Channeled Intent


So this is about intents and in a way, probably all you lightbeings, light workers, spiritual minded or even sensitives and those of law of attraction fans, probably might not have yet considered.

Intent. So you throw out an intent for the universe to bring you the right job, partnerships, business, health, wealth etc. And you’ve let’s say already done all the learnings, clearings, processing and on and on it went. And yet there is a void you’re looking for to fill, in terms of manifestation or actualization as access consciousness folks would call it. So what is it you’re missing. It is something I have been working also for quite a number of years now. And the magic of this is huge, even as it is unfolding right before my reality! So I am excited to share this with you each, my extended family out there! Give it a shot, and see how your reality, life, and just about everything in you, external to you shifts ok?

First start with your higher self integration. Integrate to the point, that you are most times on a high vibration and can channel or be rooted in joy and blissed out (of course without any drugs, for joy itself is a drug!). Thats the first step.
After that, your intent should not be from your mind, or what you THINK you must have in your life or how this or that should work in your life. That is a disastrous way to go about manifestation, since you would be creating more of duality and more polarity that way. Mind only knows polarity. For example, you have a partner, and he/she has certain qualities and now you’ve had a lousy experience in that partnership, so you make another list of qualities you want, which are minus the previous partnership, and so that one comes along, with your manifestation abilities. What happens next foxes you: You find that this latest on is not working for you either, because of reasons you haven’t considered yet and you go around and around in making lists, more partners materializing and so destruction of one form of polarity results in another form and you are chasing your own tail like this! Resonate yet!?

Well remember the first step? Higher self integration. Get there first. Basic step is necessary before starting to truly manifest. Ok many of you reading this have already gotten there at least on and off. so now, sit down, when you are in a space of your higher self and let your higher self do the intent FOR you, let your intent be channeled in itself. You’ll be amazed at what kinds of intent come out of your mouth, when you let your HS do the intending for you, through you, for you. Yes, it takes a LOT of guts to intent purely that way! But hey, if you said your intent was with a full on energy from your gut, you would do just about anything to have what you want to have- right? But who knows better? – You or your HS? Of course HS. So let the HS do your intending for the human you. Try this way. Channel your intents. Ask something along the lines of – “What do I intend today”. And it has to be each day, for you are shifting and changing like the breeze now. So try it and do leave your comments and I would be glad to assist in any way I can for this ok? Much love and hugs!


Goddess & Mother


This transmission is for the collective feminine, individual as well as collective feminine on the planet. There is something that must be revealed here. Follow your story. It is the story of your life girl, woman, mother, wife. And whatever comes up for you, visions, memories, remembrances, energies is coming up to be claimed by you fully and be merged, healed so you go from this place a new powerful, complete feminine.

As a child you had surging feminine energy in you. The one wanting to go play outside, enjoying your own beauty full of you, and you did not need anyone or anything else outside of you, to endorse who you were, for you have the creative force inside you, you always had. You felt centered and powerful and you did not know why! Here is why. That is the goddess in you, that is an essence of the one who enjoys creation, who creates as well. And since you are a part of creation you created you, decorating yourself, colorful frocks, jewelry, hair, you felt you, exuding with joy and creativity, knowing no boundaries of joy and becoming. It is all an endless play that I, as a creator, create. The world is my playground and I am the player as well. Oh how beautiful was it, do you remember dear?!!

Then came puberty and you had womanhood and wanton desire surging in your blood. You wanted that boy, that man and have him take you, make love to you, so you could feel the pull and push of the one that is always static, unmoving. You could never quite understand why those males around you were so blind to your love, could not see what you desired and how much, and you called them stupid and dumb males. And you knew they were that. Dense and unregulated static. Oh because you only wanted to play and dance with them now, unlike earlier you wanted to dance all by yourself. Now, you felt the need for a companion, a partner, a mate, a friend. This started another surge through you, a quest, the journey has not morphed into another one; maybe you spent a lot of time in confusion participating in a little darkness for a while, feelings of jealousy, anger, hate, comparison and on and on, but something in you all along knew it was a play, just a temporary one, which you would get out of anyway, for there was nothing real in those feelings; but there was something very real about the cry of your vagina, about the wanton lust and sexual urges within that soared above all the human drama and the surface males that you encountered, didn’t you dear?

