The last and first bastion of God


There have been times in my life when all have seemingly lost value, inherent value. Closely following that feeling is always faith. And then it all seemingly falls away like a pack of cards, you may say or a sand castle, or any metaphor you like to use. It doesn’t matter as long as you get my drift. It all seems to go away. Where, as one author puts it       ” breath becomes air”. Void fills my space, within, external and everything in-between. Everything feels surreal, unreal and I feel, once again, that familiar feeling of , “who am I really ” or “what am I really doing here?” sets in. And go as much as I may along this merry ride of pointless inquisitiveness of self enquiry, it does not logically or otherwise lead me into a place of a heart filled solace and peace, that I would normally feel at other times. Where has God forsaken me? I ask quietly.

And suddenly from nowhere, seemingly as I sit wondering, my eyes meet a lovely blooming flower right in front of me. Shaking silently in a quietest of breeze, as if to say “Here I am!, Cant you see me?”. and that has always been, to me, something like a restart, or a reset of coming back out of a void of nothingness. beauty has that quality I feel. It has always been the starting point of all mans quest into divinity and when all seems lost, faith gone, value lost, a sense of purpose and practicality and a sense of quiet continuance of life itself seems pointless, there is beauty. it is embedded in everything around you, all the time!

all the time. Yes! All the time. And in the seemingly most inconspicuous of times, it will pop right in front of your gaze. it has done so for the most profound idiots and made them into orators and poets overnight ! it is the reason for all the quest of mankind into art, music and creative endeavors. It is the meaningless meaning. Beauty is beyond logic and understanding. It is the most meaningless of all senses, and yet because it is beyond everything, it is both the last and the first bastion of God. It has a grace of holding my hand,when all else has failed to grasp its slippery feel. It has a way of telling me to stay for a while. for no reason other than just enjoy. be present. smile, if that is not too much of an effort at the time. shed a tear or two, if I am still human enough. it has a way of holding me hostage to this reality around me firmly. for who in their right minds, who sees this beauty would actually want to leave it? even when i desire a fresh new landscape in my life, a new way of being, it has always started from a signpost of something beautiful. and not necessarily some exotic landscape or a tourist destination; but most of the time, something that is always around me, maybe in my own house, maybe I am even looking at it. and there beauty itself would catch me. and it becomes the start of something new. And so this pointless, meaningless beauty, becomes an all meaningful, blissful, and all the reasons that I cannot imagine but yet the very reasons I exist, to continue. to continue. until that point, where another moment comes along, and starts it all again! and again.


Creating a New Human Reality

As the energies build each day, hour, there is a shifting of consciousness on this planet. And so profound are these energies, that to many, it literally feels like a new breath of air they are breathing in. And yet apparently, as you go out into the streets, see people going about their lives, living in a hypnotic trance like state, you might wonder, is that all really true? And if it is true, then wherein lie the roots of this thing we call the present “civilization” that we have created, as beings on this planet. It is a planet of free choice and we, as powerful creator beings that we are, are choosing, indeed to live and create, each day, hour and second the way it is appearing to us to be. Indeed, we endorse this civilization! Indeed, even when the word civilization is mentioned anywhere, for we are taught like the kids in school even today are, as something which reflects only whatever we look around us, as a civilization, is it not? Can you conceive of any other kind of existence in physical, other than the one that is all around you, as something that falls under the scope of the meaning of the very word, “civilization”? And you say of course not! For there is no space of creation or generation given to you, since you were a kid (and so even to your kids, right now at least), beyond the mere translation of the abstraction of the very word civilization, as something that already exists, is it not? And is it then, any wonder to you, why indeed, when beings here, desire something better, more, loving and compassionate way of an everyday life, that it is somehow, impossible to bring that mysterious, unknown, definition translated into a practical, everyday living, when we are all trapped and strapped into a singular definition of the very word civilization as indeed, what is all around us? For the very word is a self defining limited box of a set of conditions, that we call a word: civilization. So, you might say, living within the concepts of civilization, then, indeed, becomes living within a defined set of rules, laws, morality, and other dozens of concepts, all which are created, to sit within this box called civilization? What if there were no such thing as civilization? What would happen then? All the ideas, and creations within this box called civilization, would completely vanish, in an instant, would it not? In other words, in order to create something totally new and fresh, since none of us here, are liking what we see, and something that we all have created and instituted as civilization, would it not make sense to you, that we first need to uncreate this civilization first? Let us give it a shot and see where we go with this, for a few moments.

