Ghosts of the Unmanifest


In my ever thirsty quest of seeking my self, two things that repeatedly came to the forefront are what I found to be probably the heaviest burdens I had to let go of and to be perfectly honesty I am still working on it. But here is something that came to me, and it is worth sharing, if you care to try it and see for yourself. Like life itself, as you know, spiritual growth and realisations are all along the way of the journey itself, without any end or for that matter without any beginning too. And I call these, the ghosts of the unmanifest, and youll see in a minute why the term.

The first one: Think about a desire you had, a very strong one, one that you work for, one that you dreamt about having or being for a long long many years, not a passing wish on an ever changing wishlist that each of us have. This differentiation is all important one. Perhaps you wanted a dream house for many years, working for it and it seems like horizon, always in sight, never around to step into. Something similar. Something dear to your heart and you want it so bad, and its been a long time and not yet happened. See? Those kind. Bring those forward, as many as you like, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you can do it only one at a time, since this can be a very heavy excercise; for those desires which matter to us most, are closest to our heart and are unfulfilled, are probably the hardest to bring to the front, for that is an area filled with disappointments, worries, anger, hate, jealousy and many other forms of dense energies. Bringing them to the forefront, and being with the energies, isn’t an easy task by any means! So be gentle with yourself in this. And even if you bring one and stand before that energy, try releasing them with the following proclamation to yourself, out loud or even silently within:

I now quench,
The fires of my unfulfilled desire,
Into the cool welcoming waters,
of the eternal light of my spirit,
As never before,
That I am now
And so it is.

Feel that release of energy. Desire is a form of fire. Fire of spirit, that can only be quenched by the coolness of spirit itself. The creator that is you and the destroyer that is you are the same being. Only you can destroy that unfulfilled desire or be consumed by it. That is how powerful you are. And you can do that same release proclamation for every single strong, unspent desire, that haunts continually and never seems fulfilled and if you wish to release it and let it go and be free of it once and for all, lest that fire consumes you in the process.

The second one: Think about a person that hurt you very badly in the past. An insult, a betrayal perhaps in the past. Once again, we have all done others bad and had been dealt that card back to us also, so there is no judgement here, but just pick out those from the past that can be the densest and heaviest ones. From childhood perhaps. Relationship perhaps and so forth. It should be the one that you could never sincerely bring yourself to forgive in any way, tried hard as you may. And so it repeats and repeats itself in your life in different ways since you have been unable to forgive and move on with your life unburdened. So bring that now to the forefront and try releasing them with the following proclamation to yourself, out loud or even silently with you:

I now absorb,
the pain of my heart,
into the ocean of love that is me,
As never before,
That I am now,
And so it is.

And for all those fires and desires are your creations and can only be dissolved within you, the eternal you and creator you. There is nowhere external that it can be dissolved into. This is what I wanted to share today. I hope it helps you. And you can use your own words as they come to you. For they will be perfect for you. The only way you can tell if they worked for you, is if you feel it in your being. And one last big thank you that I would like to say, is to the mystic Matt Kahn (, from whom I borrowed the words (As never before, That I am now, and so it is) for those have to be common to other words you use. I am truly grateful we have such a teacher admidst us today, in these times of shift and change on the planet. Thank you Matt Kahn. For who you are and what you bring to us.