And then came motherhood. You found a mate, got married, and had your first child. Everything changed again did it not. Seeing that precious one, looking into its eyes, and feeling that connection beyond all names and labels? All definitions gone. Only a different kind of love remained. Mother’s love. You became from a goddess into a mother, just in that second of seeing your newborn for the first time. And yet you felt goddess too. And this is where all your confusion started. Am I a goddess or am I a mother? What should I be and to whom and when and why and the endless confusion of the energies of goddess and the energies of the mother.

Why don’t you put all that to rest here tonight? Both are you. Both are magnificent and appropriate and you can choose to be any, at anytime, with whoever you want to. It IS your creation after all. Everything comes from the void of your womb, does it not? Why not embrace your completeness and power fully today? You can be a mother with your man and at the same time you can teach sexuality to your son kindly, so the male that goes out from your womb into the world is more balanced and becomes a good balanced father to yet another child. You could be that lighthouse for the future generations of males that come forth from the wombs of your other sisters around the planet. Do you see how you feed yourself, nurture the civilization in a larger way? At the same time, you can enjoy your man sexually, be a powerful goddess, bring new joyful, clear and crystalline energies of sexuality to bear upon your male, who is hungry for you, for your affection as a goddess, and you feel free to shower it all upon him, make him your very own with your stamp of divine goddess upon him. Isn’t that a lovely way to make love to him, every moment of every day? Affection through touch, through words, through kindness and yet absorbing him in your creative energies all through every interaction with every male, everywhere? Could this be possible? Can a woman be a goddess and a mother dynamically in every situation? Even as you question this, you KNOW this to be true and correct. So go claim your own magnificence and beauty, O Goddess, O Mother, and spread your light each and every divine way possible, wherever you are, however you are and claim yourself as both, never again to be put down for anything or anyone, for you are the creator and the play within the creation too. So go forth, and within, and just, play!

Taking off the Mask

take off your mask

And so as these energies are supremely ramping up, opening hearts and minds and dissolving illusions, once again, and it is always seems to be in my experience in this ride called Ascension of the Planet….it is time for one more examination…the thing we call Personality and this is not just for lightworker community, but all in general; but old souls and light-workers, as you know, are the ones getting hit the hardest in all these shifts. So I always address them FIRST in these messages and transmissions.

Getting to the point of the energies NOW. It is one of unveiling the mask. The Mask of your personality. Persona means mask in greek or some language. The word itself means a mask that one wears – you do too! Oh even the new agers and spiritual ones do – I am a this or a that… I am ____ fill in that blank. It is what you are calling yourself every moment or month or year and it changes and shifts with the shifting landscape of energies also hasn’t it? Just about a month ago, maybe you called yourself something, a year ago something totally different and now you call yourself something else. Your self, the real self, as no need for any mask. It just is. But within the scope of the duality that we exist in, within the male and female bodies that we exist in, there is always this ever changing mask that we don from time to time. Humans entrenched firmly in duality without any spiritual side are playing it out blindly and without any awareness, whereas awakening ones, keep changing it more frequently, because the energies and consequently their life experience forces that mask open only to reveal yet another one and it goes on and on.

So in the current now, the energies are forcing open ALL masks, to come off very rapidly and with a jerking off action, forced out of each layer. And because these are layers within layers, with a complexity of multiple lifetimes and dimensions, it looks bizarre now. One moment to another. We are jumping from becoming one person in one second to another one in the next. Grounding is becoming seriously an issue. Probably eating a lot of protein, fats and heavy earthy foods is a good idea, to get your head screwed on firmly on your shoulders and literally bring the life force back to the navel center, so that you can walk and talk “being here now” and not some floatsome someplace.