For the subject is vast, and there are many places in which humans are now discovering the mess behind the mess of this civilization, let us just focus on the concepts, for it will make that far simpler than we have assumed it to be so far. Civilization and everything that we have created in this box of civilization, centers around a single concept, and as you read this, you can take your thinking and reasoning to as many places as you like and you will find this common thread everywhere, and perhaps, you might be amazed at how long we have been perpetuating this creation. All civilizations, every culture, every religion, every law, every government or monarch and every form, structure and all ideas created so far, in what can be put in the box called civilization, constitutes a pyramid structure. It has a few on the top, and many on the bottom. The few on the top wield all the powers, know all there is to be known, hold all the money there is to hold, control all that can and should be controlled and who are they exercising these powers with? Right up to those on the bottom of that pyramid. And so this is a carefully constructed civilization, one that has much planning and execution gone into it to create and maintain it the way it is. For you can clearly see, how everything you have been taught since you were a child, even about god, is that there are a few on top who hold all and we must worship, pray, succumb to, bend our will towards. There is always an authority in everything. There is the one who knows, and the rest who don’t know. And it plays perfectly into the structure of duality itself, does it not? For in duality, as we have discussed before, there are all these elements of separatism involved all of the time. So you could say, civilization, as it exists now, uses all the constructs of duality to perpetuate itself. Civilization creates separatism, wars, religions and dogmas, currencies and money, fashions and attitudes, and all forms of separatism, that reinforce the very word civilization as the only form of creation that could happen with a group of human beings. And so even as civilization uses duality for help, even living within duality can be more elegant than what has been sold to us, as the only form of existence and living. And yet, now, we are all going in the direction of consciousness and so we shall even transcend and have to learn to work, from outside the scope of duality and its restrictions and bring everything new to replace these pyramid structures. We even have pyramid structures embedded within our concepts of divinity, if you noticed! There is the high, low, hierarchies of this or that kind of beings, so there are beings above, beings below, and all the beings in-between. There are even gods who are higher and gods who are lower than those gods. You have this everywhere! So we have ended up just reinforcing the same concept of a pyramid structure of living in everything we can possible conceive of. How do we get out of this trap we have created for ourselves then?

Let us examine another possibility. And in creating this new possibility, we have to drop even the use of the very word civilization, for even logically, if we have to transcend any known idea or a concept, we have to reinvent new words, build new paradigms to live and exist within those. If for nothing else, for a refreshing change isn’t it?! Let us try here, and call this a new human reality. For the word reality is much larger, has no limitations of boxes around it, and so is very expansive way of looking at it. My reality, for example, is never your reality. So there are, right now, 7 billion realities walking around or in cribs around the planet, are they not? And so let us use the word the new human reality and start creating some concepts that would never fit in the currently used box called civilization. First and foremost on the list then, is drop the word pyramid and everything associated with it. There is no heirarchy. There is no high or low or authority. This new human reality is not a pyramid structure, that needs rules, laws, structure, form and history to things. This new human reality has no need or purpose. It simply is. There is no meaning or reason or necessity to be, other than being. As you can see, this can be a very tough stretch for a mind that is so entrapped in living within the box of civilization itself, that as you even try to do this as a mental exercise, it has to break out of all known and taught concepts of civilization that you are currently enmeshed within. And so the new human reality would have to be started with generating new paradigms for living, many of which are covered here on other messages. Even newer ones can be generated by countless other human beings too, for consciousness is that way and is wonderfully magnificent at creation. You could say then, that this message would be catalyzing consciousness in that area. The new human reality would be an all expansive, all directional, all possibilities driven approach to living itself. There would be no boundaries that would not be possible to explore, create, generate and sustain, for any lengths of time and space. In other words, the new human reality would pull all human consciousness into creating any and all forms of living and enjoying. Is it then possible, you might ask, for each of the 7 billion, to create more concepts like civilization that we currently have? Ofcourse and you know the answer is yes, for consciousness is that way, is it not? Does it ever stop creating? So when there is no end to possibilities, to all possible acts of creation, why did we live all this time in such a limited box called this present civilization?! Indeed that is absurd, and as you can see all around you now, humanity is beginning to drop all of that, in the new energies. Even a burden has to be realized and accepted as a burden, for it to be a burden in the first place, is it not? Even a disease has to be recognized as something to be corrected and even more to realize a healthier state, is it not? New human reality would not be encompassing. That is to say, there won’t be a limiting concept anywhere at all. For if you begin to draw boundaries around any creation itself, it is limiting in itself, for the very nature of the being called human, is endless consciousness. So all concepts, ideas, and everything developed would have to be an ever expanding spheres for each human being, which goes in all directions, expands to fill in more of itself as time passes and as more humans, with more access to more of their own consciousness, new generations of human beings, come and participate in this dance of creation. This gives honoring to each human being infinite in potential, who has the capacity to generate more and more of anything and everything they wish to create and in all directions.

And what would each human do, when they are extremely engaged, with love and purity of creation of their own and one which brings them total satisfaction of living in this new reality? For now we are, just for the sake of this message, talking of , let us say 7 billion of them! So now there isn’t just one, there are many creators. 7 billion creators. All creating. Fresh, new and more all the time. There is a blank, a void, a space there is it not? Why is that? For one thing, the consciousness is vast and endless, even of each of you reading this, and so even each of you can create endlessly. There IS no real end even to your physical creations, even in any single area now is there? For another, what your consciousness can bring to the new human reality or mine or each of the 7 billion, never mind the more new ones that will arrive in future, are all without boundaries and endless in themselves too, are they not?! And so we cannot encompass all those possible creations here in this infinitesimal space, now can we?! But we do know what will no longer appear in human reality then, is hate, separatism, manipulation, strife, hunger, violence, anger, jealousy and all those low aspects of duality that has been perpetuated by civilization, which would now be replaced with love, creation, generation, compassion, participation and everything that has energy like those, would it not? Not with concepts of helping, for what help do you need in an atmosphere, which is all sustaining to all you truly are? Why would you need help then? If a whole new human reality is created, where everything is provided to you, for your comfort, all the time, all the space and all the tools you need for creating any reality that you desire, you truly would not be needing any help there, now, would you, if you really thought that one through?! The new human reality would have no single truth concept in it. For how many truths, even within civilization have you unearthed, how many more can you discover? How much possibilities are there even within this tight leash of the current human civilization? That is how powerful you truly are and you have always known that too, have you not? And each human can create their own truths, even destroy their own truths as they wish to, even live without truths, even create lies for both truth and lie, exist within a contextual reality which has been created by that consciousness called that human being itself, is it not?! And so, there being no one truth, all the energy that was used to create any type of separatism would vanish in an instant then, would it not? For each is living their own truths, a truth within the truth, within a truth, in an endless sphere of truths, ever expanding in all directions, all spaces and all times. And so all creation, that is possible within the context of an endless consciousness, which is creative, generative without end and without borders, by every single human, then, would be only to experience joy, living and in complete and total love of all there is and to be in that never ending flow, then, is it not? That is the beginning point. I have no endpoint for you, for there is none.

