Paradigms of shifting consciousness


And the times that we currently live in are a pure characteristic of a shifting consciousness. Of one and therefore of many. Of many yet again reflecting back to the one. Each is dealing with the shifting energies of the planet and you, in a unique way. New downloads, new realities to step into external and internal. And so what characterizes these shifting consciousnesses? Here I offer some. Again by no means are they replete with everything or remotely even complete. Just a few observations when we speak of “the shift” and what it entails:

  1. No two days or even hours are the same. And we humans hold on to things, humans that we are. The past, the future and even the moment now. It has to be a certain way, a certain protocol and certain feelings or thoughts. It is a good trait, for it helps us in holding our balance and not fall off the edge of the earth, or what it typically seems like many times isnt it? Moving energies characterize our current moment to moment reality. Or even realities. For as we shift and change, so do we affect the rest of the dirt of the earth, our families, friends, the strangers we pass by. Each is affecting the other. Reflection and refraction all taking place all at once. This puzzle is beautiful. Like peeling an onion of ever evolving consciousness flower. And so get used to being on an endless roller coaster. Don’t fear it. Be excited by it. Crave it. Move with it. And don’t ever ever define it.
  2. High and low is just duality. Everything you have ever been as a human and even were in past lives, if you believe in such a thing, is just duality. Within this dualism, there is love, hate, laughter, tears and just about all the gamut of humanism. You have indeed come to grasp of this acutely. With intent to understand your own humanism. What pushes and pulls you within this world of physicality, and yet within the abstraction of the mind and heart. The pendulum of these moving winds pushes the envelope of the moving energies itself. Duality pushes humans to ever be exploratory, ever moving forward, sometimes without even blinking or looking back even or even looking down on how high you might have reached or how many summits you might have already scaled that look like ants to you now. Accept the beauty of duality, as that ever moving pulsation of inwards to outwards, female to male, adult to child all happening as you, with you, within you and without you, all at once, at the same time never happening but just an observation of all.
  3. Pausing helps. If you are moving on a conveyer belt of realistic moving energies, where is the stability that I need? you might ask. Well, it is within the pause that you exert. You can pause as you wish. Go as you wish. It is all within your personal grasp. And the keyword there is personal. There is nothing universal about the shift. It is a very personal trip. Choose your own speed, create your own internal timer to access, push, receive and merge with the new energies. For every quantum energy available is cumulative, that is to say, it is always there. Always available. Not just now or the next few years or even the next 1000 generations. It is always available. There is no rush. None. The only rush you feel, is the ever open, delicious invitation to making love with all that is, with yourself. And so this pull of love, pushes you to explore. But take breaks. Pause. It helps immensely. For it creates a space of breath. Time to watch your breathing. Time to blink between stares.
  4. All definitions are redundant. Every term, new age or otherwise, is redundant now. Meaningless. A mere verbiage for the human to feel comfortable, that they are not going insane somehow. This is just being human. Understandable. But really, is there even any need for developing a whole new agey vocabulary full of myriads of angels, spaceships, terms and definitions, creating more duality sometimes of some dark and some light etc? Instead, why don’t you enjoy whatever you’re enjoying and let everything else be, let everyone do what they are, but no definitions from your side. Be a nothing in a sea of nothingness, working with nothingness, but only your own presence. The one who breathes and eats, has sex, has gone through the whole play of life so far and is reading this. Just a simpleness of being. This would help avoid all the confusion of thinking who’s right, who’s not, whats really happening and whats not and so on.
  5. Creating as we go alone. This has been somewhat covered above, but it is important to know. We individually are creating every step. There are no more prophecies or predictions anyone can give. Of mass consciousness or you individually. Every step is being treated by your own choices, intents and action, big or small but its you. Only thing is, the YOU definition that YOU have is changing with YOU and BY YOU. When that is happening, what you’re sure of now, will not be 5 minutes after you finish this reading would it? And so let go and let even this whole article be redundant. Just create. Be propelled by your own essence. Not copy anyone or anything. Uniquely you. Are you ready to be that outrageous?

Develop and destroy as you go along this roller coaster. Don’t be shy. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be stuck in anything or anyone. There are no rules to this other than the ones you create. You don’t have a fixed future. You have a dynamic now. Right now and every other nows that come along. Participate in them like you would in the most erotic sexual fantasy you can live through, fully, with your entire being, not just physical. That is the way to navigate this. Without confusion or hesitation. With you that started reading this in one hand, to the you that is nodding at the end of this on the other hand. Take all your yous with you. For it is all YOU.