For all reading this, who aren’t spiritually aware, and wondering what this mumbo jumbo means, do not worry. I have a recipe for you too: First get your human personality traits mapped out, get a report; one that is based in cognitive and jungian psychology and the likes of it. It is a beginners point for you, so that you first understand yourself at a very 3D, human level (yes I provide such a service, in case you’re interested ). And once you have opened your own personal variation of the pandora’s box, then you can begin to work with yourself and empower yourself better- know who you are, in psychological terms, emotional terms, brain terms, cognitive terms, learning terms, thinking terms etc etc. First learn about the masks you are currently wearing. How you operate and why? Where do you fit into this world, what profession do you enjoy, what are your propensities and why etc. You’re not here just to check out this blog or other blogs. You are here, to know more about who you are. And the real self called you, has guided you here, and will continue to do so, even after you exit this blog and move on to what you call “something better or more interesting stuff”. Its the journey of your soul.

But I will tell you right now, whats going to stop you. Fear. Yours. You will be afraid to take off and examine your mask. Everyone is. It takes courage to know yourself, bare naked and in full examination of who you are, even at a psychological level. So, if you are indeed wanting to claim a piece of you, make the mask your own, so that you can live better with yourself, in all situations of your life, do so. You will be better for it. Guaranteed.


My True Nobility

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Just like you, I was told of the stories of ancient nobilities in school, what it means to be noble. What are the qualities one needs to have to “be a man”, “be a good human being” etc etc. After a few shots of this forced feeding, it became quite repetitive; especially considering that the men around me, my teachers, principal, my dad and his friends all men basically, were anything close to all that was being described. It was just a parrotic repetition of same words, with meanings that were all “sounding good” but had no semblance to reality. Different Masks worn by different men and women, but no energy there. I am used to picking up energies behind the person, event or what is being said and weighing the wheat and discarding the chaff, constantly. It isn’t something that I have to even think about. Probably just like you too. It is automatic. And so, like you, I struggled for a while, going on self blame trip, wondering if it is I who lacked something, inherently. I had profound doubts about my existential goodness, if you want to call it that. Was I a born warped creature, who did not truly comprehend such profound truths, that everyone seemed to understand and was it only me, that thought this is all a marketing stunt?

Year later, after many tumbles of assumptions of truth versus trying to validate learned ideas from society, the futility of it all dawned on me; in the beginning in spurts and epiphanies of course; just like you perhaps. Somehow truth always has a way of being a teaser I feel. It delivers in stages- much to my frustration and wanting to get it all in an instant. Once again, what I learnt about the greats of the history, saints and the sinners, the philosophers and prostitutes, did not help here- For they all claimed “that moment” when it all fell into place. Well at least I wasn’t one of them- once again I was left to fend for my own, picking up threads here and there, and always trying to piece puzzles based on something read here, something that made sense there, and all along, knowing there was something inherently missing here. Was it that I was taking the hard road to all of this self discovery? Was it that I needed the right kind of guru to help me take baby steps perhaps? Once again, truth becomes a striptease to me, removing one miserly clothing in an everlasting overstretched second of time and eagerly watching my eyes follow it around. I felt used. Well ok, sometimes I felt abused as well. Doesn’t really matter how you see it now, does it?

And then most of the clothing was out. Truth was beginning to show itself in its true colors. I can reasonably guess whatever is left to be seen (although the pleasure is always in the last 1% and I don’t know why that is- probably human psyche that’s all- nothing supremely profound here). Through my own failings, if you want to call it that; through my own causes and effects or Karma, if you want to name it something, I stumbled upon something beautiful- And by this I mean something that is inherently beautiful- Unlike the concept of nobility cooked up and served by our educational institutions. Something pristinely beautiful is like a flower or the sea on a clear blue sky day- it is always has its open arms outstretched to you, embracing you, if and when you are ready to receive it. Or like the light of the sun, always there, even to illuminate you on a cloudy gloomy day, above the clouds, untouched, unadulterated, unblemished. You might say I was looking for such pristine beauty to fill me up and drink me in, all along. And as irony would have me, I found this nobility in everyday, every second. It is like that sunshine which never leaves. Even the night it sets, is so I may rest to enjoy it; once again the next day, as if it were all new and fresh once again. Even that illusion was having a beauty unto itself. It is why we even have a second child isn’t it? To enjoy the illusion of permanence when all joy is to be only given in freshness?

