Paradigms of shifting consciousness


And the times that we currently live in are a pure characteristic of a shifting consciousness. Of one and therefore of many. Of many yet again reflecting back to the one. Each is dealing with the shifting energies of the planet and you, in a unique way. New downloads, new realities to step into external and internal. And so what characterizes these shifting consciousnesses? Here I offer some. Again by no means are they replete with everything or remotely even complete. Just a few observations when we speak of “the shift” and what it entails:

  1. No two days or even hours are the same. And we humans hold on to things, humans that we are. The past, the future and even the moment now. It has to be a certain way, a certain protocol and certain feelings or thoughts. It is a good trait, for it helps us in holding our balance and not fall off the edge of the earth, or what it typically seems like many times isnt it? Moving energies characterize our current moment to moment reality. Or even realities. For as we shift and change, so do we affect the rest of the dirt of the earth, our families, friends, the strangers we pass by. Each is affecting the other. Reflection and refraction all taking place all at once. This puzzle is beautiful. Like peeling an onion of ever evolving consciousness flower. And so get used to being on an endless roller coaster. Don’t fear it. Be excited by it. Crave it. Move with it. And don’t ever ever define it.
  2. High and low is just duality. Everything you have ever been as a human and even were in past lives, if you believe in such a thing, is just duality. Within this dualism, there is love, hate, laughter, tears and just about all the gamut of humanism. You have indeed come to grasp of this acutely. With intent to understand your own humanism. What pushes and pulls you within this world of physicality, and yet within the abstraction of the mind and heart. The pendulum of these moving winds pushes the envelope of the moving energies itself. Duality pushes humans to ever be exploratory, ever moving forward, sometimes without even blinking or looking back even or even looking down on how high you might have reached or how many summits you might have already scaled that look like ants to you now. Accept the beauty of duality, as that ever moving pulsation of inwards to outwards, female to male, adult to child all happening as you, with you, within you and without you, all at once, at the same time never happening but just an observation of all.
  3. Pausing helps. If you are moving on a conveyer belt of realistic moving energies, where is the stability that I need? you might ask. Well, it is within the pause that you exert. You can pause as you wish. Go as you wish. It is all within your personal grasp. And the keyword there is personal. There is nothing universal about the shift. It is a very personal trip. Choose your own speed, create your own internal timer to access, push, receive and merge with the new energies. For every quantum energy available is cumulative, that is to say, it is always there. Always available. Not just now or the next few years or even the next 1000 generations. It is always available. There is no rush. None. The only rush you feel, is the ever open, delicious invitation to making love with all that is, with yourself. And so this pull of love, pushes you to explore. But take breaks. Pause. It helps immensely. For it creates a space of breath. Time to watch your breathing. Time to blink between stares.
  4. All definitions are redundant. Every term, new age or otherwise, is redundant now. Meaningless. A mere verbiage for the human to feel comfortable, that they are not going insane somehow. This is just being human. Understandable. But really, is there even any need for developing a whole new agey vocabulary full of myriads of angels, spaceships, terms and definitions, creating more duality sometimes of some dark and some light etc? Instead, why don’t you enjoy whatever you’re enjoying and let everything else be, let everyone do what they are, but no definitions from your side. Be a nothing in a sea of nothingness, working with nothingness, but only your own presence. The one who breathes and eats, has sex, has gone through the whole play of life so far and is reading this. Just a simpleness of being. This would help avoid all the confusion of thinking who’s right, who’s not, whats really happening and whats not and so on.
  5. Creating as we go alone. This has been somewhat covered above, but it is important to know. We individually are creating every step. There are no more prophecies or predictions anyone can give. Of mass consciousness or you individually. Every step is being treated by your own choices, intents and action, big or small but its you. Only thing is, the YOU definition that YOU have is changing with YOU and BY YOU. When that is happening, what you’re sure of now, will not be 5 minutes after you finish this reading would it? And so let go and let even this whole article be redundant. Just create. Be propelled by your own essence. Not copy anyone or anything. Uniquely you. Are you ready to be that outrageous?

