Opportunities for Breath


Are you seeking resolve and quelling of every event in your life, that took you inside out through the churning of your mind, heart and your very identity itself? How about one of those reasons being, you being given another opportunity for being with your breath? That lover of you, that goes continuously every moment, from your birth to death, you come into it and it comes into you, and you notice just about everything BUT that, don’t you? We’ve all been there done that, haven’t we?

All spiritual systems, gurus, yoga and every system a seeker goes through, talks about the beauty and sacredness of ones own breath! Nothing to be bought, no guru better than your own breath, is there? Some lover isn’t it, who continuously breathes you inside and out! And for all you women, who constantly complain of “unfaithfulness of your partner”, how many times have you betrayed your own constant companion, only for life out there, to bring you back again and again, events, shattering events, breakdowns, to bring you back, to a place where you become, momentarily, but very present with your own breath?! People or situations in your life, that literally shocked you out of your stupor of the hypnotism of a physical reality, or the apparent betrayal of someone you loved or cared for, or that raise or promotion you were denied, or better still you were let go from the work itself and you were left alone, abandoned, to figure it out? Not really. Those are just opportunities for embracing your own lover, your own breath. The love affair of your soul with the earth, one breathing the other, constantly, as long as you are here, in the physical body. Have you forgotten? Oh yes you will, even after reading this, for sure! But no worries, life will find you, and earth will find you again and again, through, perhaps through other seeming disasters and breakdowns or breakthroughs or epiphanies that life itself will bring right to you, on your own doorstep! It cannot be any other way, do you see this? It is that lover, who never ever leaves you, ever. As long as you’re on earth, Earth love you, and you love it. One is claiming the other, in a pulsating vibration of love. Every in-breath and out-breath. It is not happening in some distant future, but right now. It is not dependent on anyone or anything at all, for it is a sacred contract of you being on earth in the physical.

And so, if you want to skip over any troubles or shattering that life will put you through and unnecessary churning that you never imagined possible, why don’t you consciously sensuously breathe, every incoming and outgoing breath, as passionate as your own lovemaking with a spouse or a lover, become sensual with your breath, and it won’t even be visible to another and you can do it everywhere and anywhere. Sitting in your office, in your home or traveling, you can BE with your breath, every incoming and ever outgoing, as earth meets you inside, and you meet earth outside, and engage with this, sensually, passionately and if you dare, more powerfully too. Engage with all that you are. I assure you, less crap will happen with you, for you are in tune with earth and earth will bring good stuff instead of bullshit to deal with, so that you gasp, choke or cry, for you to watch your own breathing again.