Anyway, I give you this today: True nobility I have found in the silent stand of the heart. Your heart. My Heart. Each has that truly noble one, standing by, looking at you, not judging anything you ever do or say or think or feel, it is simply a witness to all you and I, individually, are experiencing. The noble one stands in me, with me, all the time. She is the one who delivers emotion and tears to me when I need to feel human again, in this otherwise world, which desires use and abuse to each and everything. He is the one, who is without use and beyond any abuse. She is the one who calls to me saying ” I am here always, with you, and you do not have to DO anything to please me for, just being with you makes me cry with joy, laughter and love”. True nobility is within each of us, and does not depend on any education, class, creed or color or gender or age. She is there as much with a newborn, as with a dying man. He is the most tender, open and loving and yet she is one of the strongest, fiercest eye I have ever witnessed. She is there, all along, as a companion, within me, of me, part of me always enjoying me. The question is: Am I enjoying her too, as much as she is? And she is silent- No answers, just an openness that is uninhibited of all words and concepts. I give you her today. I offer him today to you my dear friend. And I just want you to feel her. Enjoy him. One so perfectly present and perfectly silent bu only expect when you want to be in her company, and in his presence- will you see your own true nobility- the one who is always here, now, and without any judgement or call, just one who is taking the journey of life with you- like a constant companion in your own time in your own way, for this is the truest companion the most beautiful nobility that is your very own.

Decloaking the dark masculine


Oh how many lives have you spent dear masculine, in cloak and daggers?! How many lives have you taken, seemingly in utter darkness, fighting ghosts and demons, that were never yours to begin with? Aren’t you tired of taking on the burdens of other’s darkness as your own, trying to transmute that, which was never yours to begin with? How many lives have you spent, trying to simply love and give with an open heart, only to be manipulated by your children, by the dark feminine that you called, your love of your life? Spending your days in the sun, yet seemingly within the darkness overshadowed by the dark feminine, creating wars and disease on this planet. Wearing your armor and dagger upon you, as if that was your nature, only to please the dark feminine, only to live and die on an earth, which awaited you to drop all weaponry, to claim yourself, truly as you are?! How many times have you destroyed all that you built, cities upon civilizations, and killed the very same children, that the dark feminine birthed, not realizing the ignorance of it all! Did you really think, bravery was needed in any way at all? Or was it just a mask put upon you, by others who claimed to love you, cherish you, the mothers, the daughters, the lovers, the mistresses and wives you had? Did you claim cloudy qualities that were imposed onto you, that had never to do with your truth, only to be puzzled over and over again by conflict, strife, kingdoms of separation, wars over earth, battles over empty superiority happen to you, with you, with your other brothers around you, over and over again? So blinded were you by imposed qualities of others upon you, that you did not even see the brothers you killed standing there on the battle field, ones you claimed to protect, killing the very same children borne by the very dark queens you loved and cherished, who sent you to battle, for her wishes? And here you sit in this day and age, still quarreling over with bosses, financial institutions, governments, having militaries and weaponry all over again; once again for wishes of dark feminine, claiming fake love, adoration, manliness, courage all over again?! Have you not learnt anything at all?! Playing the same scenarios over again, where are you? Where is that real you?