And so as you leave this message, even though you may or may not understand what the implications or reach are of this, consciously, or words may not make much sense to you, can you celebrate the fact that we are ALL going there? What you look around you, as you know as your civilization, around you, has truly come to an end. For it is truly said, “Armies of nations cannot stop an idea, who’s time has come” and it is here. The human consciousness enablement is here! Go and celebrate it any and all ways you can, starting this day. Why indeed wait for something, that has already showed up?! Like a new restaurant in town that has opened up, wouldn’t you now like to go there, and check out all the goodies there?!


Maybe it is in the purview of these so called new age esoterics to define such terms as co-creation, when, we have yet to grasp what is creation itself, you might say! How can we even begin to define co-creating, when we have yet to fully understand creating? For the prefix “co” implies in itself, that we have to do it with someone else in the picture or more complicatedly, many of them. This is how you were even taught in schools and by your parents is it not? “you have to get along with the others”, “you should learn to live with the others” and to some of you, perhaps, that was puzzling in many ways, for you were still wondering what to do with yourself in the first place! You were perhaps trying to figure out who you are, before you start helping anyone else, is it not?! Did that make sense to you then? For some of you, it makes sense even now, today as you read this!

Even the word creation, implies two involved right there, is it not? For in the act of creation, there must be a creator who does things around, moves things around, perhaps what you might call energies around, in order for something else, that is being created to show up in reality, may it be a physical reality or a conceptual reality. And reality itself, in this context would be, perhaps, referring to something that wasn’t there a moment ago, that now is. And so we are talking here then, of a reality, that is locked in time, is it not? For if we say “a moment ago” it is linked to time related understanding. Nevertheless, let us get back to creating. So in just you creating, and assuming there is no one else, as in a person around you, you are still two involved, you, as the creator, and your creation as the created. And you say how can that be? My creation is a dead thing, inanimate, a painting or sculpture or a scientific invention perhaps. Well yes, it does not have hands and legs and movement and breathe and for that definition of life, ofcourse you are right. What if your creation was as alive as you are, and yet breathing, eating, drinking, maybe even copulating and producing more of itself somewhere else? Bizzare concept you say. So in this act of creation then, there is you and there is your creation. And both of you are dynamically locked into becoming one another during the act of creation itself. In just as much as you are shaping your creation, the creation that is you, has moved into another reality, away from your consciousness, into the consciousness of the whole, that is to say, you brought that concept in you, into a reality of the physical or conceptual itself. This paves way for many things to happen simultaneously! One being, that you yourself move on, after your creation, for it has left your consciousness is it not? Is it any wonder to you, then, that no sooner has an artist, or scientist or a mathematician completed his or her creation, quickly moves on to something else? Once the hunter has hunted, he moves past the kill, does she not? And so the creation stays there static with the static energy of that with which it was created, in that time space reality in which it was created, whereas the creator has moved onto the next act of creation. Does this mean, that the creation is a noun and the creator is always a verb and can never be a noun? Its just a thought.

