call this love and that not love, not realizing, that whatever they have put outside the scope of love, will limit their own capacity to feel love. And because the universe itself is biased in love, it keeps bringing those very things to their life over and over again, so that they would love it finally and put it within their framework of all things they love. So is it possible that all we humans need to do, is adding more and more things on our love list? What would happen if you did that? Well for one thing, you would stop hating or not loving or creating opposites of love of more and more things and people around you, is it not? If love is unifying, then the very idea of separating or compartmentalizing is an antithesis to it, is it not? If love is the is-ness itself, then you can be focussed and unfocussed about love itself is it not? Which means, you can love one thing at a time and in the very next moment you can love many things too, does it not? And many times you have found yourself, bouncing around in love of different things. Many times different loves at different times in your day, months and years of your life perhaps. The feeling is the same, the objectification might be different. Just like the feeling of knowledge or the feeling of wisdom. And yet love runs like a thread through both, is it not? So if love is that common thread of unity that we can use, as humanity, what would be the possibilities, that lie before us, collectively, as a society, if we start releasing the ideas of structure around love, like love has to be this way or that and just let it flow everywhere and anywhere at all. What if we decide, individually, even in your life, as you leave this message, to just let love be everywhere around you, to hover around you, in you, in each and every moment of your life? What would happen then? For we just said, it is both individual and collective, so you have as much power as an individual as does the collective. And so as you decide, to release love from shackles of singularity and calling this or that as true love and excluding something else as love, your scope of loving increases and because love is, what it is, your capacity to love itself increases exponentially. This is the benevolence of the creation itself, that a high vibrating aspect such as love, can multiply upon itself and increase itself, without any external need or presence. Is it any wonder to you then, that when you feel that love within you, that you randomly start loving so many other things all at once and even though none of it makes sense to you in your linear mind, for your heart, it is all well, and everything is just perfect and ok in those moments?! Many call this love insanity, for it does not make sense to a rational mind to be in love at all. For love is not linear, as you might have already guessed.

And so what will you take away from here? Would it be more knowledge? Would it be more wisdom? Would it be more love? Would it be more knowledge about wisdom and love? Or would it be more wisdom about knowledge and love? Or would it be more love about wisdom, knowledge and love? As you see, each will do their own, and it is perfect the way it is, is it not? Its a good time to celebrate your life with all the love that is right there, everywhere for you, just waiting for you to see it then, is it not?

Evolution of Consciousness

Have you ever wondered, why some ideas enter your mind only at certain points in your life and were not there before? Why is it that some ideas, concepts even for your everyday things, happen only at certain times in your life and you wished you had them before, so you would not have made so many mistakes as you did before to get to where you are now? Well, in a dichotomy of sorts, if you did not make those very mistakes you did, your consciousness would not have had the wisdom to be where you are and to draw those very answers that you truly were seeking? Could it be then, that consciousness itself evolves? Indeed, it is all there is and is happening all of the time. Humanity, till now, only assumed that only biology evolves. The classical Darwinian model of evolution only focuses on the biological evolution and aspects of it like survival of fittest etc. So it has only half the picture in there.

Consciousness is not biology. In fact, consciousness drives biology itself. Something that the evolving human consciousness has to recognize as as science in itself, put it within the scope of science and study it, like all true science should do. Indeed, consciousness or life force or prana or chi or ki or as many other names that many ancients called it by, is the driver that drives the engine of biology itself. Isn’t it odd, that most of those in science will call this a humbug, a hogwash, and yet will go on to have their food in the form of meat, vegetables etc which all have consciousness in them that builds and integrates with the consciousness of humans? It cannot be any other way, for if everything has consciousness, in varying degrees, only then it has the ability to support human consciousness itself is it not? It is how consciousness can control and change matter itself. It is also indeed, how matter changes itself too. For consciousness, in humans as well as in the so called inanimate matter, exists in varying degrees of evolution. And each gets “the new idea” only when it is appropriate for it and evolves, moves into a higher state. And what follows is more learning, more becoming and more joy and bliss in the process itself. You can say, it is joy, unfolding into a greater joy and you would be right about that! So if biology is the engine and consciousness is the driver, there has to be a third energy that allows, so to speak for the whole car to move, does it not?