Time to drop that armor of warrior, for it is time to stop being in war with your self. Time to abandon bravery and courage, for why are all that needed when there is no adversary left on the field? Time to bury all hatchets forever, for you do not have to fight the battles of your dark feminine, for the earth is waking all the feminine up from their slumber now. It is time to unburden yourself from all conflicts and realize they were never yours to begin with! Time to sit in your cocoon of silent consciousness that is your being. It is time to let the awakening feminine do her job of clearing up all the mess left behind and you can now relax and breathe in your pure consciousness. The earth is blessing you and holding your hand and caressing your feet under you. The earth knows what has happened through eons, though you may have forgotten it all. Time to build what you always knew was possible. Time to embrace your own true divine masculine identity and consciousness that you are and have always been. Radiate your light and your inner stability, as the feminine goes about rebuilding the earth around you. It is time you smiled and really looked around and see things for what they are without fear, without courage, without anger or shame, for none of those are required from now on. Discard all ideas, concepts, laws and rules of eons, that you built around control and manipulation, for the earth no longer supports that which is out of integrity: the truest one, the one that is divine masculine in you.

That divine masculine in you, needs freedom. It is begging to break out of the armor and weaponry that you have carried for so long. Only then can you breathe purely. Only then you will begin to have an opening in you, a window that opens out into the wide field, where you see only play; where you can create out of benevolence for yourself now, without any agendas for anyone. The earth requires you to create and build with your own consciousness now: the one that was always there, but this time; unencumbered by burdens and demands of others around you, whoever they maybe or whatever claims they may make of you. You are free finally! The earth has freed you by waking up the feminine herself. It is time you shined the light of pure consciousness, of holding balance everywhere, learning to hold hands with your brothers who are in all lands everywhere, who are around you in your workplace, with the lightness of touch that only you can carry. As pure consciousness, others around you will change. You can begin to see that each day, in new ways. You don’t really have to do anything. Just shed the old skins you have been layering upon yourself all along.

That, in itself is a tall order, for the layers go deep. Can you live without courage? Do you have to have an adversary again for you to feel good about yourself? Could there be a beautiful you that is always speaking to you from the depths of your heart, free of any ideas and shackles that had been imposed upon you? Do you hear it ? Does it sound light as a feather to you? If you feel like flying away with it, and let it take you anywhere it wants to go with the new winds of change, will you allow it to now? New creations are standing at your doorstep, energetically, for you to step out and claim them as yours. For you are the builders, the conceptual poets and singers that will chorus the new earth with your own unencumbered, unchained consciousness. You will become the bastion of light for all the awakening feminine who needs it to rebuild a new earth. Be obsessed about finding your own consciousness and let that light guide you out of this maze, called the new realities. There is no one to battle anymore. There are no need of weapons and daggers. There is no need of courage or bravery. There are no old ideas, rehashed and sold as new advertisements, movies or songs or concepts anymore. There is only you and what only you can bring. And something that you have always known, minus your family, friends, wives or lovers. Just you. And that is waiting to be claimed and birthed by you. Something only you, dear divine masculine, are capable of doing. Walk this path, and flowers will blossom where you walk, wind will have your back, and the earth will sing her song for you, through her birds and the winds. You will know it beyond any doubt. And that is when the journey of magic begins for you.

beyond the dark feminine


The dark feminine. It is one of the aspects that has haunted the civilization for quite a long time now. And now since the game is changing, there are somethings that must be seen, known, acknowledged and moved past for all women, children and mothers out there; for there to be truly, a resolution, a knowing of moving beyond the dark feminine.

And as usual, I can only give pointers here. It is for you, the reader, to see this, around you, or in yourself or in others. And the beauty of it is, as you see it truly, in any way, the energies start to clear. The haze moves away and the bright sun shines, once again.

dear feminine, this has haunted you, right from childhood. When you were a child, you played and danced in the gardens of your life, moving freely, knowing that there is a freedom of life energy, that danced with you, with playful laughter and fun and giggles, all of which you drank from and became more feminine. As years went by and you came to puberty, then came the storms of womanhood, crashing upon your innocence. And life visited you yet again, but in a different way now. It stemmed from your veins, from your womb, the desiring began. These desirings of life itself, from deep within your flesh you were unknown to and were unable to understand or comprehend. What is this? How do I relate to this? Is this also me? or is this something that is visiting me? Or is something coming from within me? All kinds of questions without answers. But you took the easiest way out. Culture. Doctrine. Other women like your mothers, who passed you their own limited knowing about this profound changes occurring within you. And so you became an unknowing partner in crimes for propagating the darkness of feminine, yet again.