Develop and destroy as you go along this roller coaster. Don’t be shy. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be stuck in anything or anyone. There are no rules to this other than the ones you create. You don’t have a fixed future. You have a dynamic now. Right now and every other nows that come along. Participate in them like you would in the most erotic sexual fantasy you can live through, fully, with your entire being, not just physical. That is the way to navigate this. Without confusion or hesitation. With you that started reading this in one hand, to the you that is nodding at the end of this on the other hand. Take all your yous with you. For it is all YOU.


Opportunities for Breath


Are you seeking resolve and quelling of every event in your life, that took you inside out through the churning of your mind, heart and your very identity itself? How about one of those reasons being, you being given another opportunity for being with your breath? That lover of you, that goes continuously every moment, from your birth to death, you come into it and it comes into you, and you notice just about everything BUT that, don’t you? We’ve all been there done that, haven’t we?

All spiritual systems, gurus, yoga and every system a seeker goes through, talks about the beauty and sacredness of ones own breath! Nothing to be bought, no guru better than your own breath, is there? Some lover isn’t it, who continuously breathes you inside and out! And for all you women, who constantly complain of “unfaithfulness of your partner”, how many times have you betrayed your own constant companion, only for life out there, to bring you back again and again, events, shattering events, breakdowns, to bring you back, to a place where you become, momentarily, but very present with your own breath?! People or situations in your life, that literally shocked you out of your stupor of the hypnotism of a physical reality, or the apparent betrayal of someone you loved or cared for, or that raise or promotion you were denied, or better still you were let go from the work itself and you were left alone, abandoned, to figure it out? Not really. Those are just opportunities for embracing your own lover, your own breath. The love affair of your soul with the earth, one breathing the other, constantly, as long as you are here, in the physical body. Have you forgotten? Oh yes you will, even after reading this, for sure! But no worries, life will find you, and earth will find you again and again, through, perhaps through other seeming disasters and breakdowns or breakthroughs or epiphanies that life itself will bring right to you, on your own doorstep! It cannot be any other way, do you see this? It is that lover, who never ever leaves you, ever. As long as you’re on earth, Earth love you, and you love it. One is claiming the other, in a pulsating vibration of love. Every in-breath and out-breath. It is not happening in some distant future, but right now. It is not dependent on anyone or anything at all, for it is a sacred contract of you being on earth in the physical.

And so, if you want to skip over any troubles or shattering that life will put you through and unnecessary churning that you never imagined possible, why don’t you consciously sensuously breathe, every incoming and outgoing breath, as passionate as your own lovemaking with a spouse or a lover, become sensual with your breath, and it won’t even be visible to another and you can do it everywhere and anywhere. Sitting in your office, in your home or traveling, you can BE with your breath, every incoming and ever outgoing, as earth meets you inside, and you meet earth outside, and engage with this, sensually, passionately and if you dare, more powerfully too. Engage with all that you are. I assure you, less crap will happen with you, for you are in tune with earth and earth will bring good stuff instead of bullshit to deal with, so that you gasp, choke or cry, for you to watch your own breathing again.

The Darkness of Lightworkers


Its everywhere isn’t it ?! What is it that troubles you lightworker ? Low self worth? Are you seeking light, to run from your own low self image? What do you see in the mirror? An aging body? Do you see those wrinkles? So you see that sagging body giving a host of problems? Did you seek spirituality as a means of discovering all those real life solutions to real life problems calling them 3D and Karma? And now a little crack in that window has been opened and you are going around like a wild monkey, preaching and teaching others haan? Peeping into other side can be like that…. maybe its the excitement of possibilities of who you are is exciting you? And at the same time, the darkness of all that is your physical reality is chasing you around like a hunted blind animal at night?! Are you still busy putting down others around you? your spouse, kids, boss, family, relatives? Are you able to be compassionate to them in one second and be an angry vicious lion in the next and not able to comprehend what the hell is going on? Am I a lightworker or a freakin darkworker? Or are both the same good old me?