The Attributes of Clear Consciousness

Blue Sky and Sun

And so as the planetary energetic shifts carry on, with all the souls and beings upon Gaia, it becomes more necessary to understand the energies, of a clear consciousness. There are many sources, many channels through whom, the information is now flowing in, with more clarity than ever before, about the attributes of clear consciousness. This is one of them. Take it for how it feels, along with your own knowing and intuition.

Clear consciousness feels like a wide open space of being. It feels like your being has expanded beyond the physical horizons, as you walk upon the earth. The physical boundaries, that you feel you had earlier, no longer exist. The space is created for your being to exist beyond the mere skin deep level or the few feet of your being, where you feel and perceive things. All that remains then, is a choice: A choice of what you want to focus on and ones you simply choose to let it pass by you, just like a soft wind of thoughts and feelings. Clear consciousness always feels expansive and by that very nature, anything that feels contractive or compressive simply will not permeate your field. You, in fact, would perceive the contractive energies quite well now, and are not effected by any of it. You can still perceive fragmented consciousnesses, fractured consciousnesses and the incomplete decisions, choices and actions made thereof, with that type of an unbalance; and yet, you are no longer touched or effected by any of it. It simply is. Everything then has its own reason, which does not bother you anymore to even explore or reason with, for it simply exists in reality. Just like all realities are possible, even this one, right now, is existing. Everything that a clear consciousness perceives, knows and receives, is expansive. Any contraction perceived, within or without, is also a contribution to more expansiveness and more of being. You are just embodying more of who you are, as a being. This is one.

Another attribute of a clear consciousness, is feeling peace without any reason. A peace, that is not dependent on external validation of anyone else. A peace that does not need reasons to be peaceful. A peace, that one has, in the initial phases of deep sleep. A space of peace, which has things fluttering and moving about within it, but not of it. People come and go. Things happen in physical reality. Emotions within you come and go. Thoughts come and go. You maybe in a meeting at work or with a friend or alone, it does not matter. Everything has a lilting lightness to it that is funny, humorous. Because it is, that way! There is nothing to be serious about, suddenly. It all simply is very peaceful. You are very peaceful. Within the ocean of this peacefulness within you then springs a fountain of exquisite sensuality and love. A kind of sensuality that transcends need and boundaries. A sensuality that is capable of loving anyone and everyone, irrespective of any bias of race, gender and any concepts created by any human society or preconceived or textual understanding based on an established science of study. A sensuality, that is primordial. A childlike sensuality that each human is born with. You are free to explore any man, woman, being, as you wish to, within this expansive space of sensuality. You are free to breathe, smell the breath of air, the earth, the person walking by you, your lover, your friend, the flower, the sea, the tree and so on. Your senses become more open to your new space of sensuality and they respond with your clear consciousness. The peace which lies at the base of this clear consciousness makes a wide open space of allowing of all and everything that flows in and out to exist, for you to enjoy, explore, if you choose to, or not. All is possible, exists and all can be excluded and be desired not to participate also. It is all a choice of participation, or not. There are no rules, or have tos. There is just a knowing. And moving within the clear field of this consciousness, one enjoys that peace, more than anything else. If a ripple is created, it just flows away gently on to the horizons of this pond, and soon, one finds oneself back into the tranquil lake that one started with. It is all transitory and all is well, all over again. Sensuality, love and passion, become overriding in this space of peace, since it all is now a play. There is no work, just play. Passion and desire are now mere instruments of play and exploration, not work and relationships. One becomes sovereign in the realm of all possibilities of sensual exploration, loving and discovering more love, as this space is accepted more and grounds more into ones being. The very attribute of groundedness expands and continues to be expansive, since everything about clear consciousness is about expansiveness. Grounding now, expands to more levels of the same, so to speak.