This third attribute is the fuel itself. Without the fuel in the car, the car simply does not move, no matter how good the driver or how fabulous the engine itself. This fuel which moves the consciousness, everywhere is information. We can understand that even if your consciousness is supreme, that while you are here in corporeal form, even just in physical, you need are dependent on the fuel of information to proceed, to move forward. When you have the information(the fuel) and your consciousness (the driver) and your biology (the engine) you can move things, go to places, make things happen, change things around you, with you, with other people, with the so called inanimate things etc. Now we would, in normal circumstances attribute all this to humans and it makes a cute metaphor and we are happy with that explanation. But once we get to the so called inanimate objects, the atoms themselves, and even postulate for a moment, that they are also holding a consciousness to some degree, in some dimension, then it is obvious that even their “biology” or structure must be getting information from somewhere, somehow, is it not?! So if each atom is getting its information from a mysterious source and even our own biology is made of trillions upon trillions of atoms and we are a consciousness which is embedding within itself, the same number of little consciousnesses all together, it becomes an extremely complex mechanism of symbiosis, does it not? If this is complicated or absurd, try this one. It is well known in medicine and biology of today, that within our body, there are trillions of bacteria that live within us, in our stomach, intestines, lymph nodes etc, which are all needed by the body, for they are symbiotic to our internal living environment and something that is food to them, is waste to our body and vice versa, so it is a harmonious relationship going on, silently, inside of each of us, all the time. This is known and accepted by science of today as the truth. And yet it was unbelievable sometime ago in history. Now we live it and accept it everyday. Well, soon enough, we shall see the attribute within the atomic structure itself, and no matter how absurd this sounds to you now, in much the same way, we shall accept it as the truth very soon. For human consciousness is evolving, changing, very quickly. Could it be, that this shift in human consciousness too, is coming about, by those very atoms, vibrating differently and the atoms evolving too? Could it be, that that evolution is infact has the driving information that catalyzes even human consciousness residing within the human body itself? Could it be, that this is what ascension, the shift etc are all about?

So consciousness evolves. In essence then, what does it evolve into? Does it change? Or does it become more? Again as a simple metaphor that we started with, which is the easiest here to follow, in much the same way, as you are different now than before, you got certain ideas that entered your consciousness, at specific times and places that you did not have access too before. And you know very well, that even if you did actually have that information before, you did not have the maturity or the wisdom to use it properly too. Look at humanity for example, how many sciences we discovered are being weaponized and used for destruction rather than for the good of humanity. In much the same way, even if you had the idea before you would not know how to use it, much less the value for what you did receive in the form of an idea. So you can say, it is a synchronized timing of you meeting your next best idea, at the right place, at the right time, in the perfect way. And why is that a perfect way? Simply because an idea arrives when it is time to use it in a perfect way too. Isn’t it obvious that perfectness takes care of itself, simply because it is perfect in itself? In much the same way, your consciousness has been evolving into ideas, that you needed, be it physical, mental, emotional or related to earthly goals and needs of your life. So what is it that troubles humans in between that point where they are shouting and screaming for a solution in their lives and some years later when it arrives and they wished they had it before? Trust. There is an acute lack of trust that an idea will arrive when it needs to, where it needs to. There is a difference between the way human mind works, and divine mind works and it is simply this: Human mind can create, draw things upon itself, just to hang it on the shelf, see it sitting pretty there in your living room, just for decoration, just to feel good. Divine mind only sees the next step in evolution and brings you those things you need in your life, when it is necessary and you need those tools, that person, be in that place and as many say, being at the right place at the right time because it is necessary in the next step in evolution of the consciousness. Divine mind is not interested in decorating your living room. Divine mind is interested in what you are becoming and what you are here to do. And so your earthly ideas of success and failure, goals, careers, businesses etc are all redundant in the eyes of the divinity itself, is it not? So try not to waste your time, thinking about why some are successful and some are not, some are rich and others poor and so on, for all the quantum steps, necessary in the evolution of human consciousness itself, as individual, and as a collective are needed and are there for a reason too.