Now to talk of co-creation, it normally implies, creating with another human being. Now this gets a bit complicated, for each human has their own agenda of what they wish to derive out of the creative process itself. For each is a verb, constantly moving, melding, morphing in every changing moment of time. And so how does it feel, if one car on a freeway, going at a 100 miles an hour and keep altering its speed ever so slightly, co-create with another car which is moving alongside it, at 100 miles an hour and does the same?! Do you see the metaphor here? The expectation that the human being is static, which is implied by the very word human-“being” which means, a human just is and never ever changes, is a fallacy is it not? What if you are just being human and nothing more? What if everything you ever did, just constitutes that and nothing more? Let us get back to the two cars yet again. Each car and so the driver in each car, is calibrating, choosing her own speed, moving faster or slower or even changing lanes sometimes or even taking the next exit on the freeway perhaps and going in a completely different direction altogether perhaps, co-create with this other driver, who is engaged in his own creation?! Maybe he wants to go straight and not change his track, maybe he wants to take the next exit and not the one you took? And so he has his own free choice which he uses, in just the same way she uses in her car, to go in which ever directions they choose to, isnt it? So where is co-creation in all this? How is it even possible you might ask? Are they then, as they say “two ships that pass each other in the night?” If that is the case, are we on a planet of 7 billion creators, who are really all alone and doing their own thing, driving their own cars, in all possible directions that they choose, and keep changing those lanes when they choose?! That can be a very bizzare traffic exchange indeed, is it not? And you say, this is chaos and confusion, personified! There is not a remote possiblity of doing anything harmoniously here? Are you looking for harmony? Harmony itself implies, that all should do one single thing, be on one track, walk through their entire life like a bunch of hypnotized individuals, who follow a single track from birth to death, isnt it? Even if we choose harmony that way, which it is, as you can see, all humanity was up until now, on a fixed track, never moving, generation after generation, like a hypnotized humanity, is it not? And even if you choose harmony for a second here, the question then becomes even more critical: who should harmonize with who here?! If all humanity have to entrain (quantum entrainment) to one idea, one suggestion, one relegion, one way of living, one good and bad, one right and wrong, whose ideas of these should we entrain to? And so we got into the right and wrong of it, isnt it? If there is a choice, between this or that, it is just choice, but in order to get people to entrain, something was made “correct” and something else “incorrect”. And so do you perceive by this very logic, that the very idea of harmony, creates more illusion, more separation and rejections, than there was before, when our traffic of 7 billion was going all over the place? While we are still with the 7 billion traffic going all over the place, in the place each one chooses at any moment, tell me something else here, are each of those 7 billion more happy in whatever they are doing now, this way, even though the overall scenario might seem chaotic to someone who seeks harmony, because there is such a level of programming there (!) that they cannot simply see it this way, are each one of those not enjoying it? Their life? Every moment? What if it always existed that way? What if there was no wrong or right way to live at all, and it was just someone’s created idea and nothing else? Also then, could it be, that if this 7 billion odd traffic that is moving in all directions, is now more creative, more perceptive, more joyful, for they are doing whatever feels right to them, something that is more real to them, than all the earlier kind of living, where they only forced into being treated like the created static things which are just ideas of someone else? Could it be then, that the lie we are perpetuating all along in humanity, is now being broken down, and each one of the 7 billion traffic have indeed started moving in all possible directions and this, seemingly, to all who wanted harmony, seems chaotic, when in fact, to each one of those 7 billion, feels like, a breath of fresh air, freedom to choose whatever, whenever and just for the pleasure of it? Is that what is happening on the planet? Indeed, is this the so called awakening going on?

The lightness of being

And so what is it that would not allow you to be that? What is indeed, lightness of being?

Are those moments in time only when you were joyous and blissful? If indeed they were, why is it really not possible to be that all of the time? Are there elements of you, going here and there, parading themselves as you, and yet they are mere ideas, thoughts and feelings, but never the real you? What would it feel like, to be experiencing that you, minus all that heaviness of mental noise, feeling and just perceiving reality as it shows up each moment? What would that feel like? Even as you read those last lines, at some level, you know this is true for you! What is that mysterious part of you that knows this to be true?! All through your life, since you were a child, all you and I have been doing, is reaching for such moments where we just know everything to be perfect, appropriate and blissful, and just being, minus any mind or emotional games. And so bliss of being, is different than pleasure or happiness or any accomplishments of the 3D world is it not? Even in that question, there is heaviness is there not? what if everything we touched, felt, with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, were with that kind of awareness and be in that space of acceptance? And even that you have really known! Maybe only in bits and pieces but you have. Maybe just a tiny glint of it, like sunglight peeking through a small crack in the dark cell of your limited awareness and perceptions that you stay locked in. Well if that is the case, what would it take to unlock that and blast through that wall and open the floodgates to let all of the sunshine of you, surround you. For you dont really have to go anywhere do you here? All that would be called for, is to remove the wall between you and the sunshine of you just pours in to you, all on its own. You dont have to drag it, pull it, push it, or move it around; it just floods you all around doesnt it? And so even in that last statement, there is a sort of heaviness is there not? So what part of you was pulling upon that awareness of words like drag, pull, push? Was it because you were doing that all your life? Dragging, pushing, pulling? So how many words have you been using in your vocabulary, that you are aware, that you are using, and yet using them, which are creating a heaviness for you, instead of the lightness of being you truly be?

All this is just talk and nothing ever happens in real life, I hear you say? Is there, again, heaviness in your question there or is there the lightness of your being, present there? what would you give to be just the lightness of being, rather than the heaviness of you running away from it? If indeed you are running away from it, what desire is there in you, that would drive you, to being the smaller aspects of you, no matter what they are, even if you cognitively are not aware of it right now? Could it be that you are afraid of your grandeur and magnificence and beauty of the being that you be and perhaps you are comfortable in being the little, small, insignificant you that you happily choose to limit yourself to be? And yet, even in that question there was that heaviness of using words like small, little, insignificant that you contracted from, is it not? So even as I write all these questions, and take you through your own energetic charge, that part of you that is totally aware, is also participating in this message, that quantum part which is entangled and entrained with me, with this message, and knows what your lightness of being you truly are, is it not? Is this making sense to you? I hear a yes. Do you? Ofcourse you do. And if that is the case, what part of you, is right now, agreeing with what part of me, you might ask? And without calling it any terminologies and names, let us just say, it feels right to just be this way, can we do that? For if we get caught up in too much of verbiage and definitions, we get lost in a maze of words, and would, yet again, lose that lightness of being, that is present here, now is it not?

So is lightness of being, as easily accessed by me, just by changing my own internal verbiage of what feels heavy and what feels light, you ask? How is it that simple? Obviously you need the others too to feel this way too, else they would bring the heaviness back to me with their verbiage and words wont they? Your consciousness is supreme and it is beyond the conception of your mind to know what your consciousness can even do, am I right? That being a yes and a lightness in itself, your consciousness, once is aware of the heaviness of the energies created by the verbiage of negativity, let it be yours or others, is always present and always seeing it, right? If you are seeing and perceiving that energy, once that is done, it is always done and stays that way. You cannot return to a less aware state and you know this. Your conscious awareness builds upon itself. So, ironically, just perceiving and seeing the negativity around you, also can give you a lightness of being in you. Even bring lots of smiles to you, since there is so much negativity in your internal verbiage as well as external. Just imagine how many smiles you can have just after reading this message?