There are no boundaries to perceptions and awareness. The only ones that come and go, as boundaries, or limitations are the old energies, that still lurk as cellular memories, akashic past and baggage of others around you, which you might pick up from time to time. However, what is more important to know, is that clear consciousness is a base. One grows from that base continually. All the seeming limitations that one encounters in the journey after coming into a space of clear consciousness, only serves to add another layer of understanding, knowing and perceiving the same thing differently. In a different light, if you will this time around. More layers are reveled with every encountered limitation. Be it within oneself. Be it in an interaction with another. Its all the same. The sameness of things can leave one really astounded as to how, how indeed, did you not see that earlier?! The simplicity in the revelations is very pleasantly shocking and can make you laugh, cry and reflect, all at the same time. Epiphanies, one after another, is commonplace in clear consciousness. There is no fixed point of reference. Or you might also say, all points of reference are beautiful and sacred at the same time. All are right and nothing seemingly is wrong anymore. That leaves very little to judge or be judged by. What is there to judge indeed, if your clear consciousness has a vastness beyond the horizons?

The Addiction of Conclusions

Havent you noticed, how you have that incessant drive to conclude or give a full stop to everything that you do? each day? So let us examine that, its origins, its implications for you, for you for us, and therefore for everyone around. In effect, all planet.

So what drives all of your non-stop urge to make a conclusion of everything?! Is it security you need to feel about yourself, that now you are in control of those very things that you concluded? Do you need to feel safe in the arms of your preconceived conclusions of before that you made and you strive to drive yourself to the conclusions that match your previous conclusions about everything? And if indeed, just one of those two is ringing some bells in your head right now, how indeed is it then, that you could ever create something new, when all you do, all the time, is make conclusions about things, from a set of preconceived notions and borrowed ideas from your parents, siblings, friends and everyone around you? Or is it an addiction of drawing new conclusions which somehow would please you, and create an environment of you being back in your “comfort zone”? Or is it that you find yourself all the time you think you are creating new ideas, concepts which help your daily living, yet keep bumping across same issues that life itself and the people around bring you everyday and you are left wondering why is it, that these come before you, when in fact, you thought, you created a new reality?!

The urge for concluding everything is an addiction in humanity, if you noticed. There is a need to conclude about everything. Starting from those very basic questions like.. What is life? What are you? How are you? Who are you? Why are you here? down to very basic stuff like, what am I feeling now, where should I go now etc. Functioning from the conclusions of everything never ever creates a room for something new in your reality, only perpetuates everything that already exists. How can anything new enter, when you have 10,000 conclusions ready to come out of your mouth about what is? What is, has no definition or words or language, if you noticed! What is, is just what is. It has no conclusions, yet it has an openness about itself. Each moment has an openness and a vastness about itself, where anything and everything is possible and is forever unfolding. Being with moment, and not concluding anything at all, makes energy to move and nothing is blocking that energy. All possibilities open and everything is possible, when you have no urge to conclude anything at all and just be and flow with whatever comes along. Have you tried this? If not, go ahead, try it and see. You may be very surprised at what you perceive! For when you are without conclusions, you are open yourself to everything that is. And so in those moments, the kinds of energies, awarenesses that come to your awareness and perception, are amazing. In the world around us, at the present moment, dont be surprised, if you find a lot of insanity in everything and everyone, when you come into such awareness and openness. In fact, you who are reading this, at some level even know this and so you shut yourself off against such level of awareness, for somewhere in your knowing space, you know that you would end up perceiving and knowing too much stuff for you to handle, too many insanities and unconsciousnesses that are around in all humans around you. May be you might perceive your own insanities and limitations of all conclusions that you have been operating from?!

And so what would it take for you to change that, just a quantum bit today? How about just not concluding anything at all, and just being open to everything and all and see how it works for you and what shows up in your reality. May be you might get an opening into some issue you have been working on? May be you might make a breakthrough in all areas of your living, in a cold second!? And maybe just maybe, you are opening all doors now, after reading this message of even those possibilities that you havent even yet considered, but are of your greatest joy in your life, from this moment onwards, only if you just consider, living without conclusion, even just for today.

The Evolving Evolution

So what is evolution? An ever changing spectrum of everything and everyone around here, in this reality called earth? That could perhaps be an oversimplified version of it, but in essence sums it up? Or does it? Could it be, that evolution itself evolves in the context of time itself? Could it be that there is no fixed definition of evolution itself? After all, you might say, that even the concept of evolution itself may evolve too, couldnt it? There is something inherently fixed and unchanging, assumed within all possibilities of that which biologists, anthropologists, scientists, astronomers and all the thinking and sensing tanks out there, maybe you who are reading this too, call evolution, is it not? You would feel safe in assuming, that evolution is this or that or only happens in this or that which has a buried assumption there, that the rest is static and unchanging. Talking of which, isnt it amazing, that we can only define something as dynamic, when we create something else as static? What would be like, to live in an ever changing dynamic and where nothing is static? Where would all your reference points in a non-static reality be?