And so the next steps in human consciousness evolvement are in progress, even as this message is being delivered. This is not the first message of this type too, for many books have been written about it, but each has its own flavor and taste. And you will find, perhaps, that this evolving human consciousness of today has a flavor about it, that is reaching out to quantum energies, quantum fields and touching parts of their quantum self. And it feels uncomfortable in the beginning in much the same way as adopting to a new house or a new lifestyle, but as one settles into it more and more, in other words as the evolution continues, one finds, that it is natural to oneself. It feels like love. It feels like home. It feels like peace and knowingness. And it is ok. And you dont question that do you?

Your Higher Self

This has been so confused in so many spiritual circles and with lightworkers, so I would like to give some aspects for you to hear. It is not necessary that you understand then, for, once again, this is not in linearity at all and it is a multidimensional aspect of you that listens, truly that is all there is to it. It is no mystery here. These are all truths that you have always known, at some level. So let us discuss.

Your higher self, is the higher vibrating aspect of you. It is not above you, it is not away from the “lower” you. Your higher self, knows everything about you, what you do, each moment of each day and is always with you. Even saying it is with you, is a linearity, for it IS you. It is not even an aspect of you, for it is the totality of you. The totality of you, here on earth, and all the lives you have lived here. So your higher self, knows your Akash completely. And your higher self never leaves you, ever. It is you. It is the divine you. You could say, that your higher self is you, which is divine, which longs to communicate with the 3D you, here in corporeal body, living your everyday life, paying bills, working, playing, singing, cooking, doing the dishes, laundry, making career goals etc. For it is in all of this, with you, all the time. You can say, it is your angelic self, but an earthly companion, so each time you arrive on earth, your higher self is your partner in everything from cradle to grave. Every single lifetime that you live here or are ever going to live here on this planet. This is, in its essence what the higher self really is. In its simplicity. Now, the implications are enormous for each soul, as you can imagine. Let us discuss some practical aspects, of what it might feel like, when you start touching your higher self and what it may feel like, although this is a generic explanation only. Do not assume that if such things are not happening with you, that you are off track. Each soul is unique so is each higher self of that soul. Just the way each path is unique.

What happens, when you start touching the higher parts of you? What, indeed, is a higher vibration, you might ask? There are aspects of you that are divine, those moments when you feel connected with the world around you, like love, compassion, passion, joy, bliss, ecstasy etc. Each soul knows this within their deepest intuitive level, so it does not really need much explanation. None of this needs any explanation, for each of you is this. All this is, is an expose. At the same time, within corporeal body, each of you has a survival, duality aspect too, as we have spoke on in other messages. Both of these aspects of you exist simultaneously. Why can’t I feel my higher self? What do I have to do to get to the higher self? It is a rhetorical question of sorts, for the higher self, is just that. It is a self. It is you. It is not a place you go to. It is not a goal to be achieved. It is not a movement in time or space. It is just you, vibrating higher. Does that mean, when I am in love, or joy or compassion, in am with my higher self? Yes! Indeed you are, and you know you are too! Those powerful moments of love, compassion, joy that you experience in your life, are the moments, when you are vibrating at the same level as your higher self. And when you get back to your survival mode, eat, drink, work etc, and such, you can literally feel yourself in those moments when you “descend” from that loving, pure connectedness state “down” to the earthly plane of existence, do you not? It is the reason for usage of the term “higher” self. Because you feel a powerful vibration within you, joy, ecstasy, love, chills running through your body, hair standing on ends, with joy which makes you weep like moments of reunion with your mate after a long time, like the mother having the first look at her new born child and there are just so many in each of your lives. I just wanted to present the energy of what it feels like to be with your higher self in simplistic terms. This has happened over and over again, through all humans, through all of humanity’s existence, for the higher self of you is that way, it longs to connect with you and stay connected, for it is the divine complement of you and it always vibrates high. So what is different now, you might ask?