And here is some left over heaviness that happened sometime ago in the last paragraph. we talked of heaviness of your internal verbiage and the heaviness of the verbiage of others. Yet I ask you this: How much of their internal verbiage has become your internal verbiage, because your awareness is that good?! And how much of their external words are now your internal words, that become your feelings and emotions that now chase you around, pushing and pulling you in all directions, that you, seemingly feel out of control or reach to go around? Ironically, that did not make you feel heavy now did it? Could it be, because already you have transcended much of the heaviness you came with, before you started reading this message? Indeed, could it be, that your own consciousness now is aware of all of this, and from this moment on, shall never quite forget it, and you can always access the lightness of your being, in very few simple steps?

The New Paradigm of Purpose and Play

Who are you really? What is behind all that searching, seeking, looking for health, wealth and everything else that you could possibly seek for joy, pleasure, bliss, love, affection etc? Who is that, who does the looking, feeling, thinking, reasoning, logic and everything else? These are the typical questions that all mystics, seekers through the ages have asked themselves. And there have been volumes written on experiences of theirs describing their journeys, their findings, the songs they sung, the rhymes they composed, that poetry written and indeed, you might ask, what was the proverbial “it” they were all trying to communicate to humanity?

If there is any definition of you, that you seek outside of you or even from within, you are indeed looking for that mysterious something, that is in you and yet outside of you all of the time, is it not? wherever you go, you find you there. Even where you are not, you find yourself there, if you choose to go there, isnt it? We have talked of quantum entrainment and quantum identity before, and following both here, your being, has the ability to merge and become one with just about any idea, concept, physical reality, emotional reality or even an abstract reality. And so tempted as you might be, to say, that there is a driver, and that driver is driving this car called me, in my corporeal body, could it be, that even the body is driving you at the same time? Could it be, that everything about you and whatever you do here, in this thing called your life, is a collective of energies developed in events, of your life? And if that is so, then what purpose does it have to be served here, in this life, in this form, for me, to exist, doing whatever I am doing, each morning as I wake up, to a reality, which sometimes shifts and changes, sometimes seemingly very static and routine, yet at other times moving and shifting very quickly? For we humans, are very purpose programmed, and have quite forgotten play since we were 2 perhaps, and so that blinding purpose hangs around us all the time, does it not? What does this do? What do I do with this? How can it benefit me? How can it benefit another? How can it benefit the planet? And other endless questions, all about purpose there, is it not? You can even ask “what is the purpose, of my own soul, to exist at all?” is it not? And in a linear way, there is degree of depth or height, whichever way you choose to perceive it, to questioning itself, is endless in all directions (considering the track of time), is it not? And other than me, there are so many others here too, each one with the possibilities of more types of endless questions in endless directions is it not? That makes it even more complex and cumbersome to get to the “purpose” of it all, doesnt it? And so, if you noticed, the very act or decision of getting to a purpose is a loaded action full of heaviness attached to it, is it not? So if we leave the purpose bit out of it, and if we assume, that there is really no purpose in my own or any and all of those around me, including everything other than humanity on this planet, and including the planet itself, what else might be possible then?

Let us try to go from the beginning here for a moment. From childhood. All you could think of then, minus all purposes, was play. The act and participation in a play. It is all you were drawn to, was it not? You could even skip meals, skip all studies, school, not be consumed by what you are wearing, looking like, or what anyone called you and for what purpose, isn’t it? The only heaviness perhaps you experienced those days, was the voice of the elder around you, calling you back home “for a purpose” doesnt matter what the purpose was, studies, eating or sleeping etc. How many of you, reading this, have now, accumulated a lot of heaviness, as you read this, for you are now touching all the purpose based heaviness that you have carried along for so long, driven incessantly by those around you, since you were a little child? How many of you, leaving that simple play, have lost the eye for the beauty around you, that flower that used to look so nice does not anymore, the smell of the air that used to be so nice in the rain, now is just a burden for you get wet and allergic to it, and so many such things. The simplest of things which were all beautiful, all nice, all for your play and touch, ended up being dead, unnecessary, childish, immature, without purpose for you, as you went through your years did you not? Is it any surprise then, that you found yourself, going from pillar to post, searching for yourself, in spirituality, in relegion, in self development, in money, in houses, in relationships, in this or that, when all you needed was to play with you and the rest of them around? Isn’t it also more funny, that even the rest of them, would give anything, to just have more of play themselves? How fun was it then, living with play? How much fun is it now, living with purpose? You know the lightness and the heaviness in both questions, don’t you?

