The Darkness of Lightworkers


Its everywhere isn’t it ?! What is it that troubles you lightworker ? Low self worth? Are you seeking light, to run from your own low self image? What do you see in the mirror? An aging body? Do you see those wrinkles? So you see that sagging body giving a host of problems? Did you seek spirituality as a means of discovering all those real life solutions to real life problems calling them 3D and Karma? And now a little crack in that window has been opened and you are going around like a wild monkey, preaching and teaching others haan? Peeping into other side can be like that…. maybe its the excitement of possibilities of who you are is exciting you? And at the same time, the darkness of all that is your physical reality is chasing you around like a hunted blind animal at night?! Are you still busy putting down others around you? your spouse, kids, boss, family, relatives? Are you able to be compassionate to them in one second and be an angry vicious lion in the next and not able to comprehend what the hell is going on? Am I a lightworker or a freakin darkworker? Or are both the same good old me?

Duality is chasing all light workers and dark workers alike. Doesn’t even matter now if you think the latter term is derogatory or not. In fact it doesn’t even matter whatever term you use or don’t use…multidimensional, unidimensional, parallel lives, planes of existence, parallel realities and all these terms you tout so much never even understanding that wrinkles on the face or the tired look you face each time you avoid looking in the mirror do you? Duality my dear. Is it getting to you, like rest everyone around? The higher you rise in vibration, the lower you seem to fall in an endless pit of low self worth and feeling like a piece of shit, are you? The tides of vibrations are shifting under your very feet lightworker….oh spiritual glorious being of god… you are being loved every moment…are you hearing the voice inside you yet… or is it tossing you about like a leaf in the wind? Can you accept your low self worth? can you even acknowledge that your own propensity of putting your own brothers and sisters down just so you can call yourself a higher vibrational being. Is “higher vibration” and “lower vibration” still your mantra? And so you use that as a weapon to judge and separate yourself even more from those around you, and yes …again there is the mirror mirror on the wall isn’t there? Bad financial problems? and preaching Law of Attraction to the entire world are you, charging them for teaching, what does not show up in your own bank account are you? Who are you fooling? Aren’t you stuck in the same reality as the lower vibrational being that you so conveniently avoid at all costs ? Where is your true beacon of light oh dear lightworker? All your sensitivity to lower vibration is of no use unless you can stand in your own worth, without putting down anyone around you, is there? you know this very well deep down don’t you, even if you conceal it in the house of your crystals, and all the healing you propose to do on others, being of deep wounds from past lives yourself ? Yes, ,I am addressing your very darkness right now aren’t I? How does it feel to be the lowliest of creatures, preaching to the choir here about things you really don’t believe or even have perception of, just a brief glimpses of things here and there, and yet you are afraid to be vulnerable aren’t you with that taxi driver or the very students you preach to or feel higher than ?

There are all of you running around feeling like mini gods and goddesses and claiming this and that, and yet simple duality of everyday, the great equalizer of life, death, bad complexion, aging, health, is getting to you isn’t it? what do you do with that duality? You tried to stamp it, trample over it, rub it, erase it, dissolve it, move past it and all ways you could, didn’t you? Why can’t you just start by being normal for a change again? Is that too small for you now? Are your feet too big a size, now, that you won’t fit with the rest of the humanity, hiding in closet of your darkness, while rest of humanity bathes you, clothes you, feeds you, provides you electricity, and you claim all of these people to be low vibrational, ignorant beings? How is that high handedness working out for the abundance you teach? Or the NLP or coaching you profess to have? Duality still chasing you around more than you can handle with all your far out vibrations, the bookish knowledge and techniques to con people of their money, all the while….looking in that mirror on the wall of your own bathroom…and what do you see yet again?? An aging body, and a worthless self, taking revenge on all those who made you feel small when you were a kid, are you? ┬áHave you yet made peace with your parents, relatives, brothers and sisters, spouse, kids, boss? Truly. Have you? Or are you learning about love and forgiveness, giving intents which have no heart value in them…just a mouthpiece of fancy words and quoting catch phrases from all outdated philosophers and masters of the old? What is your own? have you dared to bring yourself out naked and play with everyone? Or are you still too small to take the assistance of someone smarter than you, even be it lightworker or master or prophet? Don’t you yet have words of your own wisdom or are you busy touting around old words in a new phrase, like dressing up an old lady in new clothes? Where are you in all of this dear lightworker? Duality still chasing you is it?

Is compassion still a problem for you? Are you able to provide from your gut and heart, true compassion to every person that passes you by? Are you able to lay your hand on your brother, doesn’t matter what they look like , and be loving beyond all your fancy definitions? Is something still holding you back even at such a basic level? After crossing so many barriers of your old self, isn’t such a basic thing a given? What stops you from taking that brave step forward, saying who you are, why you are, and give full expression to all those around you? Are you still hiding from everyone? You’ve been killed in the past for showing enlightenment and now you’re still hiding lightworker aren’t you? Why? Afraid of getting burnt at stake yet again? Or shot by a squad? Afraid of death still ? Duality of death still getting to you, in spite of all the multidimensionality you claim, oh wise one? Afraid of ridicule and insults are you still? Oh hiding lightworker, come out and play…for if you truly have light inside you, shouldn’t you be clearing out darkness even as you walk on the dirt of the earth? What is keeping you from expression? Full on expression of all that you are.

What do I do with this duality? You ask. Let it be where it is. Let the aging body while you look at yourself in the bathroom, be what it is. Does everything need to fit in your world to everything else? Are you that obsessive compulsive of solving or making everything fit into everything else, while the rest of the world is chugging along on its own merry wheels? Stop trying to fit into everything or running away from others. Stop being so selective of low or high vibrations. Just mingle. Lose yourself in the world. If you have the light and you’re really a lightworker, it should not bother you, for the love of god is right there with you under your feet isn’t it? or is god still hanging around somewhere above clouds and you’re a worthless piece of shit on earth? Where is your god light worker? Is it inside? Then why the low self worth problems ? Why are you not able to laugh from your gut at everything, freely mingle and associate with the world, smile and be truly joyful and free? Time to see things for what they are, and accept grandness of who you are, without barriers or trying to solve your own duality. Let everything be. And you be you, with everything you’ve got going on. Come out and play!