Duality is chasing all light workers and dark workers alike. Doesn’t even matter now if you think the latter term is derogatory or not. In fact it doesn’t even matter whatever term you use or don’t use…multidimensional, unidimensional, parallel lives, planes of existence, parallel realities and all these terms you tout so much never even understanding that wrinkles on the face or the tired look you face each time you avoid looking in the mirror do you? Duality my dear. Is it getting to you, like rest everyone around? The higher you rise in vibration, the lower you seem to fall in an endless pit of low self worth and feeling like a piece of shit, are you? The tides of vibrations are shifting under your very feet lightworker….oh spiritual glorious being of god… you are being loved every moment…are you hearing the voice inside you yet… or is it tossing you about like a leaf in the wind? Can you accept your low self worth? can you even acknowledge that your own propensity of putting your own brothers and sisters down just so you can call yourself a higher vibrational being. Is “higher vibration” and “lower vibration” still your mantra? And so you use that as a weapon to judge and separate yourself even more from those around you, and yes …again there is the mirror mirror on the wall isn’t there? Bad financial problems? and preaching Law of Attraction to the entire world are you, charging them for teaching, what does not show up in your own bank account are you? Who are you fooling? Aren’t you stuck in the same reality as the lower vibrational being that you so conveniently avoid at all costs ? Where is your true beacon of light oh dear lightworker? All your sensitivity to lower vibration is of no use unless you can stand in your own worth, without putting down anyone around you, is there? you know this very well deep down don’t you, even if you conceal it in the house of your crystals, and all the healing you propose to do on others, being of deep wounds from past lives yourself ? Yes, ,I am addressing your very darkness right now aren’t I? How does it feel to be the lowliest of creatures, preaching to the choir here about things you really don’t believe or even have perception of, just a brief glimpses of things here and there, and yet you are afraid to be vulnerable aren’t you with that taxi driver or the very students you preach to or feel higher than ?

There are all of you running around feeling like mini gods and goddesses and claiming this and that, and yet simple duality of everyday, the great equalizer of life, death, bad complexion, aging, health, is getting to you isn’t it? what do you do with that duality? You tried to stamp it, trample over it, rub it, erase it, dissolve it, move past it and all ways you could, didn’t you? Why can’t you just start by being normal for a change again? Is that too small for you now? Are your feet too big a size, now, that you won’t fit with the rest of the humanity, hiding in closet of your darkness, while rest of humanity bathes you, clothes you, feeds you, provides you electricity, and you claim all of these people to be low vibrational, ignorant beings? How is that high handedness working out for the abundance you teach? Or the NLP or coaching you profess to have? Duality still chasing you around more than you can handle with all your far out vibrations, the bookish knowledge and techniques to con people of their money, all the while….looking in that mirror on the wall of your own bathroom…and what do you see yet again?? An aging body, and a worthless self, taking revenge on all those who made you feel small when you were a kid, are you?  Have you yet made peace with your parents, relatives, brothers and sisters, spouse, kids, boss? Truly. Have you? Or are you learning about love and forgiveness, giving intents which have no heart value in them…just a mouthpiece of fancy words and quoting catch phrases from all outdated philosophers and masters of the old? What is your own? have you dared to bring yourself out naked and play with everyone? Or are you still too small to take the assistance of someone smarter than you, even be it lightworker or master or prophet? Don’t you yet have words of your own wisdom or are you busy touting around old words in a new phrase, like dressing up an old lady in new clothes? Where are you in all of this dear lightworker? Duality still chasing you is it?

Is compassion still a problem for you? Are you able to provide from your gut and heart, true compassion to every person that passes you by? Are you able to lay your hand on your brother, doesn’t matter what they look like , and be loving beyond all your fancy definitions? Is something still holding you back even at such a basic level? After crossing so many barriers of your old self, isn’t such a basic thing a given? What stops you from taking that brave step forward, saying who you are, why you are, and give full expression to all those around you? Are you still hiding from everyone? You’ve been killed in the past for showing enlightenment and now you’re still hiding lightworker aren’t you? Why? Afraid of getting burnt at stake yet again? Or shot by a squad? Afraid of death still ? Duality of death still getting to you, in spite of all the multidimensionality you claim, oh wise one? Afraid of ridicule and insults are you still? Oh hiding lightworker, come out and play…for if you truly have light inside you, shouldn’t you be clearing out darkness even as you walk on the dirt of the earth? What is keeping you from expression? Full on expression of all that you are.