The new paradigm of purpose and play is a sort of meld between the two, that is to say, the new paradigm that humanity shall adopt shall be one, where the purpose of human life, is to play. Entire way of human living, society, sciences, lifestyles, cultures will be developed around this centric. For it is enhancing and experiencing of being human rather than human being. Play is what we are, by our very inherent nature. Humans will become obsessed with more play and making everything into a play and all purpose for our existence would be to play with our own existence here. If purpose is removed, then even the concept of use and misuse is removed, for there is no self gain required in play is it? There is no element of using this or that for my gains and profit, now is there? The very energy of gain, benefit, to use of something in creation, is born out of a singular concept of thinking, that is to say, if you are playing with a collective, the whole object is to create fun, laughter, love and joy in the beingness of human, is it not? It is not riddled with expectation of a return, but rather of a benevolence of giving a smile and laughter, is it not? Living with purpose generates the energy of use, misuse, proper and improper, control and manipulation, for this is an artificially created reality of living and not something natural to being human at all, is it not? And it is this living for purpose of that “something abstract”, may it be for people, places, society, money, and so many other constructs, that has left humans throughout civilizations running around in a rat maze, looking for things where nothing exists, spending lifetimes chasing their own tails, leaving them empty and inept for creating simple joys of being, has it not? The new paradigm of purpose has it, that purpose of human being, is to be human. The new paradigm of purpose is to play. As new thought forms, ideas, and creativity of humanity is unleashed in this area, all society will join in, and naturally too, for it is being human to play, to create more forms of play, all attributes of play will come into focus, everything we do, even as work, would be a play of more creative ideas and ways to play better. This is the new way forward that is before us.

Humanity has carried the baggage of purpose based living for too long. It is time to drop all these artificial constructs of society and move into beingness. And where would you take this message? Is it personal for you yet or not? How are you going to play today? Where indeed, would you start? If not, what purpose are you using to stop you from playing? Play with these questions, your own being will bring you more answers, would it not?

Quantum Identity

So what is that now?! you might ask. Well it is simple and you have been doing it all your life really and this message is just a opening to observe that which you are. An essence of you, which is always there and which you use it so many times. Many spiritual high minded, high thinking, high creativity kind of people access it a lot of times and use it for getting more out of their own never ending depths of consciousness itself. Quantum identity is your consciousness becoming something or someone else completely. It is a sort of unification, a merging, a blending, where two become one and yet retain individual identities in the process.

when you are listening, for example, to a piece of music, are you not becoming one, in consciousness with the singer perhaps or the instruments played there, or both or the whole experience itself?! Perhaps you are listening to a live show recording, and you are suddenly transported into the show itself. The entire experience of it. It is your quantum identity, which becomes present in all those times that that event happened. And you say wait a minute, that event happened in the past, how am I present in that event when it already happened?! some of you may say, I did not even go there! Maybe you are reading a book and you have become one with the author. As you are reading the book, you have intact become the author, “at some level” you might say. And so even at that level, there is no time space reality now is there? Just you and the author, merged in consciousness with one another, you absorbing the author and even the author, absorbing you, in a quantum, timeless, spaceless way. For consciousness is what it is, timeless and spaceless and eternal, so both you and the author, can always coexist, for all those moments that the author was writing those sentences of the book you are reading, you are one with the author, are you not? and so you might ask, well is it that i lose myself in the consciousness of the author or am I adding to is, subtracting from it and all the 3D questions that follow it, wouldn’t you? Taking something away from consciousness is a concept, which is a linear one, and consciousness is quantum, so it does not quite add up. That is to say, that in your quantum consciousness, things can only be added unto. And each and everything which is your life experience and all of the music, books, your intuition which builds upon it, your ideas that stem from the collective of all that you have acquired so far along with whatever you have in your intuition also merge, creating more knowledge, more wisdom, more learning, is it not? It is indeed how consciousness creates learning itself. It is not static and is always in movement of experience of itself. And so you can merge with anything or anyone really. Even abstract concepts too. which brings us to an even more interesting concept: Is consciousness therefore, a quantum identity itself, or is it a nature or a part of it? I shall leave that bit to you.

Quantum identity of you, blurs the line and the boundaries that you have established as you, does it not? The you that has physical, emotional, mental beliefs and ideas, all have boundaries. What are these boundaries? Well, it is the linear stretch of mind itself, not the attributes of the anything physical or mental or emotional. That is to say, inherently, everything is quantum, except for the restrictions you have placed upon them, as limitations, is it not? Let us say, the walls of the room around you as you see, are solid. And yet if you become a quantum identity with the wall itself, you could perhaps walk through walls. Could it be, that, that is how most who walked through walls did that? Jesus walked on water. Could it be, that he created from his own human consciousness, that quantum identity of water, which has a solidness to it, so he could do that, as easily as we walk on ground? And so, when you start peeling away the limitations of all beliefs, ideas, concepts, physical, mental, emotional boundaries that you hold on to, what you would start to do, is to blur those lines that you created around your consciousness itself, and so now it has more access to its quantum parts and can use the quantum identity to move more freely, merge and add on to the experience more freely. There are no absolutes then, of this reality for you now, is there? There is just you and more of you. For what else exists, if you are in a mode, where your own consciousness has no lines around it? You are this and you are that at the same time. Or as you give attention and focus to something, you become that, don’t you? May it be music, meditation, art, science, even cooking, interior decoration or just walking and jogging too. It may be anything at all here, if you are getting this train of thought. Doesn’t matter what it is your consciousness is engaged in, you are blurring the line more and more, as you open your quantum identity to whatever it is you are engaged with. So does everything around me, including inanimate objects have a quantum identity of their own too? Let me answer that with another question. Let us say you are holding your teacup and having some tea or coffee. Is it possible for you, to feel like the cup that you are holding? Imaginatively, can you become the cup itself and know how it feels to be the cup? Well, if that answer is yes, where do you think that capability in you is coming from? More precisely, what is allowing you, to even do that? If that is the case, could you just about merge with your quantum identity and being your quantum identity, can merge and unmerge with just about anything and everything there is? Ofcourse it is, and you know it is so. Not only just the possibility of that very concept, but everything you are going to have even this day, as your food, breakfast, dinner or lunch will be merging with you, in their quantum identities with yours, even as you taste it! How many of you have become your french fries and how many times?! How many of you have become your coffee and wine and how many times?! What is more wondrous is, that every time you have food or drink or even just a glass of water, isn’t it different in a slightly different way now? For example, while you have your coffee today, was it exactly the same experience as having coffee the previous day or the last time you had coffee? I am not speaking of the taste here, I am speaking of the entire experience itself. There is always that incremental difference in the sameness of everything we do, every step we take, each day, each hour and second, is it not? Oh we might not be aware of this, with the keenness of intention or focus, for we are absorbed in the 3D routine and dramas perhaps, but it is there, and you know it is there, don’t you?