You started to control others around you. You engaged in Manipulation. You took pleasure in Domination through coercion and the so-called feminine wiles. You flirted with boys, just to enjoy your power over them. For life itself stemming from within your vagina, gave you that power to attract. To pull other life towards you. Life inviting more life to engage in birth and creation. Instead of playfully engaging in love, you engaged in power and control over masculine. And yet they scared you did they not. For they rebellled against your very attitude of wooing without conclusion. To attract but not engage. And you started believing in the power of control and domination through your very femininity but not truly engaging with love and creativity of it all. All along insecure, scared of life that is consuming you, and yet running away from owning all that power of life. Passion became something of power, and only for the sake of power. Little did you realize, that the power of life visiting you, was not of you, but through you. You do not and have never owned that power, but simply a vessel of earth through which all nurturing and creativity of life itself flows. After all, did you not notice, that your very womb is the vessel of creation of humanity?

As a dark feminine woman, you became more consumed with this illusive power. And at the same time, you became more insecure inside, knowing very well, that this power that comes through you, does not have an ever lasting youth or life. You felt you have limited time. Clock was ticking! You started manipulating men around you. Got married and engaging in all kinds of vows and promises from your masculine counter part. Promising and receiving promises of love and cherishment from your partner, one that you, yourself could never deliver or even hope to; for you were never engaging in anything. Simply trying to avoid a conclusion that you knew and saw around you: the inevitable that one day, all that beauty, youthful feminine life energy in you, that showed itself as attractor of life itself, would fade into oblivion and you would be left with nothing, but wrinkles and old age. Being drunk from your power of control over your partner, in life, in bed, in your sexuality, in your manipulations of wanton praises of beauty and your oozing sexuality, demands of decorations of your body to maintain and entrain superficial decorations, your house and your mythically illusory personality traits, you never could see the very obvious truth, that you were never in any of this. Inherently you knew, that this is not truly you or never could be. How could life be so cruel as to flow through me, and yet not belong to me? How could life flow so much power of attraction and passionate lust, yet strip away everything I know, a few years later, only to become a cynical lonely old woman who seemingly lived a pointless past? That was and always has been a frightening thought you ran from is it not? And so you clung to everything that was never yours to begin with, using all cloudy tools you had at your disposal, causing all manner of damage, not just to you and your partner or many as such, but to all humanity and all life; for you could not see the light that you truly could be: to truly let love and passion flow and flow continually without any stoppers or boundaries; without any rules or regulations; without any control or manipulation.

And then came motherhood and it all became even more confusing isn’t it? Children. Boys and girls. And some of them came and went quickly and left you torn inside. How could life bloom within my womb and yet be taken away by life itself? What purpose did all that bring? Unanswered questions. Some lived. And you breathed your compassionate mother from within you, into that little life. You gave it unconditional love. Or did you? As they grew up, did your love become conditional? Did you want them to grow up according to your rules and conditions? What you believed right and wrong? Society and culture crutch once again? And so you transformed that feminine power into a mother power, still remaining within the power framework of operation, didn’t you? How has it panned out, oh dark mother? Are you not seeing the play out in your news, seeing dark masculine, demanding and commanding armies, controlling the world around you, abusing the feminine, calling them the better half and treating them as a substandard gender all in the same breath? And now can you really, truly blame the masculine for all the damage in the world and to you, knowing that you propagated this to begin with? All that illusion of power of life, that you wanted to hang on to, command and disperse with your body and mind, is now being reflected back to you via dark masculine from the world around you isn’t it? Your husband, your lover, your children, all demanding from you. Your world, now mired in superlatives that don’t make any sense to you, is it? And you’re this crazy drunk woman, mother who has no clue one day, what really happened in you, in your life, through you, through your very body? What is all this, that I call, my life?!