What do I do with this duality? You ask. Let it be where it is. Let the aging body while you look at yourself in the bathroom, be what it is. Does everything need to fit in your world to everything else? Are you that obsessive compulsive of solving or making everything fit into everything else, while the rest of the world is chugging along on its own merry wheels? Stop trying to fit into everything or running away from others. Stop being so selective of low or high vibrations. Just mingle. Lose yourself in the world. If you have the light and you’re really a lightworker, it should not bother you, for the love of god is right there with you under your feet isn’t it? or is god still hanging around somewhere above clouds and you’re a worthless piece of shit on earth? Where is your god light worker? Is it inside? Then why the low self worth problems ? Why are you not able to laugh from your gut at everything, freely mingle and associate with the world, smile and be truly joyful and free? Time to see things for what they are, and accept grandness of who you are, without barriers or trying to solve your own duality. Let everything be. And you be you, with everything you’ve got going on. Come out and play!

A Love letter to Myself


My Dearest Arun,

Hello. I am you. And I have come here to meet you and to talk about you. How does it feel to be writing about me, by me? Funny isn’t it? And that is perhaps the way you have looked at all and everything around your life. Its Funny! It has always been that for you has it not?

As a younger version, you were playful, energetic and vibrant child full of life. Others around you were always happy to be around you. Everyone wanted a piece of Arun, did they not? Life of any game they wanted to play. Everyone wanted to defeat Arun, did they not? And you could perhaps never understand that reason why? When all you ever wanted was for everyone around you to be happy, and that sense of competition never touched you or bothered you. Do you now understand that it was never you who were wrong about how you felt, but they felt bad about themselves, and lashed back at you in so many ways, that hurt you? Even then, you never questioned yourself. Do you know why? Because your energy was always and has always been pure and they just did not understand it and it was not their place to understand you. Do you see this now? It was only you who have to know now and own your own inner glorious self, who wanted just laughter and happiness around you, and even more glorious is the fact that all along, through your childhood, you only ever wanted that… that simple simple thing of fun and laughter, without any conditions or requirements from others… do you see my dearest Arun, that THAT is you… your true essence? You always were a pure, glorious child, capable of living and breathing fun and laughter, all the time. Others around you, wanted your brilliance in homework, exams, games and so on. Not you. All you wanted was fun and laughter. Remember that as one of your essences. Your flavor. That is what you carried through as a child, with other children.

As you were a teenager, you came to shift places, came to a new town, and your own sexuality and hormones confused you along with the change of place, rudeness of the new friends in a new place hit you. And you did not know how to deal with so many changes all at once. And to compensate, you ate a lot of food, junk food and it came to show as your weight. And this you did as a means of survival, to protect yourself from the world around you, in your food. Do you see how you did that marvelously? Do you see how you championed yourself in those very difficult times? Not knowing. Not understanding. Not having belief in anything. Losing belief in yourself, because you did not even know why all this was happening around you? And yet, you came out with flying colors. You survived. You pushed through. You were persistent. You did make new friends. Ones who understood you, who connected with you. And you had fun with them, laughter once again. You tried to discover new meaning of life through philosophy and spirituality, even as a teen. Even in the face of meaninglessness of life and the thriving new found sexuality within you, you energized yourself, beyond what your teenage friends would do, you dived into core of spirituality with “who am I”? Do you see now, how that helped you cope with all that you had going on? Do you see how you handled multiple issues in your life at the same time! Do you see a winner there? Do you now see how a then, a champion was born, one who can come through any and all challenges, even not knowing the nature of everything around you and even strange people and places? Do you see how it prepared you for the next ground?