So your entire life here, is adding every experience you ever have, as an incremental experience of you and the rest of the reality here, even as physical, is it not? So how do we use this to our advantage in everyday life, you might ask? Well, since you are it, and there is no other way for you to exist, for this is the very nature of your being, might as well use it to our joy and bliss, right? Ofcourse, it makes all the sense to do that. The good news is, that the nature of your being stays the same. It is absolute and it is all pervasive and as infinite as you choose it to be. And you say wait a minute, did i just say, as infinite as I choose? How can that be? Infinity is not relativity. It is absolute. and what I meant by as infinite as you choose is, that you can expand that box of your beliefs and ideas, to any extent, without boundaries, is it not? and as you expand and expand some more, by removing those boundaries of structure and form around it, from your belief system, for belief is what is holding it there in place, things, people, places, even realities themselves, become blur to you. Even your own boundary seems blur and endless there. Ofcourse, it is a matter of choice then, of what do you wish to become one with, is it not? For consciousness is king, when it has the absolute choice in everything. It has the absolute choice of not feeling or merging with anything at all too, did you know that?! But that is a state, when you are in the deepest of meditations, and you are experiencing the quantum state of your own being, in all its completeness, so you would be then, what: merged with everything and everyone in creation itself? For where would you then draw the boundaries of you?

What does it require of me to use this everyday? Become aware of everything more keenly. Whatever it is that you do. Eating, drinking, walking, working, just about anything at all. people who walk the spiritual path tend to go for the breathe, becoming aware of the breath, heartbeat, our own body energies and things of that nature. And that is ok too. There are no real definitions of should and should nots here, for you are, by nature, a consciousness having a quantum identity, which pervades all and even as many dimensions as there are. You, truly, have no boundaries at all and you, each of you, just know this too! Isn’t it funny how you “just know this” at that level?! Even if you are coming across a concept like this for the very first time in your life, you still, know this! And that is the amazing you, the beautiful, pure, exotic, erotic part of who you really are. Removing boundaries is all it takes. The restriction takes effort, time, energy that you are using to keep all the illusion in place. Haven’t all the mystics of ancients told the very same thing? All is an illusion? As you remove layers of all structured beliefs, ideas, and concepts that you are holding in place as the truth, as the reality, as “the way things are”, a more expansive way comes about, only because the boundaries have moved to a wider scope. The beauty of this is, that as you even intend to start this, the boundaries start to expand, more each day, hour and second. More things are now within your boundary, rather than outside of it. More things, people, places are now allowable to be and exist in your universe, than was earlier possible. Is there a limit to how many I can add here? Ofcourse not, and you know that too!? So how amazing are you, really?!

Quantum Entrainment

So you have been listening perhaps to songs, get chills when you listen to your favorite ones, do you? Or when you sing songs in your church or temple or mosque, or pray and you get those chills running up and down your body, do you? Or maybe when you are just taking a walk in the park, walking by the sea, feeling the breeze against your face, your hair and you get the chills, when the breeze talks to you, do you? And there are so many instances like these in our lives, when we are “in the zone” , or “feel connected to all” and by many phrases we express them, talking about them to our friends, family, isnt it? What are these moments anyway? Let us explore here.

We talked about this briefly before about the quantum nature of us, as beings. As human beings, we have a physical part and a quantum part. These quantum parts, are named so, for they follow somewhat similar attributes of what quantum physics called the entangled state. Where there is no physical location or time, binding upon it. That is to say, wherever you look for it, it seems to be there. This is confusing to the mind to grasp, for our training in education, since we were kids is to linearize everything, and put it within the context of a very narrow reason and logic. Can the mind be quantum too? Ofcourse it can. Anything that the mind can even conceptualize is within the scope of its access, but it requires training and trigger to actualize it into beingness. We do it all the time, each day, when we are dreaming in our sleep at night, dont we?