Wake up dear feminine. You can choose now, this moment onwards, to just engage with life that flows through you. Choose to let it flow, rather than be in illusion that you own it; let it own you. Become a flow with it, for you do not own life: it merely flows through your womb and your being. Become that river that nourishes everything it touches, rather than being in the myth that you control it. Allow life to manipulate you into a breeze that is the wind of creation itself. You are not that wind. It just flows through your breasts. It just becomes your hair that cascades in the physical winds of earth. Life chose you to be that vehicle of nurturing and compassion, not to hold on to it, but to give it all away. In all that you give away, you become more of you, claim more of your youth and old age. You stop moving in grace, and let grace overcome your stride. Let your children as boys, your men as your companion drink from this sacred essence, and they will bless you, revere and honor you, for they would then see the beauty of all life itself, and not mere illusions. But something real and attainable. And at the same time, your true security, becomes your own flowing, not hanging on to someone or something, but a gracious sensuality envelopes you from everywhere. Trees sway, with your hair. Birds sing with your voice. Rivers of earth flow as gracefully as you do. Rains shower benevolence with your compassion. The very earth bows before your true beauty as it shines through your being outward, yet ever receiving everyone inward into you, your body, your breath. As you become this true love, the essences of your body, become your perfume, the butterfly swings in the air you breathe out, the new children honor your word, from the truth that always comes in understanding and beauty through your lips, and men will love you without condition or need, for they would not need any more food of life, other than your being. You will start healing the world, one human at a time. You will start embracing all that always belonged to you, that you threw away once. Once again, the choruses of songs that were always here, will resound from the earth, played by orchestra of skies and you will hear it. Once again, you will become real. Not some mythology or a fake goddess. But someone that looks into the eyes of those around you, and all everyone sees is love moving. Everything about you then becomes love. You’ll find that you need not talk of love or even of spreading it, but it will become you, without you ever having to own it ever again. So wake up dear feminine, the world is awaiting your arrival. The awakened divine feminine.

All Light and No Love?


Once again, so many light workers out there, trying to spread “light” without any “love” in it? How are you doing so far, lightworker ? Without any of that sparkle of love, that you were born with? One that got crushed and trampled all over; or so you think? How does it feel to have your light shine over and over, and yet in your most private moments, you feel incomplete? Unloved? Uncared for? And what is the point of all that light work, when you cannot even shine a flicker of a candle of light, for yourself? For you own life ? For that very heart that beats within you, unconditionally, all your life? What use is all of that lightwork?

Begin today. Begin here and now. There is no tomorrow or yesterday, so you claim with a tallness of your light, so why not embrace it fully yourself? Why not have the love that you have, through the vehicle of which you did shine your light in the first place? What is with you shutting down your own beautiful heart? Where did you lose sight of your own love? Yes, that one, that shines inside your heart? What about shining that for YOU, and just out of pure joy, just for you? Not for someone else. For YOU for a change? Why don’t you have poetries that are waiting to burst out of you, in a million words, flow; once again. Why don’t you have the love pour out through your body, that you so conveniently have labelled lust and tried to “move on” shutting out your own becoming; one that you came to experience on this planet in the first place! Why don’t you own your heart, rather than scattering your being all over the place, and let love surge in your veins and blood and bones, once gain. And this time; don’t let it go; rather let it flow in you, through you, outside of you, inside of you; without any judgement or your great preconceived notions and verbiage of what that love should look like or feel like? Are you truly ready for such an adventure of a lifetime? If you say you are, let us give this intent now and see if it gives you the goosebumps, shall we?


and so embrace that love. And know that love is the cocoon, the egg, from within your heart from where your true self emerges. One that will truly bring a wholeness of light with love, to all that you know. But as always, it has to begin with self. You. Yes, YOU! Open that lotus within your heart, which shines like a million moons, through the grace and brilliance of your soul, which knows only love. The dream of the heart. Yours. Call it. Embrace it. With all of you. Become it. And it will change forever what you know as light work. It will bring grace and beauty, love and compassion, to all that you are doing as a form of light work, healing, restoration, working with humanity in any way at all. This is a clarion call to all hearts that are ready to be opened. For we are all one.