As you entered graduation college of engineering, yet again was another challenge for you, but you were better prepared, for you had laid the foundation of being prepared for unknowns. Do you see how magnificent you were in carving out yourself from within yourself and nothing more?!! You were thrown into a wider arena, with students from all over India, different languages, different groups, Rock music, Heavy metal, girls, engineering studies, strange place, strange dormitory, strange everything… and once again, you felt you were thrown into a whirlpool of chaos did you not?! And now, you brought forward, once again, all your capacities to deal with newness. You smoked and drank and partied with pot, and yet, you did make it. You made good friends, shared your heartfelt stories, read books after books, fiction to the Gita to Spirituality to Psychics, to Murder mysteries to everything. And all with a bottle of rum and a cigarette on the other? Remember how your friends used to drop by and say “Arun you’re such a maverick!” That is when they pointed out another essence of you? And it hit you like an AHA! And you dived deep into more learning and learning. Be it engineering or be it books. Remember how you sold your watches and calculators to buy books? Now do you see, how you understood yourself to be a maverick and a learning machine? Do you realize now how truly awesome, unique and powerful you are, and were even at that time? Now you discovered another layer to you, one that is learning, fun loving in addition to being all games and laughter. See the dimensions you were adding to your own charming personality, that others around you just could not get enough of?

And then you were called an engineer and you came to work. From the very first day at your first place of work, you brought a new element called innovation. Something that was done, you found ways to do it quicker and in shorter time? Remember how that charged you up? Each day of work from the first day, you always looked to new ways of doing same tasks, innovative ways, that infact made many around you jealous of you, and did things in fact to hurt you or backstab you? But do you now understand that they were putting themselves in a tiny box of submissiveness and you were enlarging the very box you were always put in?! Do you see how magnanimous that was on your part? Do you now believe innovative and creative you truly are? That was so wonderful! Now you journeyed from fun, laughter, to learning and maverick and further on to being innovative and creating out of the box!How you brought changes to organizations who felt a life has left them, when you left the organization? And yet no one had the magnanimousness to thank you for your energies? Do you now understand that it was never about them, but you had to revel in your own gloriousness and that is all that was ever needed?

And then came marriage and shifts and falling in love? Do you know that love starting appearing in your life then? And then you discovered that love is not one dimensional at all, that there were so many ways, you could love? Love of friends, love of children, love of women, love of colleagues? All the loves you had you drank in. But all the while, do you understand now, that you were only drinking in your love from other cups? They were all merely instruments of your own love, being expressed back to you? Do you understand this now? Do you see the beauty of all the reflections of love around you? And all the reflections, only came to show you, that you are the one that loved you the most and you are the one who are the award winner and the director of your own movie. The women who fell in love with you, was you in another form, expressing back to you. All the friends you hung out with, were you with you. And as days and shifts went by, friends starting dropping away, new spiritual teachings came your way, new books, new habits, new people, channelling works… all opened up your path to a new way… a new way of being… once again became an invitation.. and you travelled all countries from canada to japan…meeting new cultures, people, learning their ways of communication, what they like and dislike… all the while do you see that you brought about your own pure essence of fun, laughter, being easy about everything, not taking life so seriously, constant learning machine, maverick and thinking out of the box, innovative and making wonderful systems for companies that you worked for and yet love in all things and for all people…. do you now see, how all of those wonderful qualities that you lived through your life…. now came to be useful to everyone around you… did you know that they drank all of it from you… puzzled … almost flabbergasted at how you manage what you do, having fun and joking about all of it on the side? Do you Arun see the brilliance of all that you did? Most of all doing all of that breathing, living and enjoying life, without any attachment to anything, and yet , looking for the next beautiful thing to imagine and create, the next thing to learn and understand, the next way to show another, to help and rebuild? Do you understand Arun how truly brilliant, wonderful, light, fun loving, creative, maverick, innovative genius you always have been? and that your life so far has always been bringing out the best in you? Most of all, do you see that every step along the way, was only a step in self discovery of you, and was not about anything or anyone else??!

And then remember you decided one day, that now you are in a pure place of helping others, with what you have learned in your life, share your energy and life and fun, laughter, creative, learning , innovative genius that you are, now decided you would choose to create other humans towards a happier life? Remember how great that felt and you took on Coaching?! And here you are this day, still doing all of those what you are, still finding ways to explore and dive in head first, and everyone who you know, and who you do not know too, who are reading these words now, who have felt your essence, are also benefitting in some little way, from you, yet again!

All this to say, my dear Arun, I love you! I love who you were, who you are and who you are constantly becoming. I love the time you are me and I am you. I love every moment of life you have lived with me. And I look forward to the newer adventures you will have in the future too. As that is what you do! I love you Arun. I truly do!