Our quantum nature permits us to be in entangled states with everything around us. So, in fact, we are in quantum entanglement state with everything, all the time. Have you noticed, when you go to a place, maybe a mall, a movie theater, a park, a beach, or your home or any place at all really, your mind, your being and your emotions, all collectively, begin to recalibrate to the energy of that place? It is like an automatic thing that goes on, all by itself! You dont need to DO anything at all there, now do you? It is like an always ON thing in you. Each and every place you step into, you have this recalibration going on within you, a mechanism, if you wish, that adjusts and balances itself, to suit the mood, the energy, the thought, the feeling of the place you have stepped into. It is the same energy, that you see on the freeway, that all cars, are going at the same speed, as if they are all hypnotized by each other to move in a rythmn, almost like the cars were not moving at all, but the road is somehow going past all of them. Or when another person yawns and you see them, you yawn too. Or you feel the energy and feeling of another person standing next to you in the elevator, and you feel their emotion; you walked in happy and joyful and this person who walked into the elevator had heavy, depressing emotion about him or her and you felt it immideatly?! This even has a collective effect and is it any wonder to you, why you dont like certain malls, certain types of concerts, parks or any particular area, for it does not vibrate with your energy, you might say. There is that strong mismatch between the your energy and that of the other place! Many times you walked into a room, feeling joy, bliss and a lot of love in you, and suddenly you find yourself, in the midst of men or women who want to talk to you, they too feel love for you, some might even want to get to know you more. And you might have wondered, what is that? How did that happen?!

We humans are entangled with each other, in our quantum parts. So part of us are always in constant communication. How? As we just said, in a quantum state, there is no location or place in space where you can point to and say “this is where it is” with certainty. It is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. There is a part of you and a part of me, that is always there, always. It is the same part of me, and the same part of you, that becomes even one with these messages and knows it is true, without even knowing each other as physical beings. And so the message itself is quantum, is it not?! And so are each of you reading this, individually, one at a time, wherever you are, entangled with each other, merged with each other, in the quantum parts of you, for quantum messages have that quality about them, that allows for such a level of communication to happen. It isnt in linearity of the language itself. It never is. And so all humans are in an entangled state with one another. It is the reason why even group of humans, in a country, seem to agree with one another, feel comfortable with one another, even carry on friendships and disagreements with one another for decades, for they are entangled with that thinking and thought process of one another. It is the reason why hate begets hate, anger begets anger, not because anything is wrong or right, but one starts feeling what the other feels, automatically, without any reason or logic, isnt it? When your child is upset, do you “get” the upset immideatly?! When your mate or your friend is confused or sad or joyful, you feel it instantly, dont you? It is the same in individuals, as it is in the collective called state or country. This quantum state is a unifying aspect of humans. And so what happens is, in that quantum state of us, humans do , what is termed as entrainment. They entrain with one another. Entrainment is a term used to describe how groups of things, even objects like clocks, seem to synchronize with one another, without any physical connection with one another. Modern science cannot explain this, although this exists. Different clocks, put together in one room, will start calibrating themselves and all will, very soon, tick in a rythmn and balance themselves! This is known. Just the same way humans in a party will do, and all will dance to the same music, move their bodies in rythmn, to entrain with one another. This is graceful and beautiful aspect of us. This is the part of us, that is naturally empathetic, in harmony, in synch, all of the time. Whether it is a place, people, events, anything at all. Quantum entrainment of humans, has been there all along, even used all along by many, to entrain a group of humans into belief systems, ideas, philosophy so that all start working in that structured paradigm of living and loving. Humans all throughout history have been abused, misused, controlled and manipulated too, using these very same laws of quantum entrainment. Mass Media uses them all the time too. It is why they show so much negativity all around, so that all humans watching it, entrain with it, and feel whatever they see and remain in this dumbed down state. For all of you who watch TV you know that feeling very well dont you?

And now comes the new energies on the planet which is awakening all humanity from this slumber of millenia. how does that relate to quantum entrainment? In the most profound way you can possibly stretch your mind to. Let us examine some. Let us say, you dont even know what awakening means, or could not care less about spirituality or relegion or any such thing ever. Let us say you are the type of person who is only interested in making bags of money and buying fancy cars. Now, the awakening energies are quantum and ties in the quantum parts of all humanity. That being said, that soul who is awakening and that soul which wants to buy fancy cars and a huge bank account, are all linking up, so to speak, in this quantum state. Can you even imagine what would happen then? Do you really need answers here, or is your mind now racing at the possibilities that each of just those two humans would “get” from each other? And the beauty is, they wont even know where that “idea” or epiphany came from! If you ask each one of them individually, they would just say something like “hey you know what, I just had this brilliant idea…..”. Now you know, they are picking up on someone or something else, somewhere, somehow and are entraining with that person. Can you imagine now, 7 billion of us here, doing that to one another? Whose idea is it that you are picking up today? How did that come to you? More so, can you imagine what would happen, if more number of humans awaken to their quantum selves, and more of humanity “just getting it”? The dispensation of knowledge and wisdom on the planet itself, then, would become quantum, does it not? This is the reality that we are all moving into. Is it any wonder that people, common people, everywhere, are seemingly becoming powerful and claiming their freedoms, financial or political? Where do you think they are entraining their sense of this power from? Could it be, that their own leaders are entraining with their people and now the people are waking up and saying “that is enough!”?! Do you now see, how the humanity awakening is really happening, and even is on your evening news on TV? The good news is, quantum energies are benevolent and empowering and all pervading. There is no structure or linearity to it, that can any power or authority can grasp. They can only choose to work with it, or leave the stage, for in the new energies, there will not be any scope for them to stand up to something, that they, themselves are indeed contributing to?

Now here is a puzzle then for you, the old souls reading this. Where do you feel you are getting this quantum energies from? What are you entraining to? For you are all the forerunners of creating this new reality and everyone and everything is entraining in an entangled state to your power and presence. And so I leave you with that thought to ponder. The answers would create more entanglements, that is why!