divinity or drama


so much of human divinity, is dulled by drama, its amazing for me to see it every day, every hour almost. it is almost like, there is never a time, when there isn’t any of that. the human duality is really strong i must say!! there is the repeated talks of this and that, worries about this and that, all the rights and wrongs about this and that. to lace it all there are personal voices that echo through the being. the voices in the head. the feelings in the heart. all constituting so much of noise! and is it any wonder, that we search for peace. both outside and inside.

divinity can only be tuned into. it is not there by default. just like tuning into a radio station. one must go there with intent. and just intent isn’t enough. for humans have always that laundry list of things they want, desire need, wish, crave. so how does one go there? if at all. and does it take a guru, a spiritual leader, or a holy book to get you there? or could divinity be really that simple and accessible to your everyday hour, minute and second? one should ask a lot of questions about divinity. and who best to ask such questions about divinity, than divinity itself! doesn’t it make sense that one should ask about god TO god? no human is qualified enough in that department. because there is always that duality playing strings within the hearts and minds of humans. there is always that energy of doubt, skepticism and suspicion that lurks when even listening to divine truths isn’t there? and if indeed there is a divine, and it has been said everywhere, that divine is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient? then isn’t god everywhere, even here now with you, reading through you? in fact, if you really looked at it, try asking yourself in the thick of any drama that you are in at any time, “god is here watching all of this, so what would god make of this?” you might find that very soon, there won’t be much energy to carry on the drama, if you do it really sincerely.

and yet, human duality is always there. there is always the differences of opinions. there is always that mind, that doesn’t want to lose: even it be spiritual right and wrong ways to go about contacting god. fortunately for us, there is no battle in love. there is no disagreement in compassion and caring. there is no dissonance in appreciation of beauty. so why not start making your phone calls to god, in those moments. the moments when you’re in joy, in love, in compassion and caring. just start a conversation with your own divinity. you never know who or what might talk back  to you! and in what shape or form. or through whom or what. and if and when you do , you might then begin to realize that to know your own divinity feels right. it feels like the place to be. no justification needed. no special front row seats there. most importantly, no dramas or attitude. and you’ll feel it in your own way, your own time and just the way it feels right and comfortable to you. you don’t have to believe or accept anything. there is no controls and compulsion like the human fabricated ways of living. most of all there is no place for fear. can you imagine a place without fear inside of you? that is the only place with true peace. a peace without any understanding of why or how or who or what.