Ten Notes For The Millenials


The younger generation, the ones who we now term as “The Millennials”…. Those between mid 30s  and early 40s, and even those slightly younger than them, are always my favorite. Couple of reasons among which the primary one being, they are always the hope for the future of our human family. But more than that, for the purposes of this writing, I would like to share some of my notes, for the millennials.

Take it for what its worth, for you, the Millennials, and the younger generations to come, and use it; see what it does for you:

The role model you admire, is the one quality you know is somewhere within yourself seeking to come forth and shine.
It is true. what you admire is what is already within you, awaiting your eager permission to come forward. So only one question remains: when are you going to decide to let that happen for you? If all the Facebook forwards and famous quotes are bothersome and just being recycled more than they’re worth, look away. You did not come here to live a role model. You came to create one. Get on with it.

Everyone you know, including your own parents, are only as wide or as limited as their beliefs. That this is right and that is wrong, is already worn out on you isn’t it? You are born with more built-in smarts than all of those. But remember that. Any belief is just limiting. For it draws boundaries of your own thinking. It is like making a fence in your mind, yourself, which you then declare to yourself, “I won’t cross that fence, ever!”. Yes, it is that stupid!

Question everything and everyone! No one, and I mean NO ONE has the last word. Not even the greatest master, the greatest scientist or really anyone. Doesn’t matter who you are charmed by, or taken with, or call your guru, no one has the last word. And that’s where you come in. Create your own cliches. Your theories. Sing your own song. And then, question that, yet again. You have only come here for a continuous growth and excitement. Calling anything final is just egotistical and nothing more. But you already knew that didn’t you?

Use social networking for showing who you are. Not for feeling inferior by comparing yourself to others. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Blogs, Instagram etc etc are all there for you as tools; to showcase your uniqueness. Not for becoming a copycat for the culture of your neighborhood or town or city or even country or culture. Have friends globally. But do not be defined by them. Find your soul tribe on the net. But do not make that your fence. Make it instead your signature which you like to put out there. Not take in what others put, as a reference mark for you to measure up to.

Your rage and restlessness, isn’t the result of you not know what you want from life; on the contrary it is from you not being silent enough on the inside, to let your inner wisdom guide you forth. In your inner silence, you make your path into your uniqueness, available to you. It is vast. It is silent. And you will find yourself there, everytime you go there. It is your inner sanctuary. It is always there. And always available to you. But in your silence, you welcome it. Take time to be silent. Disengage from the noise of the needs and wants of society from you. You need you first. Remember that. All else will follow.

5 bounces off things you are repeatedly trying to accomplish but never do and always backfires, is a sure sign, for you to try something else. Do not waste any more time on it. Move on. Doesn’t matter who calls you this or that. It isn’t your parents or your siblings or your friends that count. It is still your own unique life. You are free to leave things, free to embrace things and ideas you choose at any point to call your own. Let no one, ever be a signpost for you to steer into some other direction. You be a conscious decider of that. Every time.

When you look at, or imagine or think of the opposite sex, try to imagine them as your gender, only with genitals of the opposite sex. You’ll see much more clearer and without any bias at all, since you know you’re gender very well. Really, that is all there is. Do not make your opposite sex relationships into anything more than it really is. Yes, Romance, candle light dinner, all are fine and enjoy them, but once you see your opposite sex, as just another body but with opposite genitals and opposite gender type personality traits, you will always remember this day when you read this, and know, what the real aspects that matter to you in a relationship really are. So be romantic with life. All life is a romance. Not just a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Make love with life itself. And you can do that more freely, if you expand that little horizon of yours, starting today.

Knowledge for your generation lost its value only because you were able to google everything, and there is no strife to get it. Move on from there; expand the knowledge that’s already there, be it in any field, and drive it further. Remember, you are your own ancestors, who have come to relive that knowledge and take it farther and better. It is what you came for. Yes you can find the meaning of any word in an instant. You can do courses online. You can learn endlessly from Wikipedia. But how much have you done that, really? Just because its available, does not mean you know it. The internet is not fed into your head. You just know its there, but you don’t even know what is there, really! Find out. Take any knowledge in any field, which fires you up, and take it farther.Expand it. Redefine it. Perhaps take it in a whole new direction or completely reinvent it. Otherwise, there will be no new knowledge for your kids and grandkids. And they will look upon you and call you stupid. Isn’t it?