So evolution is a becoming, you might say. That in itself is an assumption that things were not being, some other place in time itself. If you assume a becoming, it assumes you are not being that right now? In a circle of time, would that hold any water at all?? Along the same lines, what else is possible in a circle of time, rather than the linear trap of considerations that allows for evolution to be put in a linear strip of a never ending evolution, where something is assumed to be, and to reach a point undefinable by any human?! And so if we are not evolving at all, not becoming at all, are we indeed, all that we are, right here and now? For evolution already has an assumption buried, that you are not, what you are going to be, in a linear strip of time, does it not? Only under those circumstances, would it be even possible for you to evolve? If you already all that you are, then there is nothing to evolve to, isnt it?

Darwinistic form of evolution has it, that within a linear strip of time, everything was and is still evolving, genetically, mutating itself, to create more and refined forms of lifeforms, biological evolution of DNA itself, which transforms itself to match and adapt to an ever changing physical environment. And this has a lot of fantasies buried in them, fantasies assumed as authoritative evidences nevertheless! And the fantasies go something like this. There is the fantasy, that DNA or seed biology of everything that creates biological lifeforms, as a reaction to what presents itself in physical reality. Underlying that fantasy is the assumption, that all biological lifeforms are at an ever reaction mode to everything in external reality. In other words, everything external, changes the internal. And as there is no credence given to consciousness which creates biology in such a fantasy, it sets up the humans to live forever in an entrapment of something you must become, without even knowing what that something else is? In other words, you are forever evolving into something you have right now, no idea of?! An offset of such a fantasy, creates a factor called “unknown” and so creates fear and doubts in human of that which is “unknown” itself does it not? For if you truly knew everything, then there would be no cause for fear is there? All fear stems from assuming such fantasies to be true, then, would it not? Another fantasy assumed in darwinism is that each living biology is separate, evolves separately, in an individual response to whatever it perceives as threat to its survival in a new external environment. Since again, there is no consciousness involved in this fantasy of survival of the fittest, there is no allowance or even the possibility of all life being interconnected both in physical right upto consciousness that is every single life, in this closed ecosystem called Earth, now is there?! So this fantasy, gives a lot of room for separatism, isolated lifeforms, living their isolated lives and in the effect something that they would adapt to, to the reality that is ever changing around them?! Can you even begin to imagine the fears and frustrations in someone who would propose such a fantasy, as reality?

Is there such a thing as evolution of consciousness itself? If we consider the definition of consciousness as something that creates, could these creations themselves, be put within the paradigm of evolution as the evolution that truly is a reality and not a fantasy? Could the consciousness that creates biology then, be fueling the energy of evolution and create new realities, that would then allow all life to be, in a perpetually dynamic state of being, rather than becoming? And if being is all evolution is about, rather than becoming, it would fit, would it not, into the perfect circle of time, where there is perfection in every instance of time, in every quantum space, right here and now? Would it then, dissolve totally and permanently, all the fear of the fantasy that you hold, of a never ending nightmare of going into a non-existent unknown reality, where one has only one job to do, to constantly and eternally adapt to whatever shows up, instead of a reality where all you do is create and create some more?

The Power of Vulnerability

There is something profoundly beautiful and exotic about any human being, when they are being human. And one of the many aspects there, is that of vulnerability. So profound and pure this is, that each of us reading this, were born this way, totally vulnerable, totally open and all aware and in total allowance of everything and everyone. When there is only that level of allowance, which each of us has had the experience of, as a babe in arms, there is an allowance without any restrictions placed. An awareness that has no stops or limitations. There is just observing, and the act of moving unashamedly and merging with whatever appears. Within this vulnerability, there are no boundaries or fences of ego and all the egoistic blocks of needing to be right and not wanting to be bad or be in fear of blame, shame and guilt. It is a space of experiencing pure being. Vulnerability is like that. It is the core of true intimacy with everyone and everything around us. Vulnerability of this description, creates space of all allowance, perceiving and sensing, without the unnecessary urges of judgement or labels. One of the immediate sensing that arises out of being in such a vulnerable state, arises true intimacy of self and all around you. For you would then be touching what can be truly touched. It is like everything in nature. Vulnerable to everything and everyone.