In these new energies, the higher selves of many souls on the planet are being opened up to old souls, to start with. Not that others are not feeling it, they are, to varying degrees, for they may not be much into esoterics or spirituality at all, much less know any of these terms or the full aspects of them. But old souls on the planet, the ones who have been here so many times through so many lifetimes, in so many cultures, races, religion etc, taking turns in different genders, roles and understanding all soul aspects of human life upon earth, are the ones who integrate faster with their higher selves in these new energies. That is the difference. It is something like, the higher selves of each human on the planet is knocking that door to the corporeal self of each, but it is the old souls, that are opening that door and letting themselves be integrated with their higher selves. This light, this higher vibrational energies when they start integrating with the corporeal body, everything changes. Even the chemical balance in the blood, the sleep patterns, the eating/drinking patterns, the sense of balance, and there are so many you can research out there, in the list of “ascension” symptoms in so many websites. The whys and hows are not the subject here, but this is more of an expose of “what it feels like” so that those old souls who are going to read this, or are going through it, might draw a little more comfort in the fact that they are not alone in this unprecedented phenomena on the planet. That is right. It has never happened like this before on the planet, so you cannot go digging for it in old esoterics, for those civilizations never went through it at all. So when something unprecedented unfolds, it is quite a challenge to understand it, let alone accept it, is it not? In fact, many old souls are fighting this a lot too. For many feel invaded, intrusion of privacy so to speak? The feeling that they are never alone and there is someone watching them, is all because they are integrating with an aspect of themselves. There really is no “other”. It is all them. It is you. You with you. So why does it change chemistry and the corporeal aspects of me, you might ask? It is simple. When we say vibrating higher, it also means, that the very chemistry needed in the body, to hold these kind of emotions need to be balanced, adjusted and recalibrated to a new level. Your body chemistry vibrates in resonance to your emotional and mental states all the time. Haven’t you heard of the healthy mind in a healthy body before? Mind and body are always intricately linked and if you are going to start integrating with emotions like love, joy, bliss and compassion to a more degree, more amount of time as each day passes, and if the earth and all planetary energies are assisting and prodding upon those very energies of integration, it follows that body chemistry starts to adjust to hold those kinds of energies too. Is it any wonder to you, that you feel like eating, drinking different things than before? Being around the company of different sorts of people perhaps? Changing your lifestyle, your mate, your relationships perhaps? It is all happening in ways, that only your higher self understands and knows what you need and when you need it. So it is not something that your 3D corporeal body or logic can do the planning beforehand you see. Even if you see it logically, how can a multidimensional aspect which is far more larger a field of knowing, not know what is happening in 3D and guide you accordingly? It is silly even to consider it.

We spoke of love, joy and compassion as the emotional states that one integrates with, when touching higher self. Another aspect is thoughts and inspirations. These are mental aspects, which are really a resultant from the emotional aspect which are released first. How many of you are finding yourself very creative, ideas coming in all the time, of all types. How many of you are discovering new talents within you, that you never dreamed of existed at all. Some of you are becoming artists, learning new languages perhaps, painting new paintings, presenting new ideas and concepts perhaps. All these are releases from your higher selves, into your mental constructs. So you might say, that you are integrating mental concepts from your own higher self into your corporeal form and structure too, and you would be right about that one! Some are feeling that dormant energies within them are waking up all of a sudden. Maybe dreams, maybe psychic faculties, channelling, clairvoyance etc too. All of this stems from the chemical balancing and adjusting within the brain itself. You can say, many parts of the brain which have been sleeping for very long are now waking up suddenly within you. And it is integrating with your emotional state too. Both emotional and mental states are being balanced and moved in a graceful way. Balance is the key here, for any unbalance between the two would be detrimental to you and your higher self knows this completely and knows how to recalibrate you to a higher level in the most perfect way, in a way you can handle all the changes and releases that come along the way.

All this sounds well, but I am not an old soul and I do not connect to any of this message at all, I hear some say. Well, we spoke of human consciousness intent before. That is the key here. The new energies are promoting connecting with the higher self. You can say it is for sale! Are you going to stand around and miss the opportunity here or are you going to get on it, and make it happen for yourself?