Unify. Do not separate. Your generation has the unique and priceless ability to communicate with men and women,just like you, on the other side of all borders, created by your fathers and forefathers. Something that no other generation, had, ever before. Use it to do what other generations could never dreams of. Unification. Integration. A Billion heads are better than a Million. You already do not buy into mainstream media. You even shutoff from much of the garbage on twitter or social media. You have a discernment inside you which is priceless. You know what is nonsense and what the good things in life are. Bring that innate knowledge to unify. A kind of unity, which through a medium like social media, has the ability to redefine what humanity can do and accomplish. One which can erase permanently, the assumption, that humans are always the same and will never change. Your generation has a chance to rewrite future, and erase the wounds of history, once and for all time. Your life would truly be worth lived if that is accomplished is it not?

Any and all limitation you think are in your personal life, is only an idea in your head. Nothing more. Stop giving it the life it does not deserve.You are the one giving life to the ideas in your head. And then you call it your heart. And emotions. and Feelings. And all kinds of words and more words and novels and so on, go on to describe in greater and greater detail and confusion, of what it all really means. But it is just an idea. Or someone else’s idea. Or an idea of an idea itself. But in the end, it is just that. The idea is not you. You are the one giving it life. Otherwise it has none. Think of all the ideas that you still do not know exist! All of those ideas that you know nothing about, are all dead to you right now is it not? Why? simply because you haven’t given it a meaning and a life yet. Create your own ideas, but ones that come from within your soul, your own inner knowing.


My hope is that these notes will awaken something deep within you. I cannot name it, for you will give it a name, a meaning and your own unique brand if you wish. My hope is that you see, you reflected from within you to the world outside you. My wish is that you dance with yourself inside and outside. And let the world then sing you song, and the glorious you that everyone is waiting for on abated breath. Why is it you think, others watch you as you walk or sit in a park or walk by people? They are waiting for you, to do something, to become something. Something that is uniquely you. They are holding their breath, for you!

Ghosts of the Unmanifest


In my ever thirsty quest of seeking my self, two things that repeatedly came to the forefront are what I found to be probably the heaviest burdens I had to let go of and to be perfectly honesty I am still working on it. But here is something that came to me, and it is worth sharing, if you care to try it and see for yourself. Like life itself, as you know, spiritual growth and realisations are all along the way of the journey itself, without any end or for that matter without any beginning too. And I call these, the ghosts of the unmanifest, and youll see in a minute why the term.

The first one: Think about a desire you had, a very strong one, one that you work for, one that you dreamt about having or being for a long long many years, not a passing wish on an ever changing wishlist that each of us have. This differentiation is all important one. Perhaps you wanted a dream house for many years, working for it and it seems like horizon, always in sight, never around to step into. Something similar. Something dear to your heart and you want it so bad, and its been a long time and not yet happened. See? Those kind. Bring those forward, as many as you like, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you can do it only one at a time, since this can be a very heavy excercise; for those desires which matter to us most, are closest to our heart and are unfulfilled, are probably the hardest to bring to the front, for that is an area filled with disappointments, worries, anger, hate, jealousy and many other forms of dense energies. Bringing them to the forefront, and being with the energies, isn’t an easy task by any means! So be gentle with yourself in this. And even if you bring one and stand before that energy, try releasing them with the following proclamation to yourself, out loud or even silently within:

I now quench,
The fires of my unfulfilled desire,
Into the cool welcoming waters,
of the eternal light of my spirit,
As never before,
That I am now
And so it is.

Feel that release of energy. Desire is a form of fire. Fire of spirit, that can only be quenched by the coolness of spirit itself. The creator that is you and the destroyer that is you are the same being. Only you can destroy that unfulfilled desire or be consumed by it. That is how powerful you are. And you can do that same release proclamation for every single strong, unspent desire, that haunts continually and never seems fulfilled and if you wish to release it and let it go and be free of it once and for all, lest that fire consumes you in the process.