Humanity, so far, has had the innovative creation of judgement like guilt, blame, shame to impose a very strong barrier against accessing this power of vulnerability. This barrier of judgement of self and all around, is what is creating and sustaining all disease and suffering within each human. For it is blocking something very inherent and potent in every human. It is blocking all flow of life itself within the physical, mental and all bodies of the being, called human. When we are vulnerable, we allow all to pervade us, to be and receive from all around. Vulnerability is the acknowledgement that we are truly part of the whole that we are born into. Everything that the opposite of it, called judgement, does, is to question and resist whatever is. A being in judgement cannot, therefore, by definition, expand into that space of vulnerability, where anything is possible and you become possible to everything around. This society, now, as you can imagine then, is a truly sick society, full of the need to even wear clothing, some to the extremes of covering each inch of the body that can be possibly exposed to view. Now, contrast these cultures and societies to those so called “uncivilized tribals” who live as natives in forests, cut of from the mainstream cities, towns and villages. Haven’t you noticed they are mostly naked and do not have any shame of their bodies? Even they have a need to cover their genital area, which goes to show, that the need for being judgmental about sex and genitals, goes far beyond what we consider psychology or human nature itself.

Vulnerability provides the space of openness. It allows for all hurt, all affection, and everything inbetween to show up. As you can imagine, most of you even reading this, even at the thought of such a premise would get utterly scared and resist that very idea. For the ability to receive hurt, pain and suffering, be that of thought, feeling or emotion is something we are taught to resist and react to, rather than sense and allow. And so we are taught all precepts of judgement very carefully, but are rarely given the tools of allowing vulnerability in our lives. Have you also observed, that everything in judgement is contraction and in vulnerability is expansive in its feel? Is it any wonder to you, why so many live in complete sadness and lackluster, lost looks of people on streets, for they are entrenched in incessant cyclical thought, feelings and emotional barrage, which they must indulge in, if they are to entrain to precepts of judgement of self and everything else around and outside of self. In contrast, when being vulnerable to all open streets, rivers, offices, towns, public places, malls, airports, homes, hospitals and just about everywhere we walk around, allows for a wider scope of sensing, perceptions, enables us to connect all around us, all smiles, all confusion, all joy, all tears inside and just about every imaginable human thought, feeling and emotions that are swirling around, become available to you, energetically. How much experience of life itself, is possible then, in that space of vulnerability, as compared to judgement? Are you living more in vulnerability or trying to shirk and withdraw from everything and everyone in the narrow box of judgments that you bought into? One of the reasons so many humans, even reading this, are afraid of vulnerability, is because they have the awareness that it will also allow you to feel all pain and suffering there is around. This would then, create a selective filtering of what you wish to perceive and sense and what is it you wish to exclude from your universe and therefore, it creates, once again, judgments does it not?!

As ironical as it may seem, every being is born into vulnerability and would truly give anything to become and be that vulnerable, once again and yet, it is only each one, that blocks it. And yet, each one assumes, that the other does not want it and propagates this ridiculous game, that has cost humanity all beauty, grace and receiving that they can truly be a gift to. It is as ridiculous as 7 billion human beings, are now busy hiding what they are from one another. It is the truth of 7 billion playing “dont tell anyone, it is a secret between you and me” game, with all 7 billion!! It may never be spoken of, heard of, even written of or talked of ever, anywhere in humanity, and yet all want it, know they have it, can choose anytime to know, be and receive it in totality and yet each is running around protecting themselves from all receiving this gift!

The new energies that are now flooding all and everyone, now allows each to open that door of allowing and receiving in total vulnerability, once again. And so many then realize, it is not what they aimed to get from the outside world at all, but only to allow, what has been, is and will always be, something that you never lost and always had.