The second one: Think about a person that hurt you very badly in the past. An insult, a betrayal perhaps in the past. Once again, we have all done others bad and had been dealt that card back to us also, so there is no judgement here, but just pick out those from the past that can be the densest and heaviest ones. From childhood perhaps. Relationship perhaps and so forth. It should be the one that you could never sincerely bring yourself to forgive in any way, tried hard as you may. And so it repeats and repeats itself in your life in different ways since you have been unable to forgive and move on with your life unburdened. So bring that now to the forefront and try releasing them with the following proclamation to yourself, out loud or even silently with you:

I now absorb,
the pain of my heart,
into the ocean of love that is me,
As never before,
That I am now,
And so it is.

And for all those fires and desires are your creations and can only be dissolved within you, the eternal you and creator you. There is nowhere external that it can be dissolved into. This is what I wanted to share today. I hope it helps you. And you can use your own words as they come to you. For they will be perfect for you. The only way you can tell if they worked for you, is if you feel it in your being. And one last big thank you that I would like to say, is to the mystic Matt Kahn (, from whom I borrowed the words (As never before, That I am now, and so it is) for those have to be common to other words you use. I am truly grateful we have such a teacher admidst us today, in these times of shift and change on the planet. Thank you Matt Kahn. For who you are and what you bring to us.

The personal god


A human being is born. Is raised by his parents, family and culture and is bred and moulded in accordance to the belief structures and the dos and dont’s around her. A mould that a human strives to maintain and sustain all his or her life. For when I examine my own life and how it evolved, there is a void that I arrived when I step beyond this barrier. And that goes something like this: If I am not who I am made out to be, then what AM I ? Then one has to come to a place of being a new born and question what was that entity? Or worse, even go to where and how did I come to BE that infant? A question many spiritual faiths and mainstream religions around the world have attempted to answer in their own ways. But no matter where I went to, seeking in my own quests, I came invariably to the same spot, metaphorically. And that is, in the end, it is always a personal quest. Not a public one. It is always my own answer that I choose to give it. Not the church, temple, mosque or a state. It is always an individual life. Always personal.

Of late, I have also been reflecting on the principle of god along the same lines. For when one speaks of god or the one god, one is invariably led into myriads of journeys on the various thoughts and philosophies about god. the various forms or the one form or even the formlessness or omnipresence, omniscience or omnipotent god and all such terms. But what is all that but words and more words to explain more words. I have not found in my little forays into god, explainable even remotely by mere words. For is god is indeed the creator of the universe and I am a part of it, how can it be trapped in the verbiage and vocabulary of a human made language of consonants and verbs? And where does one start then in this quest of god? Do I go seeking solace in the prayers of a church, in the gongs of a temple, or under more open ended search for gurus and masters that are out there, prophesying to be in touch with the creator? Or like many say look inward to find your creator. Creator is inside. And there are a number of words even there to explain more words. And so I spent a considerable years lost in this maze of words and spiritual jargon and verbiage.

Until some years ago. And I won’t give even a verbiage of terms here, since that only serves to fuel another fad of spiritual isms out there. Instead all I want to do here is to point out something for you to consider. But like everything else, I have found, god is also a personal god. a personal god. To each his own. It does not really matter, in the end, what one is born into or what one choses to change into in terms of faith. Its in the feeling. Its in the fleeting glimpses of goose bumps that one gets in the little things of life. Its in the soft whisperings of the wind. Its a great blue sky upon a sun shining day, taking a deep breath and feeling of well being. Its in the little voice inside you that says I am here, when you least expect it. Its in the healing that occur everywhere, or the answered mothers prayers for her child. Its in the thought that changes the course of a mans life. Its in the good luck that one ascribes to, the synchronicities of life that a human experiences. These are just a very few examples of a personal god that each of us experience. They are soft. They are gentle. They are felt tangibly. And yet there are no words to really describe it, are there? That is the personal god I am pointing to here. And personal god visits each one of us humans in our lives. Everyday lives. And if we as humanity, start acknowledging this aspect as a common to all of us and use that as a basis, the personal god will heal more wounds of the society, than will any man made structures of temples or churches or mosques. I believe it is in acknowledging this personal god that visits each of us, that we can really connect with one another. And it has no name. It has no place or purpose. It has no structure or logic. It simply is.