The Art of Flowing

Every moment that shows up, has a quality to it, if you’ve noticed! And this quality has no linearity to it, again, if you noticed. It cannot be put in words, or structure of a language, which by the way, has a lot of linearity to it. Have you ever had a dream, which when you woke up, and were excited to describe it to someone, and you could not bring enough words to bring the complexity and description to it, that would fit? Now thats the kind of non linearity I am speaking about here. It is non linear. And so without any description of what it might show up for you, at all times, past, present and future, you can still be with the flow of you, can you not?! And so many poets, writers, even now, this day, have songs to sing, words that flow from them, which so beautifully ennumerate their essence of the moments that they were one with. It might be a feeling. It might be a thought. It might be an emotion. It might be music, or art or color. The perceptions may be so varied and a combination of so many of the above, in varying proportions, as if each human is a walking, talking, breathing soup of energies! It is indeed breathtaking is it not?!

So what is flowing? Are you flowing with this messsage yet? If you already are, reading the above paragraph, you know what it feels like to flow, do you not? Why would you need parables and explanations to something that just is? And that brings an interesting query here. Is it necessary to bring the state of awareness and beingness into the narrow realms of language (linearity), logic, reasoning and knowledge, or is it enough and sufficient (as they say in mathematics) to just be with it, and not analyze it? For it is pretty effortless to be, is it not? For each human, it is as natural as breathing. There is no DOING anything at all in being, is there? And so the state of being, is like putting on brakes of a moving car is it not? Suddenly, you have no more agenda, no more going here or there, or doing this or that or proving this or that, or making this or that? Or is there? Well, you might say, you can be doing this or that or proving this or that or having all sorts of agenda too, and yet, even within that space, you can still be and be more of you, if at all there is any such thing like that! How can you be more of you? You are you. Well who would you be, if you are you? Who are you anyway? Questions like why am I here etc are all the needs to move forward in 3D really, and yet the only question consciousness truly asks is “who am I?” And this could be called as awareness of being aware. Many have said, consciousness it exactly that: you being aware that you are aware that you are aware. And to what levels can this awareness reach? Well you might say, you can go to any level there. Awareness of your awareness of that awareness of that awareness ad infinitum, is it not? And so even your awareness travels, even in a single direction to infinite depths, let alone the fact that it can go in any direction you choose. And so it is choice then? Are you choosing to flow or restrict yourself? Could it be, that all we are doing is restricting ourselves? How many times have you heard your teacher or parents or siblings or friends tell you “stop, you are going too far with this”. And so it is only restrictions we place upon ourselves to flow, is it not? There is no real hold on you, the you as the consciousness you truly be.

Nature flows effortlessly, if you noticed. The trees sway with an erotic and sensual gentleness in the breeze. There is no rush for them. The leaves can sway as much as they like to. Or they can be perfectly still too, when there is no breeze. So what is it that gives them the ability, as beings, to be in this state? Ability to just allow whatever comes to come and be with it, no matter what it is? Ofcourse! The tree can be wild and exotic in a storm or a hurricane even give itself up completely, or in the still gentleness of the breeze can sway with that gentleness of being, or in stillness, just stand there and do nothing about it. There is no agenda for a tree, now is there? And yet there is only becoming, every moment. It is silent, yet is is graciously, magnificently there, growing each moment, putting out new leaves, or contemplating a new leaf, somewhere along its branches, somehow. And so for these moments, you did, as you were reading this too, become one with the tree, is it not? The quantum, timeless part of you, can choose, to become one with anything, if you choose to. So it is really a question of choice then? And in that choice, you can choose to become choiceless too, can you not? Even choicelessness is a choice too. It is root of all desire really, if you consider that perspective. Choosing is desiring. It is all consciousness ever does, choosing. And humans being consciousness itself, can create from that space of choosing itself, can they not?! Whether anything actually shows up in 3 dimensions or not, you can become one with all your fantasies too, can you not, and you have, so many times too! Can any choice be wrong or right then? Ofcourse you know that the answer is no, for in choosing, all that is happening is that consciousness choosing. Right or wrong is only a contextual judgement of what appears and is meaningless in the act of choosing, is it not? Choice is just choice. And each human being a powerful creator, what would they choose? Everyone talks of harmony, peace, no hunger, no poverty, no pollution in the world and yet we are creating it, are we not? There is a singularity to that line of reasoning, is it not? And that is because the human thinks that he or she creates for himself or herself. The being thinks of collective, for it knows that consciousness truly lives and breathes oneness. It is how you are able to flow, to connect with just about anything and everything, even an idea. So if we think like consciousness itself, bring that awareness into ourselves, then it follows that everything that we do, can now be merged within a scope of collective, is it not? Could it be possible then, to have all 7 billion consciousnesses here, to merge in that energetic, creative space, expanding all possibilities of joy, creation and laughter for all times?

It is time for that, and that is what these new energies are driving all of us towards.

Creating New Contextual Realities

Every situation that shows up, for you to bring your consciousness to, is enclosed within a contextual reality. Now what do I mean by that? A reality that shows up, among an infinite set of potentials and possibilities, is within the scope of everything that all other beings around you create for themselves too, is it not? For each being around you, is a creator. So the degree of power and potency of the creators around you, creates a contextual reality for you, to bring your energy and consciousness into. So is it just that you allow your energy to flow and merge within this contextual reality that is presented to you, or can you create new contextual realities? This brings up some interesting views to examine here.

First off, let us examine a contextual reality in simplistic terms. Given any set of infinite potentials for each person, each being you encounter, or are living or working with, creates and energizes and activates a specific set of potentials as a reality that shows up. This reality is a created reality, within a specific context. The context in this case, being the macro set of potentials that are outside the direct energetic interaction where you and the others are. So this is something like a little contextual bubble within a much larger bubble of a larger contextual reality. Note that there is nothing absolute here, for there is nothing like an absolute reality, only created realities. The very word reality is absolute in itself. For what is real but what you choose to term as real, is it not? So every being that ever was, ever is and ever will be, is always living within ever renewing contextual reality bubbles. And so a contextual reality is one which is more of a result of a collective of energies that consciousnesses of all those around you, in the immediate vicinity added unto which is a growing circle of bubbles of contextual realities that envelope around it, in a sort of growing bubbles of contextual realities that are always changing morphing. New contextual realities, let it be in the immediate vicinity of you and those around larger contextual realities are forever being destroyed and newer ones created to replace them, in an all new succession of contextual realities. Don’t try to understand this. You already know this. So, the concept here being, that contextual reality that presents itself to you, at any moment, is a result, and not a cause, and most of the time, at least in the current time, not created consciously, but something that keeps happening as a resultant collection of energies of all consciousnesses around. It is sufficient to know that much for the time being.

Now, we get to the more interesting part. A given contextual reality being a result, how do we create new contextual realities instead of living within a resultant contextual reality? Is it possible to create a new one? Well any reality, being created by the energies of consciousness itself, lends itself to that very possibility, is it not? After all, consciousness has absolute power over all energies and matter itself, something which was easily demonstrated by all bygone masters, yogis, sufis etc. Creating new contextual reality, no matter how tiny or insignificant your logical, reasoning mind may assume has ripples all over the largest possible contextual reality itself, for it is all in an entangled state. All realities, potential and actual are entangled with one another, through all time, space and dimensions. It this is, that makes it possible to switch from one reality to another, with total ease and transparency. But creating new context involves consciousness and intent. For it you are just a mere participant, an observer, or more precisely, if that is the role you choose to inhabit for a given moment, that is all that will be present within your context. And so that is the reality you would live in, would you not? Now take this a step further. Let us say you are bringing in your conscious intent to alter something, some energy, some aspect within the current context, as presented to you. And you wish to alter it. And you give intent for such an alteration. First thing to remember, is you have to be in the right power place to deliver that kind of conscious intent. This is why so many out there, are having troubles with altering their realities. The power with which this is delivered to the context, reveals, the extent to which the shifting can occur or where it will occur. For the inertia lies, not within the consciousness itself, but the layers of unconscious that wrap around it, for each of you. So the more you unwrap that and more of your pure consciousness comes to the front, so to speak, there is more power available to you, to alter the current context, that is presented to you. Do you understand this? It is something as dichotomous as saying, something that, once something that prevented you from moving forward is taken off, all that remains is something that propells you forward or stay wherever you are. In other words, it gives you total freedom to execute and alter your reality, as you choose to. So the first step, is to get more and more of your power to come into being there. When will I know I am there? You’ll know because you’ll know. It is like being in love. You need not ask another whether you are in love or not.. you just know.

So when you create a new contextual reality, what changes goes into all time, space, dimensions and realities there are. It even creates, new contexts to be presented everywhere and to everyone, for all are in an entangled state. Now in the new energies of the planet, this unwrapping of the human consciousness that is taking place, is so profound, that more humans are now altering the contextual realities, at an exponential rate. Can you even begin to imagine what ripples this is creating through all other contextual realities there are?!